Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Daily General Knowledge Updates Quiz - 16 July 2014

1. Who is the current governor general of India?
[Category: Bank GK]
[A]Raghuram Rajan
[D]Amitav Ghosh

2. Which is the longest lived Empire of the modern European colonial empires, spanning almost six centuries?
[Category: IAS GK]
[A]Byzantine Empire
[B]Roman Empire
[C]British Empire
[D]Portugese Empire

3. The production of electrical power through the use of gravitational force of falling or flowing water is called as ___________________.
[Category: CTET GK]
[A]Distributed generation
[C]Induction generator

4. Who was known as Tiger of Mysore?
[Category: CSAT GK]
[A]Sultan Fateh Ali Tipu
[B]Venkatapati Raya
[C]Aravidu Ramaraya
[D]Haider Ali

5. With whose recommendations the Reserve Bank of India was set up?
[Category: Banking GK]
[A]Samuel Commission
[C]Hilton Young Commission
[D]Special Commission of 1925

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