Saturday, June 15, 2024

Corporate Communication Email Etiquettes - Best Practices of Email Writing - Quiz 3

1. What should you include at the end of an email?

Your signature
More questions
A new subject
2. What is an appropriate sign-off for a professional email?
See ya
Best regards
3. How should you handle a mistake in an email you have already sent?
Ignore it
Blame someone else
Send a follow-up email to correct it
Wait for a response
4. When is it appropriate to use humor in a professional email?
When you know the recipient well
When the email is long
5. What is the main reason to keep emails concise?
To avoid misunderstandings
To show off your knowledge
To impress the recipient
To fill space
6. How can you ensure your email is clear?
Use jargon
Use slang
Use technical terms
Use simple and direct language
7. When should you use the BCC field?
When sending to a large group
When you want to hide recipients' email addresses
For important emails
For personal messages
8. What is the appropriate tone for a professional email?
9. How should you respond to an email you received by mistake?
Ignore it
Forward it to the correct person
Reply with a polite explanation
Delete it
10. What should you avoid in the subject line?
Recipient's name

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