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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Vocabulary Quiz - 6

1. bigotry
[A]recover; find and bring in
[C]stubborn intolerance
[D]restore to good condition; renew

2. bowdlerize
[A]mischievous; humorous; tricky
[B]three-pronged spear
[C]restore to proper condition

3. buttress
[A]pertaining to marriage
[B]support; prop up
[C]rude; cross
[D]deliver officially; entrust; set apart

4. caprice
[A]short speech at conclusion of dramatic work
[B]meager; insufficient
[D]into parts, apart

5. cathartic
[B]comic misuse of a word
[C]cater to the low desires of others

6. chameleon
[A]obstinately stubborn
[B]turn upside down or inside out
[C]lizard that changes color in different situations
[D]move furtively and secretly

7. circumspect
[A]practical; concerned with practical values
[C]prudent; cautious
[D]ancient paper made from stem of papyrus plant

8. coeval
[B]living as the same time as; contemporary
[C]long life
[D]study of man

9. console
[B]lessen sadness or disappointment; give comfort
[D]omen; prophecy

10. convene
[A]odd; unpredictable
[B]obligated; indebted
[C]displaying foresight; thrifty; preparing for emergencies

11. convenant
[A]soothing or softening remedy
[C]deceptive scheme
[D]easily seen; noticeable; striking

12. culvert
[A]flood; rush
[B]sturdy; robust; able to stand inclement water
[C]small mountain lake
[D]artificial channel for water

13. decant
[A]a mixture as of metals
[B]pour off gently
[C]enclose; surround
[D]draw out by discussion

14. deign
[A]substance that prevents infection
[B]destroy completely

15. deploy
[A]small body revolving around a larger one
[B]rolling, treeless plain in Siberia and arctic North America
[C]move troops so that the battle line is extended at the expense of depth

16. detraction
[B]echoing; resounding; possessing resonance
[D]slandering; aspersion

17. dire
[A]tube in which patterns made by the reflection in mirrors of colored pieces of glass, etc. produce interesting symmetrical effects
[B]excessively exacting
[C]trick; practical joke

18. disingenuous
[A]laughable; trifling
[B]not naive; sophisticated
[C]sing; babble
[D]rave; speak bombastically

19. distortion
[A]premonition of evil
[C]twisting out of shape
[D]one who hates mankind

20. douse
[A]unclear or doubtful in meaning
[B]blood feud
[C]plunge into water; drench; extinguish
[D]small group of persons secretly united to promote their own interests