Thursday, October 27, 2011

Vocabulary Quiz - 7

1. efface
[A]estimate value of
[B]warm and damp
[D]rub out

2. embargo
[B]harsh and shrill
[C]swagger; assumed air of defiance
[D]ban on commerce or other activity

3. engender
[B]aimless follower of the arts; amateur; dabbler
[C]cause; produce
[D]boldness; rashness

4. epithet
[A]celebrity; dignitary
[B]argue about prices
[C]a word or phrase characteristically used to describe a person or thing
[D]dishonest behavior

5. eulogy
[A]powerful person
[B]wild tumult
[C]modest; shy

6. exorcise
[A]block; obstacle
[B]habitual intoxication
[C]drive out evil spirits
[D]displaying foresight; thrifty; preparing for emergencies

7. facade
[A]meager; insufficient
[B]person who harasses others
[C]front of the building
[D]slander; vilify

8. felicitous
[A]translation; artistic interpretation of a song
[B]apt; suitably expressed; well chosen
[C]capable of being bribed
[D]ornate; highly decorated

9. flaccid
[A]shallow body of water near a sea; lake
[C]twisting out of shape
[D]question severely

10. foil
[A]coming from the side
[D]theft of another's ideas or writing passed off as original

11. fraught
[A]addition of details; intricacy
[B]four-footed animal

12. galleon
[A]good-natured ridiculing
[B]clamorous; noisy
[D]large sailing ship

13. germane
[A]indirect reference
[B]brown mixed with gray or white
[C]pertinent; bearing upon the case at hand
[D]chain; fetter

14. gourmand
[A]curry favor; act in an obsequious way
[B]wool coat of a sheep
[C]epicure; person who takes excessive pleasure in food and drink
[D]degrade; humiliate

15. guileless
[A]change; convert to something different
[B]nominal holding of title without obligations
[C]without deceit
[D]act of dissecting living animals

16. heed
[A]quick, sharp reply
[B]irritable; short-tempered
[C]pay attention to; consider
[D]mysterious; secret; supernatural

17. homespun
[A]mutilate; injure
[B]domestic; made at home
[C]punish by placing in a wooden frame and subjecting to ridicule
[D]lying on back

18. idiosyncratic
[A]dig into
[C]homesickness; longing for the past
[D]private; peculiar to an individual

19. impediment
[A]final; compete
[B]mutual relationship
[C]joining; associating with
[D]hindrance; stumbling block

20. impregnable
[A]excessively modest person
[B]fertility; fruitfulness
[C]system of religious or ethical belief

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