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Friday, July 26, 2013

Daily English Vocabulary Exercise - 26 July 2013

1. Acidulous
[A]Turn Into God; Idolize
[B]Slightly Sour; Sharp, Caustic
[C]Vary; Go In Different Directions From The Same Point

2. Adherent
[A]Make Express Conditions; Specify
[B]Supporter, Follower
[C]Those Of Gentle Birth; Refinement
[D]Cloy; Overfeed

3. Affluence
[A]Pretense Of Ignorance Of Something Wrong; Assistance; Permission To Offend
[B]Comment; Make Explanatory Notes
[C]Abundance; Wealth
[D]Weaken; Enfeeble

4. Alloy
[A]Travel; Journey
[C]Urbanity; Polish
[D]A Mixture As Of Metals

5. Amity
[A]Combine, Unite In One Body
[B]Cause Of Ruin
[C]Private Meeting Of Members Of A Party To Select Officers Or Determine Policy


Daily Quiz on Logo - 26 July 2013

26 July 2013 Logo Quiz Game.
Guess the logo?
[Category: Logo of Film production companies of India]
Hint:Established in 1972 by Allu Aravind. The company is based in Hyderabad and had produced films in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi languages.


Thursday, July 25, 2013

LatestGK Quiz - 25 July 2013

1. Who has resigned from his post as chief executive officer (CEO) of SpiceJet Ltd on 23 July 2013, a year-and-a-half before his contract ends as the airline plans to raise funds to cope with increased competition in the domestic market?
[Category: Business GK]
[A] Neil Mills
[B]Kalanithi Maran
[C]Harish Moideen Kutty
[D]Bhulo Kansagra

2. The rock-cut temple of Kailashnath is situated at which place?
[Category: Bank Exams GK]
[A] Ajanta

3. Sanskrit was the official language during the reign of
[Category: IAS GK]
[A] Mauryas

4. What is the capital of Peru?
[Category: Countries and Capitals(World Geography) GK]
[A] Lima
[B] Brasília
[C] Bucharest
[D] Episkopi Cantonment

5. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), on Wednesday, 24 July 2013, announced that it completed the acquisition of an IT services company Alti in a deal, valued at 75 million euro (around Rs.530 crore) and was an all-cash transaction. From which country Alti belongs to?
[Category: MBA GK]
[A] Germany
[B] France
[D] Spain


Daily English Vocabulary Exercise - 25 July 2013

1. Vitiate
[A]Capture; Enslave
[B]Spoil The Effect Of; Make Inoperative

2. Wangle
[A]Curative; Corrective
[B]Wiggle Out; Fake
[C]Resulting In Unexpected And Contrary Manner
[D]Something Originally Of Little Value Or Importance That In Time Becomes Very Valuable

3. Winnow
[A]Correct Spelling
[B]Not Repentant
[C]Addition Of Details; Intricacy
[D]Sift; Separate Good Parts From Bad

4. Yokel
[A]Based On Assumptions Or Hypothesis
[B]Country Bumpkin
[C]To Wind Or Turn In Its Course
[D]Pertaining To The Moon

5. Abrogate
[A]Slaughterhouse; Science Of Carnage
[B]Belief That Events Are Determined By Forces Beyond One'S Control
[D]Person Who Is Indifferent To Pleasure Or Pain


Daily Quiz on Logo - 25 July 2013

25 July 2013 Logo Quiz Game.
Guess the logo?
[Category: Logo of Film production companies of India]
Hint:It is an India-based movie production and distribution company, a joint venture between two companies, both of which are owned by Rupert Murdoch's company.


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Online GK Quiz - 24 July 2013

1. Which line separates Afghanistan from India?
[Category: Geography GK]
[A] Macmohan Line
[B]Durand Line
[C]Radcliff Line
[D]Panchsheel Line

2. The Parliament of Japan is known as
[Category: Exams GK]
[A] Diet

3. In which dynasty's reign Confucianism arose?
[Category: History GK]
[A] Han Dynasty
[B]Chou Dynasty
[C]Shang Dynasty
[D]Chin dynasty

4. Which one of the following civilizations was the first to introduce a system of selecting public officials on the basis of education and competitive examination?
[Category: History GK]
[A] Chinese civilization
[B]Roman civilization
[C]Aryan civilization
[D]Greek civilization

5. Khajuraho is in which state of India?
[Category: UPSC GK]
[A] Madhya Pradesh
[D]Uttar Pradesh


Daily English Vocabulary Exercise - 24 July 2013

1. Titillate
[A]Power To Produce Desired Effect
[B]Wretch; Villain
[D]Act Of Driving Back; Distaste

2. Transitory
[A]Scholar Who Overemphasizes Book Learning And Technicalities
[B]Impermanent; Fleeting
[C]Examination Of Accounts
[D]Firm Grasp Or Footing

3. Truckle
[A]Loose In Morals
[B]Tending Or Leaning Toward; Bent
[D]Curry Favor; Act In An Obsequious Way

4. Venial
[A]Savor; Enjoy
[B]Brief Explanation Of Words Used In The Text
[C]Mysterious; Puzzling; Secret
[D]Forgivable; Trivial

5. Vestige
[B]Trace; Remains
[D]Come Together


Logo Game Quiz - 24 July 2013

24 July 2013 Logo Quiz Game.
Guess the logo?
[Category: Logo of Film production companies of India]
Hint:It is a film production house belonging to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India, primarily to "produce documentaries and news magazines for publicity of Government programmes" and cinematic record of Indian history.


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Daily GK Quiz - 23 July 2013

1. What annual payment will discharge a debt of Rs. 5082 due in 2 yrs at 10% per annum compounded annually?
[Category: Numeric Ability GK]
[A] 2000

2. Where was the first session of Indian National Congress held?
[Category: UPSC GK]
[A] Bombay

3. Which of the following contributes largely to the green-house gas effect?
[Category: Science GK]
[A] ozone
[B]carbon dioxide
[C]carbon monoxide
[D]water vapour

4. What is the capital of Paraguay?
[Category: Countries and Capitals(World Geography) GK]
[A] Kabul
[B] Montevideo
[C] Praia
[D] Asunción

5. Which one of the following is a high-yielding variety of wheat?
[Category: Exams GK]
[A] Kalyansona


Daily English Vocabulary - 23 July 2013

1. Subterfuge
[A]Slope; Slant
[C]Disaster; Misery
[D]Pretense; Evasion

2. Suppliant
[A]Animal Or Plant Living On Another; Toady; Sycophant
[B]Restore To Good Condition; Renew
[C]Foreshadow; Portend
[D]Entreating; Beseeching

3. Sybarite
[B]Lover Of Luxury
[D]Consequence; Accompaniment

4. Tautology
[A]Pompous; Bombastic; Using High-Sounded Language
[B]Quickly Perceptive; Keen; Brief And Severe
[C]Unnecessary Repetitions; Pleonasm
[D]Tendency To Disbelief

5. Terminus
[A]Tunnels In Which Rabbits Live; Crowded Conditions In Which People Live
[B]Last Stop Of Railroad
[C]Tie With A Rope
[D]Short-Lived; Fleeting


Daily Logo Quiz - 23 July 2013

23 July 2013 Logo Quiz Game.
Guess the logo?
[Category: Logo of Film production companies of India]
Hint:An Indian film studio based in Mumbai. It was created by Farhan Akhtar, and Ritesh Sidhwani in 1999.


Monday, July 22, 2013

Daily GK Quiz - 22 July 2013

1. With which of the following country, India currently does not have a Preferential Trade Agreement?
[Category: World Economics GK]
[A] Sri Lanka
[B] Thailand
[C] Chile
[D] Peru

2. “Snacking ka meetha funda” is ad line associated with
[Category: MBA GK]
[A] Haldiram Sweets
[B] Parle Krackjack
[C] Cadbury’s Bytes
[D] None of these

3. Match the following:
State Festival Fair
(i) Bihar (a) Chhath (A) Madai Fair
(ii) Andhra Pradesh (b) Gugga Naumi (B) Yellaramma Jatara
(iii) Harayana (c) Margazh (C) Sonepur Cattle Fair
(iv) Madhya Pradesh (d) Koqsar (D) Basdoda Fair
[Category: UPSC GK]
[A] i-a-D, ii-b-B, iii-c-C, iv-d-A
[B] i-d-C, ii-c-B, iii-a-A, iv-b-D
[C] i-a-C, ii-c-B, iii-b-D, iv-d-A
[D] i-b-A, ii-a-C, iii-d-D, iv-c-B

4. Which Indian sports person is known as Payyoli Express?
[Category: Sports GK]
[A] Ashwini Nachappa
[B] P T Usha
[C] Milkha Singh
[D] Sania Mirza

5. Which of the following Indian ports is a private port?
[Category: Business GK]
[A] Bedi Bunder
[B] Navlakhi
[C] Ratnagiri
[D] Pipavav


Daily Vocab Quiz - 22 July 2013

1. Sinuous
[B]Winding; Bending In And Out; Not Morally Honest
[C]Urging; Demanding
[D]Trite Remark; Commonplace Statement

2. Sojourn
[A]Evasive; Baffling; Hard To Gasp
[B]Pacify; Soothe
[D]Temporary Stay

3. Sparse
[A]Steal Another'S Ideas And Pass Them Off As One'S Own
[B]Radiating, Departing From The Center
[C]Not Thick; Thinly Scattered; Scanty
[D]Capable Of Being Shaped By Pounding

4. Stanza
[A]Stockpile; Accumulate For Future Use
[B]Diligent Attention
[D]Division Of A Poem

5. Stratum
[C]Sleep Producer; Deadener Of Pain
[D]Layer Of Earth'S Surface; Layer Of Society


Daily Logo Game - 22 July 2013

22 July 2013 Logo Quiz Game.
Guess the logo?
[Category: Logo of Film production companies of India]
Hint:An Indian motion picture production and distribution company, based in Mumbai. The company was founded by Arjan Lulla in 1977.


Friday, July 19, 2013

Daily GK Quiz - 19 July 2013

1. Nand Lal Bose, Manjit Bawa, Tyeb Mehta are :
[Category: History GK]
[A] Classical Singers
[B] English Poets
[C] Photographers
[D] Painters

2. Tata Sky is a satellite television company in India, formed through a joint venture between the Tata Group and
[Category: Business GK]
[A] Star TV
[B] Eurospace
[C] Sky Italia

3. What is the capital of Guyana?
[Category: Countries and Capitals(World Geography) GK]
[A] Kabul
[B] Tokyo
[C] Georgetown
[D] Manama

4. Which among the following became the first Indian bank to have a full-fledged operation in China?
[Category: Bank GK]
[A] Indian Overseas Bank
[B] State Bank of India
[C] Punjab National Bank
[D] ICICI Bank

5. The galaxy we live in is called the Milky Way. It is shaped approximately like:
[Category: Geography GK]
[A] A round ball
[B] A doughnut
[C] A pretzel
[D] A flat spiral


Daily Vocabulary Quiz - 19 July 2013

1. Retrograde
[A]Show Clearly
[B]Bearing Of Fruit; Fulfillment; Realization
[C]Go Backwards; Degenerate, Instead Of Advancing
[D]Agreeable; Gracious; Engaging

2. Roseate
[A]Lean And Angular; Barren
[C]Government Of A Community By Religious Leaders
[D]Rosy; Optimistic

3. Salvage
[B]Rescue From Loss
[D]Half Asleep

4. Schism
[A]Lessening; Reduction In Size
[B]Lure; Attract; Tempt
[C]Hide Away; Produce And Release A Substance Into An Organism
[D]Division; Split

5. Servile
[A]Well-Paid Position With Little Responsibility
[B]Slavish; Cringing
[D]Extremely Loud


Daily Logo Game Quiz - 19 July 2013

19 July 2013 Logo Quiz Game.
Guess the logo?
[Category: Logo of Film production companies of India]
Hint:The company was founded in 2004 by Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan and his wife Gauri Khan. It formed from Dreamz Unlimited.


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Daily GK Quiz - 18 July 2013

1. Kishore Biyani is the promoter of which group?
[Category: Business GK]
[A] Magnet
[B] Reliance Fresh
[C] Amartex
[D] Future Group

2. Which detergent powder is manufactured by Rohit Surfactants Private Limited, a Kanpur based company in India?
[Category: MBA GK]
[A] Ghari
[B] Nirma
[C] CleanMate
[D] Zhakaas

3. What is Phishing?
[Category: General GK]
[A] A Govt. plan
[B] A stem cell
[C] Fraudulent way of acquiring PIN and bank passwords using email
[D] None of these

4. The indicator of economic prosperity is
[Category: Economics GK]
[A] increase in gross national product at current prices
[B] increase in net national product at current prices
[C] increase in gross national product at fixed prices
[D] increase in net national product at fixed prices

5. ‘Challenger’ is the name of a two-wheeler brand from ________:
[Category: Automotive GK]
[A] Bajaj Auto
[B] Kinetic Engineering
[C] Hero Honda
[D] None of these


Daily Vocab - 18 July 2013

1. Pursue to a conclusion or bring to a successful issue

2. Capable of thinking and expressing yourself in a clear and consistent manner

3. Continually recurring to the mind

4. A grouping of a number of similar things

5. A very small quantity of something


Daily Logo Quiz - 18 July 2013

18 July 2013 Logo Quiz Game.
Guess the logo?
[Category: Logo of Film production companies of India]
Hint: The company was founded by Yash Johar in 1976. It is now headed by his son Karan Johar after the death of the former in 2004.


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Daily General Knowledge Quiz - 17 July 2013

1. Anu Aga, an Indian businesswoman and social worker, led which energy and environment engineering business, as its chairperson during 1996–2004?
[Category: Business GK]
[A] Telcon Ltd
[B] Thermax Ltd
[D] L&T

2. P. T. Usha, an Indian track and field athlete, is from which Indian state?
[Category: Sports GK]
[A] Karnataka
[B] Andhra Pradesh
[C] Kerala
[D] Tamilnadu

3. What device is used to measure blood pressure?
[Category: Science GK]
[A] Thermometer
[B] Pulmonometer
[C] Spandometer
[D] Sphygmomanometer

4. What is the capital of Ecuador?
[Category: Countries and Capitals(World Geography) GK]
[A] Quito
[B] Mexico City
[C] Georgetown
[D] Kabul

5. In which year film actress Rekha received Padma Shri award?
[Category: Films GK]
[A] 2009
[B] 2010
[C] 2011
[D] 2012


English Vocabulary Quiz - 17 July 2013

1. Corresponding or similar in position or structure or function or characteristics; especially derived from an organism of the same species

2. Derived from organisms of a different but related species

3. Fail to function or function improperly

4. Nonfictional prose forming an independent part of a publication

5. A way of doing something, especially a systematic way; implies an orderly logical arrangement


Daily Logo Quiz - 17 July 2013

17 July 2013 Logo Quiz Game.
Guess the logo?
[Category: Logo of Film production companies of India]
Hint:It is a Tamil film production and distribution company, based in Chennai. It is owned by Dayanidhi Azhagiri and Vivek Rathinavel and was founded in 2008.


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Daily Current Affairs News Quiz - 16 July 2013

1. RBI on Tuesday, 16 July 2013, raised lending rates for commercial banks by 2% to 10.25% making the loans costlier. The Marginal Standing Facility (MSF) rate has also been increased to 10.25% from current 8.25%. Repo rate has been left unchanged. MSF allows banks to borrow money from the central bank at a higher rate when there is significant liquidity crunch. When was MSF introduced in Indian Banking System?
[Category: Bank Current Affairs]
[A] 2002-03
[B] 2006-07
[C] 2011-12
[D] 2012-13

2. Which German lock manufacturing company on Tuesday, 16 July 2013, launched its new product range, KeyGarage, for the Indian market?
[Category: MBA Current Affairs]
[D] Lockheed Corp

3. Nasa's Hubble telescope discovers new Neptune moon. Designated S/2004 N 1, this is the ______ known moon to circle the giant planet. It also appears to be the smallest moon in the Neptunian system, measuring just 20 km (12 miles) across, completing one revolution around Neptune every 23 hours.
[Category: Discovery Current Affairs]
[A] 4th
[B] 8th
[C] 14th
[D] 17th

4. Which foreign company on Tuesday, 16 July 2013, said that it will pull out of a $5.3 billion steel mill development in Karnataka, but will proceed with another $12 billion project billed as the country's largest foreign direct investment?
[Category: Business Current Affairs]
[A] Arcelor Mittal
[C] Baosteel Group
[D] Nippon Steel

5. Seven years after they were banned, dance bars can again run in Maharashtra with the Supreme Court on Tuesday, 16 July 2013, upholding a Bombay high court verdict quashing the state government's order. The Maharashtra government had in 2005 brought in an amendment in the which act to ban dance bars?
[Category: States Current Affairs]
[A] Maharashtra Police Act
[B] Maharashtra Criminal Act
[C] Bombay Performance Act
[D] Bombay Police Act


Daily Latest GK Quiz - 16 July 2013

1. What is the system called that has become an institution for local governance in India?
[Category: India GK]
[A] Local Governance
[B] Shetriya Sanghathan
[C] Panchayati Raj
[D] Rajkiya Raj

2. Children's Film Society, India (CFSI) was established in which year?
[Category: Indian Cinema GK]
[A] 1947
[B] 1950
[C] 1955
[D] 1977

3. Harpic is the brand name of a toilet bowl cleaner owned by which company?
[Category: MBA Entrance Exams GK]
[A] P&G
[B] Reckitt Benckiser
[C] Unilever
[D] Glaxo Smithkline Beecham

4. Who was the first Chief Justice of India?
[Category: Bank Exam GK]
[A] H J Kania
[B] Chunilal Mehta
[C] M. Patanjali Sastri
[D] S Radhakrishnan

5. Which company has recently launched its new car model named "Eco Sports"?
[Category: Automotive GK]
[A] Hyundai
[B] Honda
[C] Ford
[D] Skoda


Daily English Vocabulary Exercise - 16 July 2013

1. Concerning or characterized by an appreciation of beauty or good taste

2. Having the ability or power to create

3. Fraudulent; having a misleading appearance

4. Cause someone to believe an untruth

5. A feeling of delight at being entertained


Daily Quiz for 16 July 2013 - Logo

16 July 2013 Logo Quiz Game.
Guess the logo?
[Category: Logo of Film production companies of India]
Hint:It is a nodal organisation of Government of India that produces children's films and various TV programs in various Indian languages.


Monday, July 15, 2013

July 2013 Current Affairs - 15 July 2013

1. Who won the women's singles of 2013 Wimbledon Championships, a tennis tournament played on outdoor grass courts, on 6th July 2013?
[Category: Sports Current Affairs]
[A] Marion Bartoli
[B] Serena Williams
[C] Sabine Lisicki
[D] Kirsten Flipkens

2. Which Airlines scheduled transpacific passenger flight from Incheon International Airport, South Korea was crashed while attempting a landing at its destination, San Francisco International Airport, United States, on July 6, 2013?
[Category: World Current Affairs]
[A] British Airways
[B] Amrican Airlines
[C] US Airways
[D] Asiana Airlines

3. India defeated Sri Lanka in a Tri-Nation series at the Queen's Park Oval stadium in Port of Spain on 11 July 2013 to win the tournament. Which team was the third team in this tournament?
[Category: Latest Current Affairs]
[A] Pakistan
[B] West Indies
[C] England
[D] Australia

4. Pran Krishan Sikand was a multiple Filmfare and BFJA award-winning Indian actor, known as a movie villain and character actor in Hindi cinema from the 1940s to the 1990s. He died on 12th July 2013 at the age of 93. In which year he received Dadasaheb Phalke Award?
[Category: News Current Affairs]
[A] 2009
[B] 2010
[C] 2012
[D] 2013

5. The Reserve Bank of India imposed penalties on how many banks for violating rules for customer identification and anti-money laundering, ranging from 5 million rupees to around 30 million rupees on Monday, 15 July 2013?
[Category: Banking News Current Affairs]
[A] 10
[B] 17
[C] 22
[D] 29


GK Questions Answers Quiz - 15 July 2013

1. Which of the following is not the RBI's functions?
[Category: Banking Exam GK]
[A] Banker to other banks
[B] Banker to the government
[C] Issue of currency notes
[D] Control Planning Commision of government

2. Who is the current Chief Justice of India appointed on 30th June 2013?
[Category: IBPS CWE GK]
[A] P Sathasivam
[B] Altamas Kabir
[C] H J Kania
[D] A N Ray

3. What is the full form of CNG, a fuel used in vehicles?
[Category: Bank PO Exams GK]
[A] Controlled Natural Gas
[B] Compressed Natural Gas
[C] Clean Natural Gas
[D] Compressed Nitrogen Gas

4. What is the capital of Colombia?
[Category: Countries and Capitals(World Geography) GK]
[A] Bogotá
[B] Antananarivo
[C] Yerevan
[D] Georgetown

5. "Etios" is the car model from which automobile manufacturer?
[Category: MBA GK]
[A] Nissan
[B] Toyota
[C] Honda
[D] Skoda


English Vocabulary Improvement Quiz - 15 July 2013

1. Identifying word or words by which someone or something is called and classified or distinguished from others

2. An act of honor or courteous recognition

3. Capable of being perceived; especially capable of being handled, touched or felt

4. The choicest or most essential or most vital part of some idea or experience

5. The rational investigation of questions about existence and knowledge and ethics


Logo Quiz Game - 15 July 2013

15 July 2013 Logo Quiz Game.
Guess the logo?
[Category: Logo of Film production companies of India]
Hint: It entered the Indian motion pictures business in 2002.


Thursday, July 11, 2013

11 July 2013 Current Affairs Quiz

1. Supreme Court on Wednesday, 10th July 2013, passed a verdict stating that MPs, MLAs to be disqualified from date of conviction. The verdict strikes down which section of which act?
[Category: Latest Current Affairs]
[A] Sec 8(4) of Representation of the People Act
[B] Sec 8(3) of Representation of the People Act
[C] Sec 8(2) of Representation of the People Act
[D] Sec 8(1) of Representation of the People Act

2. On 7 July 2013 a series of ten bombs exploded in and around a Buddhist temple complex, a UNESCO World heritage site in Bodh Gaya, India. What is the name of the temple?
[Category: Daily Current Affairs]
[A] Sanchi Temple
[B] Mahabodhi Temple
[C] Mahanirvaan Temple
[D] Pragyaan Temple

3. A Cabinet Committee to oversee reconstruction and rehabilitation work in flood-ravaged Uttarakhand was constituted on Thursday 11th July 2013. Union Ministers A.K. Antony, Sharad Pawar, P. Chidambaram, Ghulam Nabi Azad, Sushil Kumar Shinde, Oscar Fernandes, Kapil Sibal, Girija Vyas, Jairam Ramesh and Harish Rawat are the members of the committee. Who will chair the Committee?
[Category: India Current Affairs]
[A] M Shashidhar Reddy
[B] Shashi Tharoor
[C] Manmohan Singh
[D] Sharad Pawar

4. On 10th July 2013, E-commerce major Flipkart has raised fresh capital from its existing investors such as Naspers, Accel and Tiger Global. How much capital has been raised in this round of funding?
[Category: Business Current Affairs]
[A] $100 million
[B] $150 million
[C] $180 million
[D] $200 million

5. The high court of this state on Thursday, 11th July 2013, banned caste-based rallies in the state and issued a notice to all political parties on the same. Can you name the state?
[Category: GK Current Affairs]
[A] Andhra Pradesh
[B] Uttar Pradesh
[C] Karnataka
[D] Tamilnadu


11 July 2013 GK - Daily Quiz

1. What is the full form of the Indian intelligence agency CBI?
[Category: UPSC GK]
[A] Central Bureau of Investigation
[B] Corporate Bureau of Investigation
[C] Conviction Bureau of Investigation
[D] Central Bureau of Intelligence

2. Andy Murray is associated to which sports?
[Category: Sports GK]
[A] Badminton
[B] Lawn Tennis
[C] Table Tennis
[D] Soccer

3. How many stocks does Hang Seng index comprise of?
[Category: Business GK]
[A] 30
[B] 40
[C] 49
[D] 53

4. Forbes is an Amrican magazine owned by Forbes, Inc. Published biweekly. The magazine belongs to which category?
[Category: MBA GK]
[A] Leisure
[B] News
[C] Sports
[D] Business

5. "Narendra Nath Datta" was the birth name of which of the following personality?
[Category: India GK]
[A] Swami Vivekananda
[B] Mahatma Gandhi
[C] Baba Amte
[D] Anna Hazare


Daily Vocabulary Improvement Quiz - 11 July 2013

1. Permission to do something

2. A position particularly well suited to the person who occupies it

3. Express indirectly by an image, form, or model;

4. Be a sign or indication of

5. Involve as a necessary condition of consequence; as in logic


Daily Quiz Logo Game - 11 July 2013

11 July 2013 Logo Quiz Game.
Guess the logo?
[Category: Logo of Film production companies of India]
Hint:It is a film production company based in Mumbai and is known for making art house or new wave cinema in Bollywood.


Saturday, July 6, 2013

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