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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Current Affairs for IAS PCS and Exams - 31 July 2014

1. Who won the 2014 FIFA Football World Cup?
[Category: IBPS Prep Current Affairs]

2. In the latest Railway budget,the government has announced the first bullet train in which corridor?
[Category: SSB Exams Prep Current Affairs]

3. Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan is a mission to provide total sanitation to every Indian by _________.
[Category: RRB Prep Current Affairs]

4. How much fund has been allocated for the 'One Rank One Pension' scheme for armed personnel in the Union Budget 2014-2015?
[Category: SSC Exams Current Affairs]
[A]Rs.1100 crore
[B]Rs 800 crore
[C]Rs. 1000 crore
[D]Rs. 900 crore

5. An inter-island air service to start its operation connecting Port Blair to Car Nicobar from ___________________.
[Category: Railway Exams Current Affairs]
[A]22nd July, 2104
[B]24th July, 2014
[C]20th July, 2104
[D]19th July, 2014


Practice Online General Knowledge Test - 31 July 2014

1. Which state is the largest producer of wheat in India?
[Category: IBPS Prep GK]
[B]Uttar Pradesh
[C]Madhya Pradesh

2. Aam Aadmi Bima Yojana' was launched in India in the year _________.
[Category: SSB Exams Prep GK]

3. What does AoA in context with the World Trade Organization mean?
[Category: RRB Prep GK]
[A]Agreement on Agriculture
[B]Article of Association
[C]Agreement on Association
[D]Administration of Agriculture

4. Which of the following is the official language of Union Territory of Lakshadweep?
[Category: SSC Exams GK]

5. What is considered to be a part of "Shadow Banking"in India?
[Category: Railway Exams GK]
[A]Private Banks
[B]Business Correspondents
[C]Bancassurance providers
[D]Non banking financial companies


Civil Services Prelims Exam Indian Polity Paper - 31 July 2014

1. Which of the following was the first attempt to regulate the affairs of English East India Company in India?
[A]Charter Act 1833
[B]The Regulating Act 1773
[C]Pitts India Act 1784
[D]Charter Act 1845

2. The dual government introduced by Pitts India Act continued to operate in India until it was abolished by _____________________.
[A]Charter Act 1853
[B]Indian Councils Act 1831
[C]Government of India Act 1858
[D]Indian Councils Act 1909

3. Which among the following constitutions has generally inspired the concepts of rule of law, parliamentary system and law making procedure in the Indian Constitution?
[A]US Constitution
[B]Canadian Constitution
[C]Soviet Constitution
[D]British Constitution

4. Which feature of Indian Constitution is derived from Weimer Constitution of Germany?
[A]Right to Property as Legal Right
[B]Dure Procedure of Law
[C]Suspension of fundamental rights during emergency
[D]Procedure established by law

5. Which provision of the constitution did not come into force on 26th November, 1949?
[A]Provisions relating to citizenship
[B]Fundamental rights
[C]Provisions relating to elections
[D]Provisonal parliament


Science and Technology Knowledge Quiz - 31 July 2014

1. Which kingdom represents bacteria?

2. BeriBeri is a result of deficiency of _________________.

3. The stomata in an aquatic plant is __________________.
[A]Found and available only on lower surface
[B]Found and available on upper surface only
[C]Not found
[D]Found and available on both surfaces

4. In gymnosperms, seeds are ____________________.
[A]Always covered
[C]Always naked
[D]Naked in some and covered in others

5. Bile is collected in ____________________.
[A]Duodenum Canal
[D]Gall bladder


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Current Affairs Quiz 2014, Questions Answers - 30 July 2014

1. Union Ministry of Railways launched Socail Media Platform for Indian Railways on __________________, with the help of which customers will be able to connect with the Railways through Facebook and Twitter.
[Category: RRB Prep Current Affairs]
[A]7th July, 2014
[B]10th July, 2014
[C]9th July, 2014
[D]12th July, 2014

2. A study conducted by ______________________, revealed that earthquakes in Oklahoma since 2009 increased due to massive injections of subsurface wastewater from the oil and gas industry at a handful of wastewater disposable wells.
[Category: SSC Exams Current Affairs]
[A]Chicago University
[B]Cornell University
[C]New York University
[D]Texas University

3. As per the Union Budget 2014-15, __________________________________ will be revived for a limited period from 15th August 2014 - 14th August 2105 for the benefits of citizens aged 60 years and above.
[Category: Railway Exams Current Affairs]
[A]Van Bandhu Kalyan Yojana
[B]Varishtha Pension Bima Yojana
[C]Life Insurance Scheme
[D]Mutual Fund Scheme

4. The Union Budget 2014-15 has made provision of Rs. 100 crore for the development of _______ Solar Parks on the banks of canals.
[Category: LIC Exams Current Affairs]
[A]3 MW
[B]1 MW
[C]5 MW
[D]10 MW

5. As per the Union Budget 2014-15, ____________________________ are to be set up in all government and private hospitals of the districts of National Capital Territory of Delhi in 2014-15.
[Category: Bank Exams Prep Current Affairs]
[A]Cancer Treatment Centres
[B]ENT Centres
[C]Crisis Management Centres
[D]Pediatric Centres


General Knowledge Questions and Answers - 30 July 2014

1. Which among the following lakes makes the border tripoint of Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda?
[Category: RRB Prep GK]
[A]Lake Tivu
[B]Lake Tanganyika
[C]Lake Turkana
[D]Lake Victoria

2. Which was the first note known as 'Greenback' issued in United States?
[Category: SSC Exams GK]
[A]Demand Note
[B]Federal Reserve Note
[C]Treasury Note
[D]United States Note

3. Where in India, is the world's first complete granite temple located?
[Category: Railway Exams GK]

4. Mathura School of Art and Gandhara School of Art flourished in which of the following era?
[Category: LIC Exams GK]

5. Which among the following tributaries of Indus originates from Lake Mansarovar?
[Category: Bank Exams Prep GK]


Indian Polity and Governance | IAS Planner Quiz | 30 July 2014

1. Which act incorporated 11th fundamental duty in Indian Constitution?
[A]80th Amendment Act
[B]86th Amendment Act
[C]77th Amendment Act
[D]68th Amendment Act

2. Which of the following ministries has initiated the 'TARA Akshar programme'?
[A]Ministry of Women and Child Development
[B]Ministry of Home Affairs
[C]Ministry of Human Resource Development
[D]Ministry of Education

3. A no-confidence motion against the Union Government can be initiated in which of the following?
[A]Either Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha
[B]Only Lok Sabha
[C]Only Lok Sabha with prior consent of the President
[D]Only Rajya Sabha

4. Which article of the Constitution of India says that all public places are open to all citizens?
[A]Article 12
[B]Article 16 (2)
[C]Article 15 (2)
[D]Article 18

5. "Socialist" was implicit in the Constitution but was made explicit by the ___________________________.
[A]42nd Amendment Act
[B]35th Amendment Act
[C]54th Amendment Act
[D]58th Amendment Act


Basic Science-General Knowledge Question Paper - 30 July 2014

1. What is the focal length of a concave lens with number -5D?
[A]20 cms
[B]25 cms
[D]10 cms

2. What is the number of 'True Ribs' in human body?

3. Least generative power is a feature of which cells of human body?

4. What is the main function of lymphocytes?
[A]Production of antigens
[B]Production of antibodies
[C]Production of white blood cells
[D]All of above

5. The enzyme,'Diastase' is secreted in ___________________.
[B]Oral cavity


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Current Affairs for Bank PO | Clerk Exam - 29 July 2014

1. As per the Union Budget 2014-15, ________________ will be launched to skill the Indian youth with emphasis on employability and entrepreneur skills.
[Category: Railway Exams Current Affairs]
[A]Employment Programme
[B]Skill India
[C]Young India
[D]Literacy Programme

2. The project on ___________ called Jal Marg Vikas has been planned to be developed between Allahabad and Haldia.
[Category: LIC Exams Current Affairs]

3. As per the Union Budget 2014-15, what amount has been allocated for the new scheme,"Ultra-Modern Super Critical Coal Based Thermal Power Technology"?
[Category: Bank Exams Prep Current Affairs]
[A]75 crore
[B]100 crore
[C]85 crore
[D]90 crore

4. When did the United Nation launch the 2014 revision of the World Urbanization Prospects Report?
[Category: IBPS Prep Current Affairs]
[A]3rd July, 2014
[B]6th July, 2014
[C]10th July, 2014
[D]12th July, 2014

5. _____________________ the veteran actress and the grand old lady of bollywood passed away on 10th July, 2104 due to cardiac arrest.
[Category: SSB Exams Prep Current Affairs]
[A]Saira Banu
[B]Zohra Sehgal


General Knowledge, GK, Question Answer - 29 July 2014

1. For how many years Great Migration in Europe lasted?
[Category: Railway Exams GK]
[A]5 centuries
[B]4 centuries
[D]1 century

2. Who among the following kings of Rajasthan was a victim of Patricide?
[Category: LIC Exams GK]
[A]Rawal Ratan Singh
[B]Rana Kumbha
[C]Rana Udai Singh
[D]Rana Sanga

3. ________________ dynasty can be identified only on the basis of coins?
[Category: Bank Exams Prep GK]

4. In which year Archaeological Survey of India was made a permanent body?
[Category: IBPS Prep GK]

5. The terms Hypoglycemia and Hyperglycemia are related to which of the following?
[Category: SSB Exams Prep GK]
[B]Blood Sugar
[C]Body Fat
[D]Metabolism of sugar galactose


IAS Pre: GS - Indian Polity Constitution Quiz - 29 July 2014

1. 73rd Amendment of the Constitution of India is related to which of the following?
[A]District Boards

2. The Fundamental Duties are enshrined in Part _______ of the Constitution of India.

3. Which of the following has been abolished/prohibited by Article 17 of the Constitution of India?
[A]Child Marriage

4. How many freedoms are guaranteed by Article 19(Right to Freedom)?

5. Which of the following amendments added the Fundamental Duties as per the recommendations of Sardar Swaran Singh Committee?


Test Your General Science Knowledge - 29 July 2014

1. Which compound's molecular weight and equivalent weight are equal?

2. Which kind of glass is generally used in making of bullet proof screens?
[A]Soft glass
[B]Jena Glass
[C]Flint Glass
[D]Pyrex Glass

3. Whenever an alkali metal, such as Lithium or Sodium reacts with water, ________________ gas is produced.
[B]Carbon dioxide

4. Skin works as a respiratory organ in ____________________.
[D]Dog fish

5. Which of the following cell organelles is essential for cellular respiration?
[A]Golgi body
[B]Endoplasmic Reticulum


Monday, July 28, 2014

Current Affairs 2014 for UPSC ,IAS - 28 July 2014

1. When did the Union Health Ministry constitute a core group to work a detailed action plan to eradicate the vector-borne disease-Kala Azar by 2015?
[Category: Bank Exams Prep Current Affairs]
[A]10th July, 2104
[B]6th July, 2014
[C]8th July, 2014
[D]4th July, 2014

2. How many new debt recovery tribunals are to be set up as per the Union Budget 2014-15?
[Category: IBPS Prep Current Affairs]

3. Which small saving instrument will be reintroduced to cater to the requirement of girl child's marriage and education?
[Category: SSB Exams Prep Current Affairs]
[A]PPF scheme
[B]Kisan Vikas Patra
[C]National Savings Certificate
[D]Monthly Income Scheme

4. What will be the new annual limit of the Public Provident Fund scheme as per the Union Budget 2014-15?
[Category: RRB Prep Current Affairs]
[A]1 lakh 50 thousand
[B]1 lakh 20 thousand
[C]1 lakh 30 thousand
[D]1 lakh 40 thousand

5. What is the budget allocated for Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna?
[Category: SSC Exams Current Affairs]
[A]14389 crore rupees
[B]15230 crore rupees
[C]12974 crore rupees
[D]10417 crore rupees


GK (General Knowledge) for Aspirants and General Readers - 28 July 2014

1. Which is the largest food item imported by India?
[Category: Bank Exams Prep GK]
[A]Milk and Dairy Products
[C]Meat and Poultry products
[D]Vegetable Oils

2. Who was the first Indian cricketer to have bagged 500 wickets in Test matches?
[Category: IBPS Prep GK]
[A]Anil Kumble
[B]Harbhajan Singh
[D]Kapil Dev

3. Suez Canal joins the Mediterranean Sea with which of the following seas?
[Category: SSB Exams Prep GK]
[A]White Sea
[B]Caspian Sea
[C]Red Sea
[D]Dead Sea

4. Who has written "Autography of an Unknown Indian"?
[Category: RRB Prep GK]
[A]Amartya Sen
[B]Amitav Ghosh
[C]Nirad Chaudhuri
[D]Chetan Bhagat

5. Which country is inside the European Union but outside the Eurozone?
[Category: SSC Exams GK]


Polity, Constitution and Governance in India - 28 July 2014

1. Which among the following appointments made by the President of India have been the most controversial issue ever since our constitution came into force?
[A]Appointment of Prime Ministers
[B]Appointment of judges of high courts
[C]Appointment of the Governor of States
[D]Appointment of the Attorney General of India

2. ____________________ functions as a Constitutional ruler and an agent of the centre.
[C]Vice President
[D]Comptroller and Auditor General

3. The constitution of India derives its ultimate authority from
[A]Constituent Assembly of India
[B]People of India
[C]Parliament of India
[D]Supreme Court of India

4. Which is the highest body below the Parliament of India responsible for formulating policy matters regarding planning for social and economic welfare and development of the country?
[A]Finance Commission
[B]Planning Commission
[C]National Development Council
[D]National Advisory Council

5. Which Indian Religious Communities have been conferred the minority status by the Government of India?
[A]Jains and Parsis
[B]Sikhs, Buddhists and Parsis
[C]Sikhs and Jains
[D]Buddhists and Jains


General Science Quiz - Questions & Answers - 28 July 2014

1. What strictly works on the principle of dipole movement of the water molecules?
[A]Microwave Oven
[C]Air Conditioner
[D]Electric Geyser

2. Which waves are most commonly used in the Night Vision devices?
[A]Micro Waves
[B]Infra Red Waves
[C]Ultra Violet Waves
[D]Radio Waves

3. What is the part of the "DTH Satellite dish" that converts the signals from electromagnetic or radio waves to electrical signals?
[A]Block up converter
[B]Parabolic dish
[C]Low-noise block converter
[D]Orthomode transducer

4. Fermi' is a unit of _______________.

5. Which of the following Vitamin is added to the milk in some countries as it is lost during the process of fat removal(skimming)?
[A]Vitamin B
[B]Vitamin D
[C]Vitamin A
[D]Vitamin C


Friday, July 25, 2014

25 July 2014 Current Affairs Daily Quiz

1. Who on 8th July was appointed as the Goodwill Ambassador of UN Women?
[Category: UN Current Affairs]
[A]Helena Bonham Carter
[B]Emma Watson
[C]Kate Winslet
[D]Emily Blunt

2. Which technology was jointly launched by the Sports Authority of India and The Football Link on 8th July, 2014 to promote football at the grassroot level?
[Category: Sports Current Affairs]
[A]Hawk Eye Technology
[B]B-Cube Technology
[C]F-Cube Technology
[D]3D disply technology

3. When was the Economic Survey of India 2013-14 presented by the Union Finance Minister-Arun Jaitley in Lok Sabha?
[Category: Budget 2014 Current Affairs]
[A]6th July, 2014
[B]9th July, 2014
[C]30th June, 2014
[D]3rd July, 2104

4. UN Tribunal, Permanent Court of Arbitration on 8th July, 2104 awarded _____________________ nearly four fifths of an area sprawling over 25,000 sq km in the Bay of Bengal ending the dispute over a sea border with India.
[Category: SSB Current Affairs]
[C]Sri Lanka

5. India and _________, on 8th July 2014 decided to launch negotiations for civil nuclear co-operation.
[Category: RRB Exams Current Affairs]
[A]Sri Lanka


GK Today's Quiz - 25 July 2014

1. Which Sikh Guru had been given the 'Palace of Amritsar' by Mughal Emperor Akbar?
[Category: SSB GK]
[A]Guru Hargovind
[B]Guru Arjun Das
[C]Guru Ram Das
[D]Guru Angad

2. The Mocha Town which was once famous and largest exporter of Mocha coffee is located in which of the following countries?
[Category: SSC GK]

3. __________________ island of the Andaman & Nicobar islands contains the known examples of mud volcanoes in India, locally called as jalki.
[Category: Banking GK]
[D]Car Nicobar

4. In which year, Essential Commodities Act was enacted?
[Category: SNAP GK]

5. In context with Japan, what does Akihito refer to?
[Category: PO-CWE GK]
[A]A place
[B] A person
[C]A custom
[D]A religion


Politics, Policy and Constitution in India Objective Questions Answers - 25 July 2014

1. Who appoints the Attorney General of India?
[A]Law Ministry
[C]Prime Minister
[D]Cabinet Committee on Appointments

2. In which year did the practice of presenting the railway budget separate from the general budget (and vice versa) started in India?

3. Which of the following were envisaged in the 74th Constitutional Amendment Bill?
[A]Personnel system in a municipality
[B]Relations between elected members (executive) of a municipality and bureaucracy
[C]Constitution & Composition of municipality
[D]All of the above

4. Which of the following statement is incorrect about zero hour?
[A]The zero hour questions are usually not directed against individual ministers
[B]The zero hour questions are usually raised over matters of public importance
[C]There is no mention of zero hour in rules of procedure
[D]The zero hour usually starts at 12 noon

5. Which of the following was the first in India to constitute an institution of Lokayukta?


MCQ for General Science - 25 July 2014

1. In which of the following plants, we can find leghemoglobin?

2. Presence of which salts in water causes 'Blue Baby Syndrome'?

3. Sun eclipse occurs at which of the following phases of the moon?
[A]New Moon
[B]Half Moon
[C]Full Moon
[D]Either Full Moon or New Moon

4. If earth stops rotating, the impact on weight of a body will be minimum on __________________________.
[B]North Pole
[C]Tropic of Cancer
[D]Tropic of Capricorn

5. Which organ open in small intestine through Pylorous?


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Recent Current Affairs Updates and Quiz - 24 July 2014

1. Former President of which country died on 7th July, 2014 due to a prolong ilness?
[Category: World Current Affairs]

2. India on 8th July, 2014 successfully test-fired an advanced version of the _________ range BrahMos supersonic cruise missile from Chandipur - on-sea off Odisha coast.
[Category: India Latest Current Affairs]
[A]270 km
[B]275 km
[C]280 km
[D]290 km

3. Which two tennis players on 7th July, 2014 achieved a career best rank of number five in the world?
[Category: Sports Current Affairs]
[A]Roberta Vinci & Sara Errani
[B]Sania Mirza & Cara Black
[C]Shuai Peng & Su-Wei Hsieh
[D]Elena Vesnina & Ekaterina Makarova

4. How many judges did Supreme Court appoint on 7th July, 2104?
[Category: Judiciary Current Affairs]

5. _________________________, an eminent scholar and biographer of Indian Constitution died on 6th July, 2014 in Washington DC.
[Category: Eminent Personalities Current Affairs]
[A]John Gordon
[B]Granville Austin
[C]William Bentinck
[D]Henry Hardinge


24 July 2014 GK Questions Answers Quiz

1. In which year Robert Edwin Peary became the first person to reach the North Pole?
[Category: World First GK]

2. Mahatma Gandhi had launched his first Satyagraha in India from which of the following places?
[Category: Modern History GK]

3. Which of the following European countries is known as the 'Land of a Thousand Lakes'?
[Category: Geography GK]

4. Which of the Indian language is known as the 'Italian of the East'?
[Category: Banking GK]

5. Bagasse, a bye product of sugarcane is mostly used in manufacturing of __________________.
[Category: RRB GK]


Constitution Politics and Policy in India MCQ - 24 July 2014

1. The Parliament of India consists of ____________________________________________.
[A]Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, President & Prime Minister
[B]Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha
[C]Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha & Council of Ministers
[D]Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha & President

2. Which of the following in our constitution is called 'Magnacarta'?
[B]Directive Principles of state policy
[C]Fundamental Rights
[D]Fundamental Duties

3. Right to property was made a legal right from a fundamental right by which of the following amendments to the Indian constitution?

4. Which of the following are subject to dissolution?
[A]Legislative Assembly & Lok Sabha
[B]Legislative Council & Rajya Sabha
[C]Legislative Assembly & Rajya Sabha
[D]Legislative Council & Lok Sabha

5. The preamble of constitution of India is _____________________________.
[A]A schedule of the constitution
[B]A part of the constitution
[C]Not a part of the constitution
[D]Is an annex to the constitution


General Science Daily Quiz - 24 July 2014

1. Which of the following sugars is maximum in honey?

2. Which of the following radiations in sunlight causes tanning and sunburn?
[B]Alpha rays
[D]Gamma rays

3. Which of the following plants is used as 'Green Manure'?

4. Nephron is the basic structural and functional unit of which of the following organs?
[D]Nervous System

5. Calcitriol is the biologically active form of which of the following vitamins?
[A]Vitamin C
[B]Vitamin D
[C]Vitamin B
[D]Vitamin E


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Daily Current Affairs Questions Answers Quiz - 23 July 2014

1. Who won the 2014 Wimbledon Women Singles title on 5th July, 2104?
[Category: Sports Current Affairs]
[A]Sofia Arvidsson
[B]Petra Kvitova
[C]Ivana Abramovic
[D]Timea Babos

2. When did the Supreme Court of India ruled that Shariat courts are illegal and objected from passing orders against innocent people?
[Category: SSC Current Affairs]
[A]10th July, 2104
[B]5th July, 2014
[C]7th July, 2014
[D]4th July, 2104

3. President of India-Pranab Mukherjee appointed Governors of which two states on 6th July, 2104?
[Category: Politics Current Affairs]
[A]Mizoram & Nagaland
[B]Assam & Meghalaya
[C]Chhattisgarh & Tripura
[D]Sikkim & Manipur

4. Who won the 2014 Wimbledon Men Singles title on 6th July, 2104?
[Category: Sports Current Affairs]
[A]Roger Federer
[B]Novak Djokovic
[C]Rafael Nadal
[D]Andy Murray

5. State Government of Maharashtra on 5th July, 2104 invoked Maharashtra Essential Services Maintenance Act 2011 against medical officers' who are on strike since _____________________.
[Category: MPSC Current Affairs]
[A]30th June, 2104
[B]1st July, 2104
[C]3rd July, 2104
[D]6th July, 2104


General Knowledge Question Answers Daily Quiz - 23 July 2014

1. Thomas Cup is related to which of the following sport?
[Category: Sports GK]
[D]Tennis Table

2. When is National Consumer Rights Day observed?
[Category: Important Days GK]
[A]18th November
[B]24th December
[C]22nd June
[D]12th January

3. The famous 'Treaty of Purandhar' was signed between Shivaji and ________________ in 1665.
[Category: IAS Exams History GK]
[A]Jai Singh I
[B]Shaista Khan
[C]Jaswant Singh

4. "Rinderpest' disease is caused by which of the following?
[Category: Diseases GK]

5. Gnathology is the study of ___________________.
[Category: Field of Study GK]
[C]Masticatory system


Indian Policy, Constitution and Politics - Q&A for Exams - 23 July 2014

1. For how many times, a person can become President of India?
[A]Three times
[B]No limit
[C]Five times
[D]Two times

2. Which of the following articles helped the Madrasas in India to remain out of purview of the Right to Education Act?
[A]Article 25
[B]Article 27
[C]Article 30
[D]Article 31

3. The ultimate sovereignty in the Indian Polity rests in the hand of ____________________________.
[A]Higher Judiciary
[C]People of India
[D]Council of Ministers

4. What is the maximum life of an ordinance promulgated by President?
[A]11 months
[B]12 months
[C]5 months
[D]7.5 months

5. New All India services can be initiated in India only if the ___________________ makes a recommendation.
[A]Council of Ministers
[B]Rajya Sabha
[C]Lok Sabha


General Science MCQ Quiz - 23 July 2014

1. 'Keshan disease' is caused by the deficiency of ___________________.

2. Which of the following is a mineral acid?
[A]Hydrochloric acid
[B]Ascorbic acid
[C]Formic acid
[D]Oxalic acid

3. Which is the most prevalent inert gas in earth's atmosphere?

4. Apart from oral cavity, the Amylase enzyme is created by which of the following parts of human alimentary canal?

5. Which of the following is an ore of Uranium?


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Current Affairs Daily Quiz - 22 July 2014

1. Governor of which Indian state resigned on 4th July, 2014?
[Category: WBPCS Current Affairs]
[A]Madhya Pradesh
[C]West Bengal
[D]Tamil Nadu

2. How many Indian nurses were brought to India from Erbil - Iraq on 5th July, 2104?
[Category: KPSC Current Affairs]

3. Which company on 4th July formed a joint venture with French shipping company "CMA CGM" to build a container terminal at Mundra-Gujarat?
[Category: CAT Current Affairs]
[A]Essar Ports
[B]Dhamra Port Company
[C]Adani Ports & SEZ Ltd
[D]Krishnapatnam Port Ltd

4. Which country's President sacked the Prime Minister due to her failure to win a seat from Dakar in the 2014 local elections?
[Category: MAT Current Affairs]

5. The Supreme Court of India on 4th July,2014 directed _______________ Government to stop all illegal mining and stone crushing activities at the Aravali region.
[Category: IAS Current Affairs]
[A]Arunachal Pradesh


GK Daily Quiz - 22 July 2014

1. In which year Sabarmati Ashram was established by Mahatma Gandhi?
[Category: Modern History GK]

2. ___________________ can be measured with Anemometer.
[Category: Equipments GK]
[A]Wind velocity
[B]Absolute humidity
[C]Water velocity
[D]Relative humidity

3. Where are the headquarters of "International Court of Justice"?
[Category: World Institutions GK]

4. Pampas grasslands are found in ____________________.
[Category: Geography GK]
[A]South Africa
[C]South America

5. Which deity was found in most of the Chola temples?
[Category: History GK]


Indian Polity and Constitution MCQ - 22 July 2014

1. Which of the following language is not there in the 8th schedule of Constitution of India?

2. In which year Rajya Sabha was established?

3. How many times the Preamble of the Constitution has been amended?

4. A bill initiated by __________________, is a Government bill.
[A]Member of parliament from ruling party
[C]Member of parliament from opposition party

5. ________________ schedule of the Constitution of India talks about the allocation of seats in Rajya Sabha.


Objective Type Questions Answers for General Science - 22 July 2014

1. Which among the following is the man made fibre?

2. Silicon hydrogels are commonly used in the making of _________________________.
[A]Surgical equipments
[B]Medicine capsules
[C]Contact lenses
[D]Breast transplant

3. In which form, nitrogen is present in urea?

4. Which chemical is most suitable in Food processing industry to be used as a food preservative?
[A]Methyl Salicylate
[C]Benzoic acid
[D]Sodium Carbonate

5. Which of the following fishes does not have central nervous system?
[A]Jelly fish
[B]Star fish
[C]Dog fish
[D]Cuttle fish


Monday, July 21, 2014

Current Affairs MCQ for Exams - 21 July 2014

1. When did the Supreme Court rule out the automatic arrest of the accused in dowry cases?
[Category: PCS Current Affairs]
[A]4th July, 2014
[B]3rd July, 2104
[C]2nd July, 2014
[D]6th July,2014

2. Who on 4th July, 2104 inaugurated the 240 MW Uri-II Hydro Electric Project in Jammu & Kashmir?
[Category: IAS Current Affairs]
[A]Smriti Irani
[B]Sushma Swaraj
[C]Pranab Mukherjee
[D]Narendra Modi

3. Who took additional charge as a Governor for West Bengal on 4th July, 2014?
[Category: Prelims Current Affairs]
[A]Nirbhay Sharma
[C]Shekhar Dutt
[D]Kamla Beniwal

4. How many Indian born Americans were honoured on 4th July, 2104 for their contribution to the US during annual Great Immigrants Tribute held in New York?
[Category: APPCS Current Affairs]

5. Hurricane __________________ hit the coast of North Carolina on 4th July, 2104.
[Category: SSB Current Affairs]


General Knowledge MCQ for Exams - 21 July 2014

1. Which country topped the Global Peace Index in 2011?
[Category: International GK]

2. In which year the first river valley project of India - Damodar Valley Corporation launched?
[Category: CAT GK]

3. Which type of coal has the maximum type of carbon content?
[Category: Science GK]

4. What is the common name of Calcium Sulphate Hemihydrate?
[Category: Chemistry GK]
[B]Plaster of Paris
[C]Bleaching powder
[D]Slaked lime

5. Which among the following is edible?
[Category: Basic Science GK]
[A]Sodium dioxide
[B]Sodium hydroxide
[C]Sodium bicarbonate
[D]Sodium carbonate


Policy and Constitution MCQ in Indian Context - 21 July 2014

1. What did the Swaran Singh Committee recommend?
[A]Panchayati Raj reforms
[B]Inclusion of the fundamental duties in the Indian Constitution
[C]The constitution of state level election commission
[D]Interlinking of himalayan and peninsular rivers

2. The Constitution of India empowers the Supreme Court of India to adjudicate disputes between the Centre and the States through ____________________.
[A]Writ jurisdiction
[B]Original jurisdiction
[C]Advisory jurisdiction
[D]Appellate jurisdiction

3. Which schedule of the constitution has to be amended to provide for the formation of a new state?
[A]Third schedule
[B]Eight schedule
[C]First schedule
[D]Seventh schedule

4. In __________________, the Prime Minister of India should become the member of the Parliament if he/she is not at the time of swearing in?
[A]Four months
[B]Six months
[C]Two months
[D]Eight months

5. Which of the following is a part of the electoral college for the election of the President but does not participate in the proceedings of his/her impeachment?
[A]State Legislative Assemblies
[B]Lok Sabha
[C]State Legislative Council
[D]Rajya Sabha


General Science MCQ for Exams - 21 July 2014

1. Cirrhosis is a disease that affects the _____________.
[D]Small Intestine

2. The acidic medium of gastric juice along with an enzyme Pepsin breaks the proteins down into smaller parts known as _______________________.
[D]Amino Acids

3. What is the World Health Organization criteria for leprosy elimination?
[A]1 case in 10,00,000
[B]1 case in 1000 individuals
[C]1 case in 10,000 individuals
[D]1 case in 100,000 individuals

4. Which blood protein regulates the amount of water in plasma?

5. Which part of the central nervous system controls reflex actions?
[A]Spinal cord
[B]Medulla oblongata


Friday, July 18, 2014

Online Current GK and Current Affairs Magazine - 18 July 2014

1. When did the Reserve Bank of India restore the limit of Overseas Direct Investment by an Indian company under the automatic route of Foreign Exchange Management Act, 2004?
[Category: Bank PO Current Affairs]
[A]5th July, 2014
[B]3rd July, 2014
[C]30th June, 2014
[D]1st July, 2014

2. Where did the Asian Development Bank announce to provide 50 million US dollars of equity investment into Renew Power Ventures Pvt Ltd?
[Category: IBPS Current Affairs]
[A]Toyohashi, Japan
[B]Beijing, China
[C]Manila, Philippines
[D]Berlin, Germany

3. The bilateral summit was held between China and _______________ on 3rd July, 2014 in Seoul.
[Category: Exams Current Affairs]
[B]South Korea

4. Which country on 3rd July, 2014 issued multiple entry visas for short term stay to Indians?
[Category: World Current Affairs]

5. When did the Japanese Cabinet adopt resolution to end 60 years of pacifism?
[Category: Politics Current Affairs]
[A]3rd July, 2014
[B]1st July, 2014
[C]7th July, 2014
[D]4th July, 2014


GK For Exams - IBPS PO CWE - 18 July 2014

1. Deoni-breed of cattle is generally found in _________________ state of India.
[Category: Agri Exams GK]
[B]Andhra Pradesh

2. Establishment of Shwetambara as a separate sect within Jainism was resulted at _____________________.
[Category: Religion GK]

3. Who founded the Depressed Classes Mission of India?
[Category: Founders GK]
[A]Annabhau Sathe
[B]Shantabai Kamble
[C]Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar
[D]Vitthal Ramji Shinde

4. In which country Indian Independence Committee was formed during the British era?
[Category: Indian History GK]

5. Which was the first newspaper to announce the partition of Bengal on 6th July, 1905?
[Category: Newspapers of India GK]
[C]Anandabazar Patrika


Indian Polity and Constitution for IAS and PCS - 18 July 2014

1. Which of the following is the largest committee of the Parliament?
[A]The Committee on Petitions
[B]The Public Accounts Committee
[C]The Estimates Committee
[D]The Committee on Public Undertakings

2. The disputes regarding the election of the President and Vice-President is decided by the ______________________.
[A]Supreme Court
[B]Election Commission
[C]High Court

3. What makes the Judiciary the guardian of the constitution?
[A]Service conditions
[B]Judicial Review

4. How many types of writs can be issued by the Supreme Court?

5. The Supreme Court of India enjoys _____________________________.
[A]Original, appellate and advisory jurisdictions
[B]Original jurisdiction
[C]Appellate and advisory jurisdictions
[D]Advisory jurisdiction


Test Your General Science Knowledge - 18 July 2014

1. Which component in light causes supression of melatonin produced by the pineal gland?

2. Cassiterite is an ore of ______________________.

3. The blood pressure is denoted as following?
[A]Venous pressure/Pulse pressure
[B]Diastolic pressure/Systolic pressure
[C]Systolic pressure/Diastolic pressure
[D]Venous pressure/Systolic pressure

4. Who proved that bacteria does not originate by spontaneous generation?
[A]Graham Bell
[B]Louis Pasteur
[C]Robert Hooke
[D]Albert Einstein

5. Most part of the cosmic rays that impinge on earth's atmosphere are _____________________.
[B]Gamma rays


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Latest Current Affairs and GK Quiz - 17 July 2014

1. Who was elected as the Chairman of the Telangana Legislative Council on 2nd July, 2014?
[Category: Politics Current Affairs]
[A]Adireddy Appa Rao
[B]Swamy Goud
[C]Syed Altaf Hyder Razvi
[D]M.Sudhakar Babu

2. When did Indian Railways conduct test run of Delhi-Agra semi high speed train?
[Category: RRB Exams Current Affairs]
[A]29th June, 2014
[B]28th June, 2014
[C]3rd July, 2014
[D]1st July, 2014

3. Which former French President has been charged with corruption and influence peddling on 2nd July, 2014?
[Category: Corruption Related Current Affairs]
[A]Francois Hollande
[B]Jacques Chirac
[C]Nicolas Sarkozy
[D]Alain Poher

4. Who became the first female four star admiral in US Navy on 1st July, 2104?
[Category: ASVAB Current Affairs]
[A]Marsha Evans
[B]Michelle Howard
[C]Barbara Mc Gann
[D]Veronica Froman

5. Who sworn-in as the Governor of Chhatisgarh on 2nd July, 2014?
[Category: MPSEB Current Affairs]
[B]Subhash Joshi
[C]Ram Naresh Yadav
[D]Santosh Kumar


GK Today's Questions Answers MCQ - 17 July 2014

1. How many island does Lakshadweep consists of?
[Category: Indian States GK]

2. Who built first jet plane?
[Category: Inventions GK]
[A]Frank Whittle
[B]Russell Brown
[C]Henri Coanda

3. What does three fourth of the Sun's mass consist of?
[Category: Solar System GK]

4. Which was Salman Rushdie's controversial novel which was protested by the Muslims?
[Category: Books and Authors GK]
[A]The Satanic Verses
[C]Midnight's Children

5. Which Indian tennis player became Hollywood film maker?
[Category: Persons GK]
[A]Sumant Mishra
[B]Leander Paes
[C]Naresh Kumar
[D]Ashok Amritraj


General Studies – Indian Polity - 17 July 2014

1. A person can become a citizen of India even if born outside India, if his/her _________________________________________.
[A]Father is a citizen of India at the time of child's birth
[B]Mother is a citizen of India
[C]Father is a citizen of India
[D]Father or mother is a citizen of India at the time of child's birth

2. Under which Article of the Constitution, are the Cultural & Educational Rights granted?
[A]Article 30 & 31
[B]Article 29 & 30
[C]Article 28 & 32
[D]Article 25 & 26

3. The Department of Border Management is a department under which of the following Union Ministries?
[A]Ministry of Road Transport & Highways
[B]Ministry of Defence
[C]Ministry of External Affairs
[D]Ministry of Home Affairs

4. The resolution for removing the Vice President of India can be moved in ____________________________.
[A]Rajya Sabha only
[B]Lok Sabha only
[C]Joint sitting of the two houses of the Parliament
[D]Either of the two houses of the Parliament

5. Which item/subject belongs to the Concurrent list of the VIIth schedule of the Indian Constitution?
[A]Stock Exchanges
[B]Public Health & Sanitation



1. The plant hormone,'Auxin' is basically a _____________________________.
[A]Weak organic base
[B]Weak organic acid
[C]Weak inorganic acid
[D]Gaseous compound of carbon

2. Who is considered to be the "Father of Antiseptic"?
[A]Louis Pasteur
[B]Dr.Joseph Lister
[C]Robert Koch
[D]Dr.Lineus Pauling

3. Which among the following is the edible part in rice?

4. Which among the following is not among micronutrients required for the plant?

5. What does the word,"Synthia" refer to in context with a recent discovery/invention?
[A]A red blood cell
[B]A plant cell
[C]A bacteria
[D]A fungus


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Recent Current Affairs News Quiz - 16 July 2014

1. Which country became the first country to ratify Marrakesh Treaty to facilitate blind and visually impaired an access to published works?
[Category: RRB Current Affairs]
[C]Sri Lanka

2. When was First Aid Post launched in New Delhi to expand the network of healthcare to its beneficiaries?
[Category: PO Current Affairs]
[A]1st July, 2014
[B]30th June, 2014
[C]2nd July, 2014
[D]29th June, 2104

3. Who on 1st July, 2014 directed the Jammu & Kashmir government to restore the Dal Lake?
[Category: Judiciary Current Affairs]
[B]Prime Minister
[D]Supreme Court

4. Who became the first Indian-American dean of Berkeley Law?
[Category: Recent Appointments Current Affairs]
[A]Amar Goswami
[B]Sujit Choudhry
[C]Anirvan Ghosh
[D]Dinesh Sarraf

5. When did the World Bank release a report on poor quality of education in South Asia?
[Category: Banking Current Affairs]
[A]26th June, 2014
[B]30th June, 2014
[C]3rd July, 2014
[D]1st July, 2014


Daily General Knowledge Updates Quiz - 16 July 2014

1. Who is the current governor general of India?
[Category: Bank GK]
[A]Raghuram Rajan
[D]Amitav Ghosh

2. Which is the longest lived Empire of the modern European colonial empires, spanning almost six centuries?
[Category: IAS GK]
[A]Byzantine Empire
[B]Roman Empire
[C]British Empire
[D]Portugese Empire

3. The production of electrical power through the use of gravitational force of falling or flowing water is called as ___________________.
[Category: CTET GK]
[A]Distributed generation
[C]Induction generator

4. Who was known as Tiger of Mysore?
[Category: CSAT GK]
[A]Sultan Fateh Ali Tipu
[B]Venkatapati Raya
[C]Aravidu Ramaraya
[D]Haider Ali

5. With whose recommendations the Reserve Bank of India was set up?
[Category: Banking GK]
[A]Samuel Commission
[C]Hilton Young Commission
[D]Special Commission of 1925


Indian Polity through Questions and Answers - 16 July 2014

1. India is a democratic republic because __________________________.
[A]There is a parliamentary supremacy
[B]The head of the state is elected by the people
[C]There is independence of judiciary
[D]There is distribution of powers between the Centre and the States

2. Citizenship provisions are enshrined in the constitution in ________________________.
[A]Part II, Articles 5-11
[B]Part I, Articles 5-11
[C]Part II, Articles 5-6
[D]Part II

3. On whom does the Constitution confer special responsibility for the enforcement of Fundamental responsibility?
[A]Supreme Court
[C]State Legislatures

4. Which right was described by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar as "The Heart & Soul of the Constitution"?
[A]Right to Equality
[B]Right to Freedom
[C]Right to Freedom of Religion
[D]Right to Constitutional Remedies

5. Details on how citizenship may be acquired and terminated are enumerated in _____________________________.
[A]Schedule I of the constitution
[B]The Citizenship Act, 1955
[C]Part II of the costitution
[D]Various enactments by Parliament


General Science for SSC Examinations - 16 July 2014

1. Deficiency of Tocopherol leads to sterility in males and females. The popular word for Tocopherol is ___________________.
[A]Vitamin C
[B]Vitamin K
[C]Vitamin E
[D]Vitamin B3

2. Which of the following is not found in RNA?

3. Which of the following is a different fruit than others?
[A]Lady finger

4. What is a pollen tube used in the transport of?
[B]Sperm cells
[C]Pollen grains
[D]All of them

5. Which of the following glands secretes Adrenocorticotrophic hormone?


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Objective Type Questions with Answers for Current Affairs - 15 July 2014

1. Which edition of Ladakh International Film Festival was held in Leh, Jammu & Kashmir from 27th June to 29th June, 2014?
[Category: Films Current Affairs]

2. Which day was observed across India on 1st July, 2014?
[Category: Bank Exams Current Affairs]
[A]International Day of Cooperatives
[B]National Doctors' Day
[C]World Hepatitis Day
[D]World Population Day

3. Which country's army launched Phase II of the operation Zarb-E-Azb or Strike of the Prophet's Sword on 30th June, 2014?
[Category: CDS Exams Current Affairs]

4. Which country on 30th June, 2104 decided to provide 1 billion Euros line of credit over a three years period to India?
[Category: NDA Current Affairs]

5. Who won the 2014 Liberty Medal given by the National Constitution Centre in Philadelphia?
[Category: CWE Current Affairs]
[A]Muhammad Ishaq Khan
[B]R.Mohan Das
[C]Malala Yousafzai


15 July 2014 GK General Knowledge Questions Answers

1. Which compound of mercury is used as antiseptic?
[Category: Chemistry GK]
[A]Mercuric sulphide
[B]Mercuric chloride
[C]Mercuric oxide
[D]Mercuric iodide

2. The easily noticed smell of the LPG gas is due to _____________________.
[Category: Basic Science GK]

3. Hydraulic Brakes work on __________________________.
[Category: Basic Science GK]
[A]Archimedes Principle
[B]Pascal's Principle
[C]Newton's Law
[D]Casini's Law

4. A cotton wick dipped in pure honey when ignited with a matchstick will _____________________________.
[Category: Science GK]
[A]Burn with cracking sound
[B]Burn consistently
[C]Burns with too much smoke
[D]Does not burn at all

5. Clove is ___________ part of the plant.
[Category: Botany GK]
[B]Flower bud


Indian Polity For Civil Services Examinations - 15 July 2014

1. Which is the smallest parliament constituency in India?
[D]Andaman & Nicobar

2. Which constitutional amendment included secularism and socialism in the preamble of our constitution?

3. India's national song was derived from a famous book entitled _______________________.
[A]Geet Govindam
[B]Agni Vina
[C]Anand Math
[D]Bharat Bharti

4. What is the difference between Fundamental Rights and Directive Principle?
[A]Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles are justifiable
[B]Fundamental Rights are justifiable while Directive Principles are not
[C]Fundamental Rights are positive while Directive principles are negative
[D]Directive Principles are given precedence over Fundamental Rights

5. Secularism means __________________________________________.
[A]Separation of religion from state
[B]A system of political and social philosophy that does not favour any particular religious faith
[C]Freedom of worship to minorities
[D]Supression of all religions


Top General science questions and answers | 15 July 2014

1. Which among the following is a millet?

2. Chlorophyll absorbs _______________________ wavelength of the sunlight.
[A]Red & Blue
[B]Green & Red
[C]Green & Blue
[D]Yellow & Red

3. Which of the following is rich in ozone?

4. Which acid is described as HOOCCOOH?
[A]Acetic Acid
[B]Oxalic Acid
[C]Citric Acid
[D]Carbonic Acid

5. Which hormone can be used as a drug to treat cardiac arrest and some other cardiac problems?


Monday, July 14, 2014

14 July 2014 Current Affairs MCQ

1. Who won the Australian Open Super Series Title at Sydney on 29th June, 2104?
[Category: Sports Current Affairs]
[A]Jiang Yanjiao
[B]Tine Baun
[C]Saina Nehwal
[D]Carolina Marin

2. Jagannath Yatra began on 29th June, 2014 at _________ in Odisha.
[Category: Religion Current Affairs]

3. Governor of which Indian state resigned on 30th June, 2014 after being questioned by the CBI as a witness in VVIP chopper deal?
[Category: State PCS Current Affairs]
[A]West Bengal

4. When did Sri Lanka and Seychelles sign 6 agreements of bilateral importance?
[Category: IAS Current Affairs]
[A]28th June, 2014
[B]27th June, 2014
[C]25th June, 2014
[D]29th June, 2014

5. Who won IBSF- 6 Red World Snooker Title in Egypt on 29th June, 2014?
[Category: Sports Current Affairs]
[A]Bob Harris
[B]Pankaj Advani
[C]Mark Allen
[D]John Astley


Civil Services Exams Preparation GK - 14 July 2014

1. The ruling party of Singapore, where no opposition parties are allowed is called _______________________.
[Category: International Politics GK]
[A]Labour Party
[B]People's Party
[C]People's Action Party
[D]Communist Party

2. What is the national sport of Canada?
[Category: Sports GK]

3. The origin of badminton is attributed to _________________.
[Category: International GK]

4. What is the normal threshold of hearing?
[Category: Basic Science GK]
[A]Around 25-45 db
[B]Around 50-70 db
[C]Around 100-120 db
[D]Around 70-90 db

5. The red blood cells are in the _________________.
[Category: Biology GK]
[B]Bone marrow
[D]Lymph nodes


Civil Services Helper in Indian Polity Exam - 14 July 2014

1. Who appoints the Municipal Commissioner of the Municipalities?
[B]State Government

2. Who of the following members was not a part of the drafting committee of the Indian Constitution?
[B]Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar
[C]N.Madhava Rao
[D]Jawaharlal Nehru

3. The provisions concerning the suspension of Fundamental Rights by the President during emergencies was borrowed from the ___________________________________.
[A]Constitution of Canada
[B]Constitution of USA
[C]Weimar Constitution
[D]Constitution of Ireland

4. Which article of the Constitution of India provides for separate Ministers of Tribal Welfare in Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Orissa.
[A]Article 161
[B]Article 164
[C]Article 162
[D]Article 160

5. Part IV of the constitution of India deals with __________________________________.
[A]Economic rights
[B]Civil rights
[C]Economic, Social and Cultural rights
[D]Political rights


General Science - Aptitude Questions and Answers - 14 July 2014

1. What are soaps?
[A]Sodium or potassium salts of heavier fatty acids
[B]Mixture of glycerol and alcohol
[C]Esters of heavy fatty acids
[D]Salts of silicates

2. Deep blue colour is imparted to glass by the presence of ____________________.
[A]Nickel oxide
[B]Cobalt oxide
[C]Iron oxide
[D]Cupric oxide

3. The vast resources of unutilised natural gas can be used in the production of ___________________.
[A]Synthetic petroleum

4. Paper is manufactured by ____________________________.
[A]Wood and bleaching powder
[B]Wood and resin
[C]Wood, sodium and bleaching powder
[D]Wood, calcium, hydrogen sulphite and resin

5. One fathom is equal to ___________________.
[A]30 feet
[B]100 cm
[C]6 feet
[D]6 meters


Friday, July 11, 2014

11 July 2014 Current Affairs Objective Questions Answers

1. Indian Olympic Association announced the dates of 35th National Games to be hled from 31st January to 14th February, 2015 in ________________.
[Category: UPET Current Affairs]
[C]Tamil Nadu

2. When did the Union Government grant the Navratna status to Engineers India Ltd and National Building Construction Corporation?
[Category: SSB Exams Current Affairs]
[A]23rd June, 2014
[B]24th June, 2014
[C]26th June, 2014
[D]28th June, 2014

3. Which country announced to honour Shah Rukh Khan with Officer of the Legion of Honour on 25th June, 2014 for his contribution to cinema.
[Category: IBPS GK Current Affairs]
[C]United Kingdom

4. A blast in GAIL pipeline took place in ______________, Andhra Pradesh on 27th June, 2014 which killed 15 people and injured 20.
[Category: SSC Current Affairs]
[A]Nagaram Village
[B]Warangal Village
[C]Nalgonda Village
[D]Nelore Village

5. Researchers of ____________ University in UK on 26th June, 2014; designed an alternative to passwords called Facelock based on the psychology of facial recognition.
[Category: Educational Current Affairs]
[C]East London


GK Objective MCQ with Answers - 11 July 2014

1. Which of the following National Park of India has once again become World Heritage Site after removal of the 'in danger' tag by the UNESCO's World Heritage Committee?
[Category: National Parks GK]
[A]Jim Corbett

2. What is the objective of introducing, ' Marginal Standing Facility' by RBI in recent Monetary Policy?
[Category: Finance GK]
[A]Contain volatility in the long term inter-rate bank rates
[B]Contain volatility in the overnight inter-rate bank rates
[C]Contain inflation
[D]Contain reforms

3. Who was conferred with Jawaharlal Nehru Award for International Understanding for 2009?
[Category: Awards GK]
[A]Nicolas Sarkozy
[B]Angela Merkel
[C]Silvio Berlusconi
[D]Ban ki Moon

4. Which Indian state leads in Infant Mortality Rate currently?
[Category: States GK]
[A]Madhya Pradesh
[B]Uttar Pradesh
[D]West Bengal

5. When was Mahatma Gandhi assassinated?
[Category: Famous Personalities GK]


Indian Constitution and Polity Objective Type Questions Answers - 11 July 2014

1. What was Ashok Mehta Committee recommended for?
[A]For establishment of Nagar Panchayat
[B]For establishment of Mandal Panchayat
[C]For establishment of Panchayat Samiti
[D]For establishment of Gram Panchayat

2. Who conceived the concept of 'Gram Swaraj'?
[A]Mahatma Gandhi
[B]Lal Bahadur Shastri
[C]Jawaharlal Nehru
[D]Indira Gandhi

3. What is the minimum age for contesting elections to the Panchayati Raj institutions as per the 73rd Constitutional Amendment Act?
[A]25 years
[B]18 years
[C]21 years
[D]20 years

4. The State Election Commission conducts, controls and supervises municipal elections under _________________________.
[A]Article 246
[B]Article 241(2)
[C]Article 236
[D]Article 243 (K)

5. The 42nd Amendment extended the term of the Lok Sabha to ___________.
[A]10 years
[B]8 years
[C]6 years
[D]4 years


11 July 2014 Objective General Science Quiz

1. Which of the following is the petroleum wax?
[A]Carnauba wax
[B]Parafin wax
[C]Jonoba wax
[D]Bees wax

2. Which type of glass is used in making lenses and prisms?
[A]Flint glass
[B]Jena glass
[C]Soft glass
[D]Pyrex glass

3. What is the stage in which the storage of food and synthesis of materials take place inside the cell, just before the cell division called?
[B]Inner phase

4. Which among the following chronic lung disease commonly known as 'black lung disease' leads to reduced life expectancy in coal miners?
[A]Collier's Asthma
[D]Progressive Massive Fibrosis

5. What is centriole associated with?
[C]DNA synthesis
[D]Spindle fibre foundation



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