Thursday, October 27, 2011

Vocabulary Quiz - 4

1. abbreviate
[A]insurmountable; invincible
[B]blues; listlessness; slack period
[D]abundant; current

2. append
[A]display ostentatiously
[B]descent; ancestry
[D]honor at a festival

3. cacophony
[A]final; not susceptible to further analysis
[B]expedient; prudent; well devised
[D]suitable; to the point

4. conviction
[C]strongly held belief
[D]state confidently

5. equity
[A]outwit; baffle
[B]relating to the highest point
[C]not compulsory; left to one's choice
[D]fairness; justice

6. frugality
[A]long established as a disease
[B]thrift; economy
[C]to wind or turn in its course
[D]records; history

7. imbibe
[A]imagined; unreal
[B]indirect or roundabout expression
[D]drink in

8. invert
[A]state of being kind, benign, gracious
[B]turn upside down or inside out
[C]dormant; dull; lethargic
[D]act of finding oneself in society

9. mediate
[B]settle a dispute through the services of an outsider
[C]hackneyed; commonplace; trite

10. omniscient
[A]restrain from eating or drinking
[B]ragged fellow
[D]trace; remains

11. ponderous
[A]fond statement
[B]entreating; beseeching
[C]weighty; unwieldy
[D]strong point or special talent

12. rendezvous
[A]lurch; sway from side to side
[B]meeting place
[C]timely; well chosen
[D]following; later

13. snicker
[A]art of debate
[B]monastery or convent
[C]half-stiffed laugh
[D]violate; encroach

14. therapeutic
[A]honor at a festival
[B]hatch; scheme

15. xenophobia
[A]study of man
[B]fear or hatred of foreigners
[C]absence of governing body, state of disorder
[D]refutation; response with contrary evidence

16. alcove
[A]party; clique; dissension
[B]undeveloped; rudimentary
[C]goal; aim
[D]nook; small, recessed section of a room

17. bedizen
[A]harmony; agreement
[B]practical rule guiding conduct
[C]dress with vulgar finery
[D]bravely; with spirit

18. choleric
[B]stylish; sporty

19. deflect
[A]censure; rebuke
[C]Roman army officer
[D]turn aside

20. eclipse
[C]darken; extinguish; surpass
[D]one who studies reptiles

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