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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Daily English Vocabulary Exercise - 25 July 2013

1. Vitiate
[A]Capture; Enslave
[B]Spoil The Effect Of; Make Inoperative

2. Wangle
[A]Curative; Corrective
[B]Wiggle Out; Fake
[C]Resulting In Unexpected And Contrary Manner
[D]Something Originally Of Little Value Or Importance That In Time Becomes Very Valuable

3. Winnow
[A]Correct Spelling
[B]Not Repentant
[C]Addition Of Details; Intricacy
[D]Sift; Separate Good Parts From Bad

4. Yokel
[A]Based On Assumptions Or Hypothesis
[B]Country Bumpkin
[C]To Wind Or Turn In Its Course
[D]Pertaining To The Moon

5. Abrogate
[A]Slaughterhouse; Science Of Carnage
[B]Belief That Events Are Determined By Forces Beyond One'S Control
[D]Person Who Is Indifferent To Pleasure Or Pain