Friday, July 11, 2014

GK Objective MCQ with Answers - 11 July 2014

1. Which of the following National Park of India has once again become World Heritage Site after removal of the 'in danger' tag by the UNESCO's World Heritage Committee?
[Category: National Parks GK]
[A]Jim Corbett

2. What is the objective of introducing, ' Marginal Standing Facility' by RBI in recent Monetary Policy?
[Category: Finance GK]
[A]Contain volatility in the long term inter-rate bank rates
[B]Contain volatility in the overnight inter-rate bank rates
[C]Contain inflation
[D]Contain reforms

3. Who was conferred with Jawaharlal Nehru Award for International Understanding for 2009?
[Category: Awards GK]
[A]Nicolas Sarkozy
[B]Angela Merkel
[C]Silvio Berlusconi
[D]Ban ki Moon

4. Which Indian state leads in Infant Mortality Rate currently?
[Category: States GK]
[A]Madhya Pradesh
[B]Uttar Pradesh
[D]West Bengal

5. When was Mahatma Gandhi assassinated?
[Category: Famous Personalities GK]

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