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Friday, July 26, 2013

Daily English Vocabulary Exercise - 26 July 2013

1. Acidulous
[A]Turn Into God; Idolize
[B]Slightly Sour; Sharp, Caustic
[C]Vary; Go In Different Directions From The Same Point

2. Adherent
[A]Make Express Conditions; Specify
[B]Supporter, Follower
[C]Those Of Gentle Birth; Refinement
[D]Cloy; Overfeed

3. Affluence
[A]Pretense Of Ignorance Of Something Wrong; Assistance; Permission To Offend
[B]Comment; Make Explanatory Notes
[C]Abundance; Wealth
[D]Weaken; Enfeeble

4. Alloy
[A]Travel; Journey
[C]Urbanity; Polish
[D]A Mixture As Of Metals

5. Amity
[A]Combine, Unite In One Body
[B]Cause Of Ruin
[C]Private Meeting Of Members Of A Party To Select Officers Or Determine Policy