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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Daily English Vocabulary - 23 July 2013

1. Subterfuge
[A]Slope; Slant
[C]Disaster; Misery
[D]Pretense; Evasion

2. Suppliant
[A]Animal Or Plant Living On Another; Toady; Sycophant
[B]Restore To Good Condition; Renew
[C]Foreshadow; Portend
[D]Entreating; Beseeching

3. Sybarite
[B]Lover Of Luxury
[D]Consequence; Accompaniment

4. Tautology
[A]Pompous; Bombastic; Using High-Sounded Language
[B]Quickly Perceptive; Keen; Brief And Severe
[C]Unnecessary Repetitions; Pleonasm
[D]Tendency To Disbelief

5. Terminus
[A]Tunnels In Which Rabbits Live; Crowded Conditions In Which People Live
[B]Last Stop Of Railroad
[C]Tie With A Rope
[D]Short-Lived; Fleeting