Thursday, July 24, 2014

Constitution Politics and Policy in India MCQ - 24 July 2014

1. The Parliament of India consists of ____________________________________________.
[A]Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, President & Prime Minister
[B]Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha
[C]Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha & Council of Ministers
[D]Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha & President

2. Which of the following in our constitution is called 'Magnacarta'?
[B]Directive Principles of state policy
[C]Fundamental Rights
[D]Fundamental Duties

3. Right to property was made a legal right from a fundamental right by which of the following amendments to the Indian constitution?

4. Which of the following are subject to dissolution?
[A]Legislative Assembly & Lok Sabha
[B]Legislative Council & Rajya Sabha
[C]Legislative Assembly & Rajya Sabha
[D]Legislative Council & Lok Sabha

5. The preamble of constitution of India is _____________________________.
[A]A schedule of the constitution
[B]A part of the constitution
[C]Not a part of the constitution
[D]Is an annex to the constitution

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