Thursday, July 17, 2014

GK Today's Questions Answers MCQ - 17 July 2014

1. How many island does Lakshadweep consists of?
[Category: Indian States GK]

2. Who built first jet plane?
[Category: Inventions GK]
[A]Frank Whittle
[B]Russell Brown
[C]Henri Coanda

3. What does three fourth of the Sun's mass consist of?
[Category: Solar System GK]

4. Which was Salman Rushdie's controversial novel which was protested by the Muslims?
[Category: Books and Authors GK]
[A]The Satanic Verses
[C]Midnight's Children

5. Which Indian tennis player became Hollywood film maker?
[Category: Persons GK]
[A]Sumant Mishra
[B]Leander Paes
[C]Naresh Kumar
[D]Ashok Amritraj

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