Friday, July 25, 2014

Politics, Policy and Constitution in India Objective Questions Answers - 25 July 2014

1. Who appoints the Attorney General of India?
[A]Law Ministry
[C]Prime Minister
[D]Cabinet Committee on Appointments

2. In which year did the practice of presenting the railway budget separate from the general budget (and vice versa) started in India?

3. Which of the following were envisaged in the 74th Constitutional Amendment Bill?
[A]Personnel system in a municipality
[B]Relations between elected members (executive) of a municipality and bureaucracy
[C]Constitution & Composition of municipality
[D]All of the above

4. Which of the following statement is incorrect about zero hour?
[A]The zero hour questions are usually not directed against individual ministers
[B]The zero hour questions are usually raised over matters of public importance
[C]There is no mention of zero hour in rules of procedure
[D]The zero hour usually starts at 12 noon

5. Which of the following was the first in India to constitute an institution of Lokayukta?

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