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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Vocabulary Quiz - 9

1. paranoia
[A]sticky; viscous
[B]lay eggs
[D]chronic form of insanity marked by delusions

2. paucity
[A]free; disentangle
[B]testimony under oath
[D]cancel; revoke

3. perfunctory
[A]lying; false
[C]superficial; not thorough
[D]rude; cross

4. petulant
[A]allied by blood; of the same or kindred nature
[B]touchy, peevish
[C]dreamily thoughtful; thoughtful with a hint of sadness
[D]comment; make explanatory notes

5. platitude
[A]American marsh tortoise
[B]rhythmic rise and fall (of words and sounds); beat
[C]trite remark; commonplace statement
[D]renounce; give up

6. postulate
[B]self-evident truth
[C]combine, unite in one body
[D]worldly; not pertaining to church matter

7. propriety
[A]pertaining to germ; creative
[B]unrestrained; excessive
[D]fitness; correct conduct

8. psychosis
[A]ease pain; make less severe or offensive
[B]quarrel; obtain through arguing
[C]mental disorder
[D]guilt; self-reproach

9. quail
[A]smear (as with paint)
[B]marked with parallel bands; grooved
[C]cower; lose heart
[D]hide away; produce and release a substance into an organism

10. ramify
[A]interjection; profane oath
[B]divide into branches or subdivisions
[D]fertility; fruitfulness

11. recession
[B]withdrawal; retreat
[C]steal another's ideas and pass them off as one's own
[D]strip off skin; plunder

12. regale
[A]cheerful promptness
[B]wordiness; spreading in all directions like a gas

13. renunciation
[A]mentally quick and observant; having insight
[B]final; not susceptible to further analysis
[C]giving up; renouncing

14. residue
[A]spur; motive
[B]remainder; balance
[C]stone used to test the fitness of gold alloys; criterion
[D]combining parts into a whole

15. reverie
[A]fantastic; violently contrasting
[B]mar in beauty; spoil
[C]hypothesis; the act of supposing
[D]daydream; musing

16. rummage
[A]periodic; on and off
[B]petty details
[C]ransack; thoroughly search
[D]small plane surface (of a gem); a side

17. satire
[A]approving; applauding
[B]form of literature in which irony; sarcasm, and ridicule are employed to attack vice and folly
[C]interpret secret code
[D]disapproval; condemnation

18. secular
[B]worldly; not pertaining to church matter
[C]extremely poisonous
[D]turn upside down or inside out

19. sinister
[A]approve; tolerate
[B]cutting; sharp

20. sodden
[A]confuse; upset; embarrass
[B]soaked; dull, as if from drink
[C]implied comparison
[D]giving bliss; blissful