Thursday, October 27, 2011

Vocabulary Quiz - 5

1. feasible
[B]consider; ponder
[C]vain about dress and appearance

2. guffaw
[A]person who looks on the good side
[B]person with an insane desire to set things on fire
[C]honor; tribute
[D]boisterous laughter

3. indigenous
[A]inscription in memory of a dead person
[D]correspondence of parts; harmonious relationship

4. libido
[A]person dissatisfied with existing state of affairs
[B]emotional urges behind human activity
[C]somewhat saline
[D]combination (of two business corporations)

5. mulct
[A]having foresight
[B]defraud a person of something
[D]monarch; sovereign

6. pedantic
[A]discipline; punish in order to correct
[B]cloy; overfeed
[C]showing off learning; bookish
[D]having the odor of stale fat

7. quay
[A]disguise; pretend
[B]dock; landing place
[C]movable; not fixed

8. sagacious
[A]nearing; approaching
[B]make discontented
[C]keen; shrewd; having insight
[D]grating; harsh

9. subversive
[A]a doctor who treats mental diseases
[B]slovenly; untidy
[C]tending to overthrow or ruin
[D]someone who wastes money

10. verbose
[A]separate; unconnected
[B]slightly sour; sharp, caustic
[C]branching out; subdivision

11. accessible
[A]given to joking
[B]easy to approach; obtainable
[C]enthusiastic follower
[D]accustom a baby not to nurse; give up a cherished activity

12. adapt
[A]clever reply
[B]list; mention one by one
[C]descendants; future generations
[D]alter; modify

13. affinity
[B]belief that life is basically bad and evil; gloominess
[D]large sailing ship

14. allusion
[A]susceptible to wounds
[B]indirect reference
[C]bully; intimidate

15. ample
[A]mental keenness
[B]menacing; threatening
[C]based on lascivious thoughts

16. anonymous
[A]random; by chance
[B]having no name
[C]emotional urges behind human activity
[D]agent which brings about a chemical change while it remains unaffected and unchanged

17. astute
[A]downward slope
[B]touchy, peevish
[C]enclose; surround
[D]wise; shrewd

18. automaton
[A]state of collapse caused by illness or old age
[B]summon a devil; practice magic; imagine; invent
[C]mechanism that imitates actions of humans
[D]make young again

19. bandy
[A]pay attention to; consider
[B]discuss lightly; exchange blows or words
[C]firm grasp or footing
[D]living language; natural style

20. belie
[B]cause to become sick; fill with disgust
[C]contradict; give a false impression
[D]sleep throughout the winter

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