Monday, October 31, 2011

Vocabulary Quiz - 13

1. bent
[A]loud, resounding noise
[B]assent; agree passively
[C]teaching; instructional

2. beset
[B]striking one object against another sharply
[C]harass; trouble

3. bicameral
[A]ruined because of neglect
[B]festive; gay; characterized by joviality
[C]mild expression in place of an unpleasant one
[D]two-chambered, as a legislative body

4. bivouac
[A]intensely cold
[B]inhabitant of
[C]temporary encampment

5. blatant
[A]gift made by a will
[B]flagrant; consciously obvious; loudly offensive
[D]having many forms

6. blunder
[A]learned Hindu; any learned man; authority on a subject
[B]display ostentatiously
[C]cautiously watchful

7. boorish
[A]flexible; supple
[B]light; heavenly; fine
[C]rude; clownish
[D]existence; means of support; livelihood

8. braggart
[A]wasting away
[C]something originally of little value or importance that in time becomes very valuable

9. brindled
[A]parti-colored; mixed
[B]bantering; joking
[C]those of gentle birth; refinement
[D]tawny or grayish with steaks or spots

10. browbeat
[A]in name only; trifling
[B]occurring at the same time
[C]locking within oneself
[D]bully; intimidate

11. bumptious
[A]random; by chance
[B]strip off skin; plunder
[D]urbanity; polish

12. cadence
[A]state of being inappropriate
[B]boorish; rude
[C]artificial; pretended
[D]rhythmic rise and fall (of words and sounds); beat

13. calorific
[A]descendants; future generations
[C]cater to the low desires of others
[D]deserving blame

14. canny
[A]person who enjoys his own pain
[B]essentially; inherently; naturally
[C]approving; applauding
[D]shrewd; thrifty

15. capacious
[A]prohibit; restrain
[B]strong; brawny; steadfast
[C]baffle; frustrate

16. carat
[A]state of being valuable or loved
[B]split asunder
[C]boorish; rude
[D]unit of weight of precious stones; measure of fineness of gold

17. carnivorous
[A]displaying ostentatious or hypocritical devoutness

18. caste
[B]lassitude; depression
[C]hothead; troublemaker
[D]one of the hereditary classes in Hindu society

19. catastrophe
[A]pertaining to heat
[C]hackneyed; commonplace
[D]abnormal or deviant

20. causal
[A]mistaken; wrong
[C]petition humbly; pray to grant a favor
[D]implying a cause-and-effect relationship

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