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Friday, October 28, 2011

Vocabulary Quiz - 11

1. acumen
[A]goodness; moral excellence; good quality
[B]reduce to lower state
[C]mental keenness
[D]terminology; system of names

2. address
[B]person competent to act as a judge of art, etc.; a lover of an art
[C]to direct speech to; deal with or discuss
[D]crack; fissure

3. admonish
[A]trivial; unimportant; very small
[B]strip off skin; plunder
[C]warn; reprove
[D]crisis; joining point

4. advent
[C]mildness; permissiveness
[D]expert at

5. aegis
[A]in a state of rage
[B]shield; defense
[C]small cavern
[D]opening; hole

6. affirmation
[A]banish; consign to inferior position
[B]man owning small estate; middle-class farmer
[C]positive assertion; confirmation; solemn pledge by one who refuses to take an oath
[D]defame; destroy confidence in; disbelieve

7. aggregate
[A]pertinence; reference to the case in hand
[B]sum; total
[C]stormy; unkind
[D]alter; modify

8. alchemy
[A]gift for finding valuable things not searched for
[B]lethargy; sluggishness; dormancy
[C]medieval chemistry
[D]dark; not transparent

9. allege
[A]a servile dependent
[B]sift; separate good parts from bad
[C]state without proof
[D]powerful; strong; potent

10. allure
[A]work against
[C]entice; attract

11. amass
[A]tasteless; dull
[C]of a law which dates back to a period before its enactment

12. ambrosia
[A]talk at length
[B]tie with a rope
[C]food of the gods
[D]showing off learning; bookish

13. amicable
[A]unmarried; abstaining from sexual intercourse
[C]gift made by a will

14. amorphous
[A]cut away; cut out
[C]person who maintains opinions contrary to the doctrines of the church
[D]crafty; double-dealing

15. amulet
[B]charm; talisman
[C]solemn wonder
[D]bring to an end

16. anathema
[A]small, steep-walled canyon
[C]slandering; aspersion
[D]solemn curse

17. angular
[A]definite; open
[B]sharp-cornered; stuff in manner
[C]filthy; base; vile

18. annuity
[A]failure to do
[B]compensating; rewarding
[D]yearly allowance

19. antecede
[B]wool coat of a sheep
[C]skeptical or distrustful of human motives

20. antipathy
[A]calmness; peace
[B]aversion; dislike
[C]to feed plentifully
[D]uncertain how to act; weak