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Monday, October 31, 2011

General Knowledge Quiz - 3

1. What was the original name of Aligarh Muslim University?
[A]Mohammeden Anglo-Oriental College
[B]Aligarh College of Science
[C]Muslim College
[D]Mohammeden Aligarh University

2. Who was the first Indian woman to win Miss Asia Pacific title in 1970?
[A]Rita Faria
[B]Zeenat Aman
[C]Tara Anne Fonseca
[D]Diya Mirza

3. Where is the headquarters of United Nations (UN) located?
[A]Vienna (Austria)
[B]Washington (USA)
[C]Geneva (Switzerland)
[D]New York (USA)

4. Who wrote the famous novel 'Devdas'?
[A]Bankim Chandra Chatterjee
[B]Sharat Chandra Chatterjee
[C]Sanjay Leela Bhansali
[D]Bibhuti Bhushan Bandopadhyay

5. Who presided over the first session of the All India Trade Union Cogress in 1920?
[A]Shripad Amrut Dange
[B]Lala Lajpat Rai

6. In which sport, each team consists of four male and four female players?

7. What is the cause of infectious disease Athlete's Foot?

8. Which metal is used to make electric bulb filaments?

9. Which is the most spoken language in the world?

10. Naxalbari village, the birth place of Naxalite Movement, is located in which state?
[C]West Bengal

11. Sivakasi in Tamil Nadu is famous for which industry?

12. What is the name of Morarji Desai's samadhi in Ahmedabad?
[A]Narayan Ghat
[B]Abhay Ghat
[C]Vijay Ghat
[D]Raj Ghat

13. Which natural sugar is found in the milk?

14. For writing the Punjabi language, which Sikh guru developed the Gurumukhi script?
[A]Guru Arjan
[B]Guru Ram Das
[C]Guru Amar Das
[D]Guru Angad

15. On 18 March 1965, who became the first human to walk in the space?
[A]Yuri Gagarin
[B]Alexey Leonov
[C]Neil Armstrong
[D]Buzz Aldrin


Project Management Quiz - 21

1. A contractor estimates that a project has a 0.5 probability of $200,000 profit and 0.3 probability of $50,000 loss. The expected monetary value of this project is:
[E]None of the above.

2. A project manager who allows the team to make the majority of the decisions is demonstrating a(n) ____ leadership style.
[C]Subordinate centered

3. Historical records during close-out are useful to _____ and _____ for future projects.
[A]Predict trends, highlight problems.
[B]Analyze successes, shortfalls.
[C]Analyze strengths, document results.
[D]Support litigation, defend claims.
[E]Justify results, set standards.

4. In a fishbone diagram, the effect you are concerned about is placed:
[A]at the right-hand end of the spine.
[B]at the end of the diagonal line (i.e. "fin").
[C]on a branch of a fin.
[D]at the left-hand end of the spine.
[E]None of the above.

5. Sound, prudent, but often unsophisticated judgement is called:
[A]common sense
[B]rational management
[E]None of the above

6. Which of the following types of specifications gives measurable capabilities of the product:
[A]functional specifications
[B]performance specifications
[C]conformance specifications
[D]technical specifications
[E]process capability specification

7. A graphical display of accumulated costs and labor hours for both budgeted and actual costs, plotted against time, is called a(n) _____.
[A]Trend line.
[B]Trend analysis.
[C]S curve.
[D]Percent completion report.
[E]Earned value report.

8. By using Project Risk Management techniques, project managers can develop strategies that do all but which of the following:
[A]Significantly reduce project risks
[B]eliminate project risks
[C]provide a rational basis for better decision making
[D]identify risks, their impact(s), and any appropriate responses
[E]None of the above.

9. In a flowchart, the diamond form is used to represent:
[A]a starting point.
[B]an operation.
[C]a written report.
[D]a decision point.
[E]an end point.

10. In small companies, project managers and line managers are:
[A]Never the same person
[B]Always the same person
[C]Sometimes the same person
[D]Always in disagreement with each other
[E]Forced to act as their own sponsors

11. Make or buy decisions are usually made during the _____ phase of a project.

12. Managers who adopt a sound, but prudent managerial style are called

13. The critical path in a network is the path that:
[A]Has the greatest degree of risk.
[B]Will elongate the project if the activities on this path take longer than anticipated.
[C]Must be completed before all other paths.
[D]All of the above.
[E]A and B only.

14. There are four general classes of products that the purchasing department seeks to obtain for production. Which is not one of these categories:
[A]Raw materials
[B]Standard production items
[C]Special items
[D]Items of small value
[E]Semi-precious materials

15. A good team leader must be concerned not only with _____ but also with _____ .
[A]Long term goals; short term goals
[B]Organizational goals; personal goals
[C]Legitimate power; referent power
[D]Group efficiency; power and authority
[E]Tasks to be accomplished; needs of the team members


Vocabulary Quiz - 14

1. celestial
[A]large city
[C]wasting away

2. centrifugal
[A]cowlike; placid and dull
[B]radiating, departing from the center
[C]Roman outer robe

3. cession
[A]express evil satisfaction; view malevolently
[B]yielding to another, ceding
[C]triangular part above columns in Greek buildings
[D]confuse thoroughly

4. champion
[B]ill luck
[C]support militantly
[D]abnormal; irregular

5. chaste
[A]viscous assault
[D]laymen; persons not connected with the clergy

6. chicanery
[A]blues; listlessness; slack period
[B]interested in money or gain
[C]person competent to act as a judge of art, etc.; a lover of an art

7. chronic
[A]difference; condition of inequality
[C]eating both plant and animal food; devouring everything
[D]long established as a disease

8. circumscribe
[B]serving as a model; outstanding
[C]limit; confine

9. clairvoyant
[A]miracle worker; magician
[D]suitable for servants; low

10. clavicle
[A]prudent; cautious
[C]not repentant

11. clime
[A]coarsely insulting; physically harmful
[B]region; climate
[C]hostile feeling or intent

12. codicil
[A]humbleness of spirit
[B]cover with a thin and shiny surface
[C]supplement to the body of a will
[D]hugeness (in a bad sense)

13. cognate
[A]turn into god; idolize
[B]repay; revenge
[C]allied by blood; of the same or kindred nature
[D]slightly obscure

14. coincident
[A]front of the building
[B]throb; flutter
[C]occurring at the same time
[D]rave; speak bombastically

15. conjugal
[A]one who abandons his religious faith or political beliefs
[C]destruction by fire
[D]pertaining to marriage

16. conscientious
[A]exhale; become known; happen
[B]scrupulous; careful
[C]fearful; demonstrating fear

17. consort
[A]protecting molding on building (usually above columns)
[B]shallow body of water near a sea; lake
[C]subside; decrease, lessen
[D]associate with

18. consummate
[B]having the odor of a musk

19. contest
[D]scold; rant

20. contract
[A]shrink quivering, as from fear
[B]act of finding the total; summary
[C]compress or shrink; make a pledge; catch a disease
[D]holding of an office; time during which such and office is held


Vocabulary Quiz - 13

1. bent
[A]loud, resounding noise
[B]assent; agree passively
[C]teaching; instructional

2. beset
[B]striking one object against another sharply
[C]harass; trouble

3. bicameral
[A]ruined because of neglect
[B]festive; gay; characterized by joviality
[C]mild expression in place of an unpleasant one
[D]two-chambered, as a legislative body

4. bivouac
[A]intensely cold
[B]inhabitant of
[C]temporary encampment

5. blatant
[A]gift made by a will
[B]flagrant; consciously obvious; loudly offensive
[D]having many forms

6. blunder
[A]learned Hindu; any learned man; authority on a subject
[B]display ostentatiously
[C]cautiously watchful

7. boorish
[A]flexible; supple
[B]light; heavenly; fine
[C]rude; clownish
[D]existence; means of support; livelihood

8. braggart
[A]wasting away
[C]something originally of little value or importance that in time becomes very valuable

9. brindled
[A]parti-colored; mixed
[B]bantering; joking
[C]those of gentle birth; refinement
[D]tawny or grayish with steaks or spots

10. browbeat
[A]in name only; trifling
[B]occurring at the same time
[C]locking within oneself
[D]bully; intimidate

11. bumptious
[A]random; by chance
[B]strip off skin; plunder
[D]urbanity; polish

12. cadence
[A]state of being inappropriate
[B]boorish; rude
[C]artificial; pretended
[D]rhythmic rise and fall (of words and sounds); beat

13. calorific
[A]descendants; future generations
[C]cater to the low desires of others
[D]deserving blame

14. canny
[A]person who enjoys his own pain
[B]essentially; inherently; naturally
[C]approving; applauding
[D]shrewd; thrifty

15. capacious
[A]prohibit; restrain
[B]strong; brawny; steadfast
[C]baffle; frustrate

16. carat
[A]state of being valuable or loved
[B]split asunder
[C]boorish; rude
[D]unit of weight of precious stones; measure of fineness of gold

17. carnivorous
[A]displaying ostentatious or hypocritical devoutness

18. caste
[B]lassitude; depression
[C]hothead; troublemaker
[D]one of the hereditary classes in Hindu society

19. catastrophe
[A]pertaining to heat
[C]hackneyed; commonplace
[D]abnormal or deviant

20. causal
[A]mistaken; wrong
[C]petition humbly; pray to grant a favor
[D]implying a cause-and-effect relationship


Saturday, October 29, 2011

General Knowledge Quiz - 2

1. What was the original name of renowned Hindi and Urdu writer Munshi Premchand?
[A]Sampooran Singh Kalra
[B]Akhtar Hussain Rizvi
[C]Dhanpatrai Srivastava
[D]Raghupati Sahay

2. Which state in India has minimum population?
[A]Arunachal Pradesh

3. Which Mughal emperor assumed the title of 'Alamgir' (Conqueror of the world)?

4. Which gas is commonly known as 'Laughing Gas'?
[C]Carbon di oxide
[D]Nitrous Oxide

5. Garba dance is native of which Indian state?
[B]West Bengal

6. Which city in India is also known as "Steel City"?

7. Alpha is the first letter of Greek alphabet. Which is the last?

8. Where did Lord Mahavira, the last of 24 tirthankars in Jain tradition, attain Nirvana?
[A]Pawapuri (Bihar)
[B]Kushinagar (U.P.)
[C]Kolkata (W.Bengal)
[D]Nanded (Maharashtra)

9. Apart from Russia, the territory of which country lies in both Europe and Asia continents?

10. Who was the first President of Pakistan?
[A]Muhammad Ali Jinnah
[B]Ayub Khan
[C]Iskandar Mirza
[D]Liaquat Ali Khan

11. Which hill station was the summer capital of British India?

12. Which religion's holy book is known as "Zend Avesta"?

13. Who is the first woman Air Marshal of India Air Force (IAF)?
[A]Padmavathy Bandopadhyay
[B]Kanchan Chaudhary Bhattacharya
[C]Harita Kaur Deol
[D]Punita Arora

14. 'Royal Bengal', 'Sumatran', 'Malayan' and 'Siberian' are the species of which member of cat family?

15. In 1998, which internet search engine company was co-founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin?
[A]Alta Vista


Vocabulary Quiz - 12

1. Apex
[A]differing in some characteristics; various
[B]pleasing in sound
[C]stingy; mean
[D]tip; summit; climax

2. apogee
[A]broad comedy; mockery
[B]quick, sharp reply
[C]unit of weight of precious stones; measure of fineness of gold
[D]highest point

3. apprehend
[A]imitation of another's style in musical composition or writing
[B]wooden; impersonal
[C]arrest(a criminal); dread; perceive
[D]corrupt; make intemperate

4. aquiline
[A]drink (alcoholic beverages) frequently
[B]dry food; fodder
[C]flowery; ruddy
[D]curved; hooked

5. arcane
[A]wring from; get money by threats, etc.
[B]deification; glorification
[C]unmarried; abstaining from sexual intercourse
[D]secret; mysterious

6. astringent
[A]rising like bristles; showing irritation
[B]miracle worker; magician
[C]binding; causing contraction
[D]fear of being locked in

7. atheistic
[A]glance coquettishly at; make eyes at
[D]denying the existence of God

8. attribute
[A]experience; support; nourish
[B]essential quality
[C]struggle; compete; assert earnestly
[D]stubborn maintenance of a wrong cause

9. augury
[A]correct a false impression; undeceive
[B]slight offense
[D]omen; prophecy

10. authenticate
[A]a student of the history and science of mankind
[B]prove genuine
[C]dictated by hatred or spite
[D]rude; clownish

11. auxiliary
[A]bordering on the sea; nautical
[B]moment of calm
[C]forgivable; trivial
[D]helper; additional or subsidiary

12. avid
[A]small cavern
[B]advise against
[C]omission of words from a text
[D]greedy; eager for

13. azure
[A]rave; speak bombastically
[B]list of works of music, drama, etc., a performer is prepared to present
[C]sky blue
[D]slavishly attentive; servile; sycophantic

14. baleful
[A]too particular; fussy
[B]deadly; destructive
[C]recede; lessen

15. bane
[A]isolation of person or ship to prevent spread of infection
[B]rebound; reverberation; reaction
[C]sharp, bitterly pungent
[D]cause of ruin

16. barrister
[A]averse; reluctant
[C]light-hearted; dizzy
[D]inharmonious; conflicting

17. bawdy
[B]aggressive; savage
[C]report; record (in chronological order)
[D]indecent; obscene

18. begrudge
[C]display ostentatiously
[D]harshness; plainness

19. beleaguer
[A]opening; hole
[B]strikingly bright; shining with intense heat
[D]superintendent; manager

20. benefactor
[A]based on experience; useful
[B]illegal trade; smuggling
[C]gift giver; patron
[D]slip or slide


Project Management Quiz - 20

1. Which of the following types of power comes through the organizational hierarchy

2. A calendar that identifies when a project may be performed on an activity is called a:
[A]Project calendar.
[B]Resource calendar.
[C]Milestone point.
[D]Key point.
[E]Work unit.

3. Charisma would be an example of _____ power.

4. For every situation, several methods usually exist for effective communication to take place. Which of the following is least likely to be used for explaining to the team project planning guidelines?
[A]project office memo
[B]project office directive
[C]project team meeting
[D]formal report
[E]counseling sessions

5. In the project environment, the individual ultimately responsible for quality control is:
[A]The line workers who must strive "to do things right the first time" to avoid quality problems.
[B]the company's quality control manager who must work with the project members to ensure the quality control program is effective.
[C]The head of the production department who retains ultimate quality control responsibility for all the company's projects.
[D]The project manager who has ultimate responsibility for the entire project.
[E]the customer who must ensure that he is receiving a quality product from the vendor.

6. In which of the following types of contracts is it most important for the contractor to maintain control of cost, schedule and scope changes.
[A]unit price
[B]cost plus incentive fee
[C]cost plus fixed fee
[D]firm fixed price
[E]B and D only

7. Middle (functional) managers have the greatest influence in the direction of the project in which type of organizational structure?
[B]Strong matrix.
[C]Weak matrix.
[D]Project coordinator.
[E]Project expeditor.

8. Which of the following risks are generally considered unpredictable:
[A]business risk
[B]financial risk
[D]natural hazards

9. A clear definition of the user's needs serves as the direct basis for the:
[A]Work breakdown structure.
[B]Functional requirements.
[C]Project cost estimate.
[D]Selection of personnel.
[E]Termination decision.

10. R & D project managers in high-tech companies most often motivate using _____ power.
[E]None of the above

11. The major difference between PERT and CPM networks is:
[A]PERT requires three time estimates whereas CPM requires one time estimate.
[B]PERT is used for construction projects whereas CPM is used for R & D.
[C]PERT addresses only time whereas CPM also includes cost and resource availability.
[D]PERT requires computer solutions whereas CPM is a manual technique.
[E]PERT is measured in days whereas CPM uses weeks or months.

12. The majority of product defects could be prevented in most processes if manufactures would do the following:
[A]Increase the use of acceptance control charts instead of standard three-sigma control charts.
[B]Make a concerted effort to eliminate the potential for product defects in the design stage.
[C]Create a quality control department.
[D]A and B.
[E]A and C

13. Which of the following diagrams is most useful in impact analysis:
[A]arrow diagrams
[B]precedence diagrams
[C]decision trees
[D]Pareto diagrams
[E]cause and effects diagrams

14. Which of the following is least likely to be used in explaining to a team member why you consider his/her performance substandard?
[A]Project office memo
[B]counseling session
[C]project team meeting
[D]formal letter
[E]individual conversation

15. Which of the following types of contracts allows the owner to transfer risk to the contractor:
[A]cost plus incentive fee
[B]cost sharing
[C]firm fixed price
[D]cost plus fixed fee
[E]performance guarantees


Project Management Quiz - 19

1. The logical relationship that communicates a delay between the start/finish of one activity and the start/finish of another activity is referred to as:
[B]Free float.
[C]Restricted float.
[D]Level float.

2. Which of the following actions is an example of risk response:
[A]adjust project parameters (scope, time, quality ...)
[B]reduce the probability of potential project risk events
[C]reduce the consequences of potential project risk events
[D]wait until a problem actually happens, then deal with it in the most effective and efficient manner.
[E]A, B and C only

3. A comparison of completion status to baseline is referred to as _____.
[A]Earned value measurement.
[B]Percent complete.
[E]None of above.

4. An example of coercive power would be:
[B]Reduction in wages
[C]Disciplinary layoff
[E]All of the above

5. Job descriptions are examples of ______communications.
[E]None of the above

6. Monte Carlo simulation:
[A]Was originally developed by Dr. Carlo
[B]Is a European technique for assessing project risks
[C]assumes the future risk events will occur at random according to predetermined probability distributions
[D]is a technique to stimulate create risk event resolution
[E]A, B and C only

7. The Pareto Principle is a technique used to determine which quality control problems in a particular process should be corrected. Which of the following statements best represents the philosophy employed by this principle?
[A]In order to minimize financial losses from quality control problems, all problems which have a measureable cost should be corrected
[B]the majority of defects are caused by a small percentage of the identifiable problems. Improvement efforts should be reserved for these vital problems.
[C]in order to achieve zero defects, all quality control problems, including those which do not have a direct financial cost should be corrected.
[D]generally, 80% of the quality control problems are justifiable for correction via cost-benefit analysis. The remaining 20% are not financially worthy of improvement efforts.
[E]A and D

8. The WBS is:
[A]An organization oriented family tree of the project.
[B]A task oriented family tree of the project.
[C]A cost centered structure of the project.
[D]Only required on large complex projects where separately identifiable work packages are difficult to construct.
[E]None of the above.

9. Which of the following processes allow an unsuccessful bidder to seek remedy for contract award to another bidder.
[A]bid protest
[B]bid review
[C]award Protest
[D]award review
[E]any of the above processes can be used

10. A project team member submits a suggestion on how to improve the corporate procurement process. This is an example of _____ communication
[E]None of the above.

11. Financial compensation is the primary motivational tool for which of the following management theories of programs.
[A]Zero-defects program.
[B]theory X management.
[C]theory Y management.
[D]Quality control circles.
[E]A and C

12. In which of the following contract types is it easier to change the scope of the contract:
[A]firm fixed price
[B]fixed price plus incentive fee
[C]cost plus percentage of cost
[D]letter contract
[E]None of the above.

13. Planning activities such that predetermined resource availability pools are not exceeded is called:
[A]Resource leveling.
[B]Manpower leveling.
[C]Resource limited planning.
[D]Manpower planning.
[E]Manpower contingency planning.

14. The project charter:
[A]Expresses upper management commitment to the project.
[B]Provides that authority by which the project will be run.
[C]Establishes that organizational structure with the project.
[D]Specifies overall objectives and timeframe of the project.
[E]All of the above.

15. Which of the following areas are addressed in risk identification:
[D]All of the above.
[E]A and B only


General Knowledge Quiz - 1

1. In which city is the headquarters of Reserve Bank of India (RBI) located?
[A]New Delhi

2. Which country was first to give the "right to vote" to women in elections?
[C]New Zealand

3. Who wrote "Vande Mataram"?
[A]Kavi Pradeep
[B]Mohammed Iqbal
[C]Bankimchandra Chatterjee
[D]Rabindranath Tagore

4. Kumbh Mela at Ujjain held on the banks of river _________

5. Which city in India is also known as "Brasscity"?

6. Which Indian city has world's longest railway platform?
[A]Kharagpur (W.Bengal)
[B]Secunderabad (A.P.)

7. In which city "Central Potato Research Institute (CPRI)" is located?

8. With which musical instrument is Pt. Ravi Shankar associated?

9. 'Daughter of the East' book is the autobiography of which Asian woman leader?
[A]Benazir Bhutto
[B]Aung San Suu Kyi
[C]Maghawati Sukarnoputri
[D]Indira Gandhi

10. Who was the first president of the Indian National Congress?
[A]Badruddin Tyabji
[B]Dadabhai Nauroji
[C]Pherozeshah Mehta
[D]Womesh Chandra Bonerjee

11. Who is the only Indian cricketer to have taken all 10 wickets in a Test innings?
[A]Anil Kumble
[B]Narendra Hirwani
[C]Bishen Singh Bedi
[D]Kapil Dev

12. Who was the first recipient of Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award?
[A]Geet Sethi
[B]Vishwanathan Anand
[C]Sachin Tendulkar
[D]Pullela Gopichand

13. Java Trench, also known as Sunda Trench, is the deepest point in which ocean?
[A]Arctic Ocean
[B]Indian Ocean
[C]Atlantic Ocean
[D]Pacific Ocean

14. What term is used to refer the large number which is formed by writing digit 1 followed by 100 zeros?

15. In Computers terminology, One Byte equals to how many Bits?


Friday, October 28, 2011

Project Management Quiz - 18

1. The utility of a risk seeker is:
[A]negatively exponential
[B]positively skewed

2. Which of the following is equivalent to a lump sum contract:
[A]fixed price contract
[B]price fixing contract
[C]purchase order
[D]All of the above.
[E]B and C only

3. Back charges refers to:
[A]transferring charges from sub-contractors to the owner
[B]adjusting payments to reflect late invoices consequence
[C]the cost of corrective action taken by the owner and charged to the contractor for non-conformance
[D]gaining restitution from the owner for non payment
[E]C and D only

4. Company expenses such as auditing costs, supervision, office supplies, building rent and maintenance are elements of the:
[A]Capital budgeting process.
[B]Overhead rates.
[C]Contracts and administration costing system.
[D]Fringe benefits packages.
[E]None of the above.

5. Job continuity would be an example of _____ in Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

6. Overlapping activities on a project, such as design and construction, is referred to as:
[A]Fast tracking
[B]Risk conversion.
[C]Parallel management.
[D]Process improvement.
[E]Synchronous manufacturing

7. The major reason why a project manager would use written instead of oral communication is:
[D]barrier elimination
[E]All of the above.

8. The scope management provides:
[A]A basis for future decisions about the project.
[B]A baseline to accomplish verification measures.
[C]A baseline to evaluate potential scope changes.
[D]All of the above.
[E]B and C only.

9. Total project risk can be defined as:
[A]the sum of the probabilities of project risks events times the sum of consequences of those risks
[B]the sum of the products of each project risk event times its consequences
[C]the sum of the consequences of all project risk events
[D]the sum of the probabilities of all project risk events
[E]1 - the sum of the probabilities of all project risk events.

10. Which of the following statements about the cost of quality are true?
[A]the cost of quality is the expense of nonconformance to requirements and specifications.
[B]the cost of quality are mostly the direct responsibility of workers who are manufacturing the product.
[C]quality control programs should be implemented when the cost of quality are deemed affordable by management.
[D]A and B.
[E]A and C

11. A line manager who is asked to wear two hats and function as a project manager at the same time is likely to exercise:
[D]All of the above]
[E]A and B only

12. Including the customer in the process of project planning is:
[A]Slow and counterproductive.
[B]Essential in the definition and documentation of project goals.
[C]Necessary, but of limited value.
[D]Unnecessary because project goals are defined in the proposal stage.
[E]None of the above.

13. It is argumentative whether project managers actually control costs. Which of the following is the most common element over which the project manager may have some degree of control?
[A]Direct labor dollars
[B]Direct labor hours.
[C]Overhead rates.
[D]Procurement costs.
[E]None of the above.

14. Most quality problems:
[A]originate in the quality department where the ultimate responsibility for quality rests.
[B]originate on the shop floor because of waste and product rework.
[C]are the results of management inattention to potential quality improvement ideas.
[D]could be eliminated if shop supervisors monitored their work more closely.
[E]A and B

15. The "buy or make" decision is usually made during the:
[A]acquisition cycle
[B]contract evaluation cycle
[C]requirements cycle
[D]pre-award cycle
[E]at any time that is convenient for the project manager


Vocabulary Quiz - 11

1. acumen
[A]goodness; moral excellence; good quality
[B]reduce to lower state
[C]mental keenness
[D]terminology; system of names

2. address
[B]person competent to act as a judge of art, etc.; a lover of an art
[C]to direct speech to; deal with or discuss
[D]crack; fissure

3. admonish
[A]trivial; unimportant; very small
[B]strip off skin; plunder
[C]warn; reprove
[D]crisis; joining point

4. advent
[C]mildness; permissiveness
[D]expert at

5. aegis
[A]in a state of rage
[B]shield; defense
[C]small cavern
[D]opening; hole

6. affirmation
[A]banish; consign to inferior position
[B]man owning small estate; middle-class farmer
[C]positive assertion; confirmation; solemn pledge by one who refuses to take an oath
[D]defame; destroy confidence in; disbelieve

7. aggregate
[A]pertinence; reference to the case in hand
[B]sum; total
[C]stormy; unkind
[D]alter; modify

8. alchemy
[A]gift for finding valuable things not searched for
[B]lethargy; sluggishness; dormancy
[C]medieval chemistry
[D]dark; not transparent

9. allege
[A]a servile dependent
[B]sift; separate good parts from bad
[C]state without proof
[D]powerful; strong; potent

10. allure
[A]work against
[C]entice; attract

11. amass
[A]tasteless; dull
[C]of a law which dates back to a period before its enactment

12. ambrosia
[A]talk at length
[B]tie with a rope
[C]food of the gods
[D]showing off learning; bookish

13. amicable
[A]unmarried; abstaining from sexual intercourse
[C]gift made by a will

14. amorphous
[A]cut away; cut out
[C]person who maintains opinions contrary to the doctrines of the church
[D]crafty; double-dealing

15. amulet
[B]charm; talisman
[C]solemn wonder
[D]bring to an end

16. anathema
[A]small, steep-walled canyon
[C]slandering; aspersion
[D]solemn curse

17. angular
[A]definite; open
[B]sharp-cornered; stuff in manner
[C]filthy; base; vile

18. annuity
[A]failure to do
[B]compensating; rewarding
[D]yearly allowance

19. antecede
[B]wool coat of a sheep
[C]skeptical or distrustful of human motives

20. antipathy
[A]calmness; peace
[B]aversion; dislike
[C]to feed plentifully
[D]uncertain how to act; weak


Economics Quiz - 1

1. Every nation’s resources which are used to produce the quantities of goods and services that would be required to satisfy all its citizen’s wants are

2. All the buyers and sellers operating under perfect competition have _______________ knowledge.

3. Inflation reduces the purchasing power of money and savings.

4. Micro-economics is primarily concerned with the problem of what, how and for whom to produce

5. The price policy under monopolistic competition is dependent on the prices charged by other rival firms

6. All firms producing the same or similar product together make
[D]Free Market

7. Private profit motive is an essential feature of Capitalism

8. Macro – economics provides an exploration to the functioning of an economy in general.

9. In economics demand means desire backed by adequate ________
[A]ability to pay
[B]selling capacity
[C]purchasing power

10. Slope of supply curve is _______
[D]None of the above

11. Costs which increase because of the expansion of a firm are called ______ costs
[D]None of the above

12. Under the monetary measures to control inflation, the R. B. I relies heavily on selective credit controls on bank loans against food grains, sugar, oils, oilseeds, cotton etc so as to discourage
[B]Speculative hoarding

13. The supply curve in case of unitary elastic supply is rectangular hyperbola.

14. Under monopoly, there is ________ seller who controls the entire supply in the market.
[A]Only one
[B]Only two

15. Under monopsony, there are many sellers and ________ buyer
[A]Only one
[B]Only two


International Marketing Quiz - 1

1. Promotion-mix decision consists of product,price,distribution,promotion

2. What does promotion encompass?

3. In international market, the existing of different legal systems makes the task of businessmen more difficult.

4. What is the elements of evaluation of sources?
[A]Company records
[C]Chamber of commerce
[D]Ministry of commerce

5. What marketing technique is used to know international marketing need?
[A]Marketing information
[B]Marketing research
[C]A & B
[D]None of the above

6. Which institution extends finance to exporters of capital & manufactured goods.
[B]Export-import bank

7. Which arrangement is one of the contractual entry modes in foreign countrie?

8. How does the product reach to the buyer?

9. Adding additional products to the overseas even if the company does not carry those products domestically - is an alternative for product development

10. The main advantage of indirect method of exporting is "the manufacturer gives up control over the marketing of it's products to another firm which doesn't hamper the success in future".

11. What is important to take pricing decision?
[C]A & B
[D]Market Size

12. Which factor influence customers to buy a product?
[C]Sales promotion
[D]All of the above

13. While negotiating an agency agreement, the Indian firm should be careful on________.
[A]Contracted territory
[B]Permanent agency
[C]Temporary agency
[D]Profit margin

14. In international trade fairs "make site booking" is a point of checklist of
[A]During the fair
[B]After the fair
[C]It is not a point
[D]Before the fair

15. Which of the following are popular modes of entry in foreign market?
[A]Coproduction agreements
[B]Joint venture
[C]International licensing
[D]A & B


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Finance(Security and Portfolio Management) Quiz - 2

1. With the use of diversification you can reduce the risk.

2. Post office monthly schemes have a 10 year tenor.

3. Till 1990's secular Indian economy's inflation rate has been of what percentage?

4. Mr.Rohan invests Rs.25,000/- today. The rate of interest is 6% compounded annually. What will be the value of his investment after 3 years?
[A]Rs. 29775
[B]Rs. 29175
[C]Rs. 28775
[D]Rs. 27775

5. A mutual fund is required to dispatch the dividend warrants to the unit holders within thirty days of the declaration of dividend.

6. Fixed assets turnover ratio measures the efficiency of utilisation of total assets, fixed as well as current.

7. A pattern which does not result in reversal of a trend but reaffirmation of the underlying trend is called ________.
[A]Distribution pattern
[B]Consolidation pattern
[C]Scattered pattern
[D]None of the above

8. The risk associated to get the required rate of return on the stock is measure by market beta.

9. Acid test ratio is more stringent measure of liquidity compared to the
[A]Current ratio
[B]Debt ratio
[C]Debt to equity ratio
[D]None of the above

10. In case of fixed income securities like debentures, you get the return in the form of dividend.

11. What is the assumption of the Dow theory?
[A]Majority of stocks follow the underlying trend of the market least of the time
[B]Very few stocks follow the underlying trend of the market most of the time
[C]Majority of stocks follow the underlying trend of the market most of the time
[D]Very few stocks follow the underlying trend of the market least of the time

12. The Peer group of Bharat Forge consists of which one of these companies?
[A]Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd
[B]Bharat Electronics Ltd
[C]Am forge industries

13. We can compare the price earning ratio of a market to its historical average to make judgements about, whether market is
[A]Only Under Valued
[B]Only Over Valued
[C]Under valued or over valued

14. What are the features of candle stick charts?
[A]Indicates in black if the closing price is lower than the opening price
[B]Indicates in white if the closing price is higher than the opening price
[C]Displays the correlation between the high and low prices
[D]A and B

15. Which is not the features of public provident scheme?
[A]15 year instrument
[B]Rate of interest is 8%
[C]Partial withdrawal is available from 7th year
[D]Deposit limit is Rs. 100000


Vocabulary Quiz - 10

1. spectrum
[B]speechless; producing indistinct speech
[C]colored band produced when beam of light passes through a prism
[D]slave; bondage

2. stentorian
[A]not frank; eluding
[C]a facial distortion to show feeling such as pain, disgust, etc.
[D]extremely loud

3. subliminal
[A]use of force to get someone's compliance
[B]to admit to the rights of citizenship (especially the right to vote)
[C]below the threshold

4. supernumerary
[A]damnation; complete ruin
[B]person or thing in excess of what is necessary; extra
[C]based on lascivious thoughts
[D]any gain above stipulate salary

5. sylvan
[A]similarity; parallelism
[B]pertaining to the woods; rustic
[C]marginal; outer
[D]stubborn intolerance

6. temperate
[A]recover; find and bring in
[B]baffle; frustrate
[C]agent which brings about a chemical change while it remains unaffected and unchanged
[D]restrained; self-controlled

7. thespian
[A]defame; destroy confidence in; disbelieve
[B]supposed; reputed
[D]pertaining to drama

8. touchy
[A]let down; restrain
[B]sensitive; irascible
[C]one who is introspective; inclined to think more about oneself
[D]attendant or young female; chaperone

9. tribute
[A]wandering away from the subject
[B]well-paid position with little responsibility
[D]tax levied by a ruler; mark of respect

10. venerate
[A]spiritual rebirth
[C]slight knowledge
[D]wild; sensational

11. vicissitude
[B]highly skilled artist
[C]dwarf; underground spirit
[D]change of fortune

12. volatile
[A]acute pain; extreme suffering
[C]evaporating rapidly; lighthearted; mercurial
[D]detest; hate

13. wheedle
[A]supplicatory prayer
[B]cajole; coax; deceive by flattery
[C]wordiness; spreading in all directions like a gas
[D]withered; shriveled

14. abjure
[A]finding fault
[B]renounce upon oath
[C]high praise; eulogy
[D]wrong; faulty

15. abrasive
[A]prevailing style
[B]change; introduction of something new
[C]make void
[D]rubbing away; tending to grind down

16. abstemious
[A]total failure
[B]predicament from which there is no escape
[C]movable; not fixed
[D]sparing in eating and drinking; temperate

17. accede
[A]resemblance to remote ancestors rather than to parents; deformity returning after passage of two or more generations
[B]exclude from public favor; ban
[D]circular building or hall covered with a dome

18. accolade
[A]pamphlet; a region of indefinite size
[B]condemn; criticize
[C]point directly overhead in the sky; summit
[D]award of merit

19. accrue
[A]to muddle; drive crazy; become rotten
[B]giving bliss; blissful
[C]come about by addition
[D]hard; inflexible

20. acquiesce
[A]brief and to the point
[B]instruct; correct morally
[C]assent; agree passively
[D]bodily; material


Vocabulary Quiz - 9

1. paranoia
[A]sticky; viscous
[B]lay eggs
[D]chronic form of insanity marked by delusions

2. paucity
[A]free; disentangle
[B]testimony under oath
[D]cancel; revoke

3. perfunctory
[A]lying; false
[C]superficial; not thorough
[D]rude; cross

4. petulant
[A]allied by blood; of the same or kindred nature
[B]touchy, peevish
[C]dreamily thoughtful; thoughtful with a hint of sadness
[D]comment; make explanatory notes

5. platitude
[A]American marsh tortoise
[B]rhythmic rise and fall (of words and sounds); beat
[C]trite remark; commonplace statement
[D]renounce; give up

6. postulate
[B]self-evident truth
[C]combine, unite in one body
[D]worldly; not pertaining to church matter

7. propriety
[A]pertaining to germ; creative
[B]unrestrained; excessive
[D]fitness; correct conduct

8. psychosis
[A]ease pain; make less severe or offensive
[B]quarrel; obtain through arguing
[C]mental disorder
[D]guilt; self-reproach

9. quail
[A]smear (as with paint)
[B]marked with parallel bands; grooved
[C]cower; lose heart
[D]hide away; produce and release a substance into an organism

10. ramify
[A]interjection; profane oath
[B]divide into branches or subdivisions
[D]fertility; fruitfulness

11. recession
[B]withdrawal; retreat
[C]steal another's ideas and pass them off as one's own
[D]strip off skin; plunder

12. regale
[A]cheerful promptness
[B]wordiness; spreading in all directions like a gas

13. renunciation
[A]mentally quick and observant; having insight
[B]final; not susceptible to further analysis
[C]giving up; renouncing

14. residue
[A]spur; motive
[B]remainder; balance
[C]stone used to test the fitness of gold alloys; criterion
[D]combining parts into a whole

15. reverie
[A]fantastic; violently contrasting
[B]mar in beauty; spoil
[C]hypothesis; the act of supposing
[D]daydream; musing

16. rummage
[A]periodic; on and off
[B]petty details
[C]ransack; thoroughly search
[D]small plane surface (of a gem); a side

17. satire
[A]approving; applauding
[B]form of literature in which irony; sarcasm, and ridicule are employed to attack vice and folly
[C]interpret secret code
[D]disapproval; condemnation

18. secular
[B]worldly; not pertaining to church matter
[C]extremely poisonous
[D]turn upside down or inside out

19. sinister
[A]approve; tolerate
[B]cutting; sharp

20. sodden
[A]confuse; upset; embarrass
[B]soaked; dull, as if from drink
[C]implied comparison
[D]giving bliss; blissful


Vocabulary Quiz - 8

1. incisive
[A]begin; originate; receive into a group
[C]lizard that changes color in different situations
[D]cutting; sharp

2. infiltrate
[B]suspended action
[C]pass into or through; penetrate (an organization) sneakily
[D]a covered passageway, usually lined with shops

3. insidious
[A]person who collects coins
[B]cut off part of body; prune
[C]treacherous; stealthy; sly
[D]hiding place

4. intractable
[A]immaterial; without a material body
[B]sickening; insipid
[C]rate of occurrence; particular occurrence
[D]unruly; refractory

5. irrational
[A]restate a passage in one's own words while retaining the thought of the author
[B]illogical; lacking reason; insane
[C]commonplace; dull
[D]breaking up; downfall

6. junket
[A]secret; mysterious
[B]marry feast or picnic

7. languor
[A]concise; meaty
[B]practical rule guiding conduct
[C]lassitude; depression
[D]courteous; faithful; brave

8. libelous
[A]easy to approach; obtainable
[B]grave; serious; coy
[C]defamatory; injurious to the good name of a person

9. lout
[A]considerate; thoughtful
[D]clumsy person

10. malediction
[A]put into effect; supply with tools
[B]insert improperly; palm off

11. masochist
[A]soothing; mild, dull
[B]black magic; dealings with the dead
[C]person who enjoys his own pain
[D]favoring success

12. menial
[A]sober; sedate
[B]gloomy; depressing
[C]suitable for servants; low
[D]boastful; pompous

13. mignon
[B]a servile dependent
[C]turn into god; idolize
[D]flattery; admiration

14. modish
[A]state of collapse caused by illness or old age
[C]curved; hooked
[D]commotion; riot; noise

15. mottled
[A]person who maintains opinions contrary to the doctrines of the church
[C]utter impulsively

16. nebulous
[A]the art of versification
[B]vague; hazy; cloudy
[C]belief that events are determined by forces beyond one's control
[D]flimsy; unsubstantial

17. notoriety
[A]painful labor
[B]having many languages
[C]make impossible; eliminate
[D]disrepute; ill fame

18. obstinate
[A]false testimony while under oath
[B]suitable; to the point
[D]solidly uniform; unyielding

19. opportunist
[B]individual who sacrifices principles for expediency by taking advantage of the circumstances
[C]known only to a chosen few
[D]language used by special group; gibberish

20. pachyderm
[B]thick-skinned animal
[C]corrosive; sarcastic
[D]one of a family of mammals that nurse their offspring in a pouch


Vocabulary Quiz - 7

1. efface
[A]estimate value of
[B]warm and damp
[D]rub out

2. embargo
[B]harsh and shrill
[C]swagger; assumed air of defiance
[D]ban on commerce or other activity

3. engender
[B]aimless follower of the arts; amateur; dabbler
[C]cause; produce
[D]boldness; rashness

4. epithet
[A]celebrity; dignitary
[B]argue about prices
[C]a word or phrase characteristically used to describe a person or thing
[D]dishonest behavior

5. eulogy
[A]powerful person
[B]wild tumult
[C]modest; shy

6. exorcise
[A]block; obstacle
[B]habitual intoxication
[C]drive out evil spirits
[D]displaying foresight; thrifty; preparing for emergencies

7. facade
[A]meager; insufficient
[B]person who harasses others
[C]front of the building
[D]slander; vilify

8. felicitous
[A]translation; artistic interpretation of a song
[B]apt; suitably expressed; well chosen
[C]capable of being bribed
[D]ornate; highly decorated

9. flaccid
[A]shallow body of water near a sea; lake
[C]twisting out of shape
[D]question severely

10. foil
[A]coming from the side
[D]theft of another's ideas or writing passed off as original

11. fraught
[A]addition of details; intricacy
[B]four-footed animal

12. galleon
[A]good-natured ridiculing
[B]clamorous; noisy
[D]large sailing ship

13. germane
[A]indirect reference
[B]brown mixed with gray or white
[C]pertinent; bearing upon the case at hand
[D]chain; fetter

14. gourmand
[A]curry favor; act in an obsequious way
[B]wool coat of a sheep
[C]epicure; person who takes excessive pleasure in food and drink
[D]degrade; humiliate

15. guileless
[A]change; convert to something different
[B]nominal holding of title without obligations
[C]without deceit
[D]act of dissecting living animals

16. heed
[A]quick, sharp reply
[B]irritable; short-tempered
[C]pay attention to; consider
[D]mysterious; secret; supernatural

17. homespun
[A]mutilate; injure
[B]domestic; made at home
[C]punish by placing in a wooden frame and subjecting to ridicule
[D]lying on back

18. idiosyncratic
[A]dig into
[C]homesickness; longing for the past
[D]private; peculiar to an individual

19. impediment
[A]final; compete
[B]mutual relationship
[C]joining; associating with
[D]hindrance; stumbling block

20. impregnable
[A]excessively modest person
[B]fertility; fruitfulness
[C]system of religious or ethical belief



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