Monday, July 28, 2014

General Science Quiz - Questions & Answers - 28 July 2014

1. What strictly works on the principle of dipole movement of the water molecules?
[A]Microwave Oven
[C]Air Conditioner
[D]Electric Geyser

2. Which waves are most commonly used in the Night Vision devices?
[A]Micro Waves
[B]Infra Red Waves
[C]Ultra Violet Waves
[D]Radio Waves

3. What is the part of the "DTH Satellite dish" that converts the signals from electromagnetic or radio waves to electrical signals?
[A]Block up converter
[B]Parabolic dish
[C]Low-noise block converter
[D]Orthomode transducer

4. Fermi' is a unit of _______________.

5. Which of the following Vitamin is added to the milk in some countries as it is lost during the process of fat removal(skimming)?
[A]Vitamin B
[B]Vitamin D
[C]Vitamin A
[D]Vitamin C

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