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Friday, October 28, 2011

International Marketing Quiz - 1

1. Promotion-mix decision consists of product,price,distribution,promotion

2. What does promotion encompass?

3. In international market, the existing of different legal systems makes the task of businessmen more difficult.

4. What is the elements of evaluation of sources?
[A]Company records
[C]Chamber of commerce
[D]Ministry of commerce

5. What marketing technique is used to know international marketing need?
[A]Marketing information
[B]Marketing research
[C]A & B
[D]None of the above

6. Which institution extends finance to exporters of capital & manufactured goods.
[B]Export-import bank

7. Which arrangement is one of the contractual entry modes in foreign countrie?

8. How does the product reach to the buyer?

9. Adding additional products to the overseas even if the company does not carry those products domestically - is an alternative for product development

10. The main advantage of indirect method of exporting is "the manufacturer gives up control over the marketing of it's products to another firm which doesn't hamper the success in future".

11. What is important to take pricing decision?
[C]A & B
[D]Market Size

12. Which factor influence customers to buy a product?
[C]Sales promotion
[D]All of the above

13. While negotiating an agency agreement, the Indian firm should be careful on________.
[A]Contracted territory
[B]Permanent agency
[C]Temporary agency
[D]Profit margin

14. In international trade fairs "make site booking" is a point of checklist of
[A]During the fair
[B]After the fair
[C]It is not a point
[D]Before the fair

15. Which of the following are popular modes of entry in foreign market?
[A]Coproduction agreements
[B]Joint venture
[C]International licensing
[D]A & B