Saturday, June 15, 2024

Best Practices of Email Writing Email Etiquettes - Corporate Communication Quiz 4

1. How should you handle confidential information in an email?

Send it as is
Encrypt it or use a secure method
Put it in the subject line
Include it in the CC field
2. What is the best way to follow up on an unanswered email?
Send another email immediately
Call the recipient
Wait a reasonable amount of time before sending a polite follow-up email
Visit the recipient's office
3. What should you do if you receive an email intended for someone else?
Ignore it
Delete it
Forward it to the correct recipient
Reply asking why you received it
4. How should you handle attachments in a professional email?
Send as many as possible
Send only necessary attachments
Ignore them
Mention them in the subject
5. What is the best way to format a list in an email?
In a paragraph
Using bullets or numbers
With different fonts
6. What should you do if you need a quick response?
Mark the email as urgent
Send multiple emails
Call the recipient
Send a calendar invite
7. How should you greet a group of people in a professional email?
Hey everyone
Dear all
Yo folks
Hi all
8. What is important to remember about tone in email communication?
Tone is not important
Emails can be easily misinterpreted
You can be as casual as you want
Tone should match text messages
9. When is it acceptable to use informal language in a professional email?
When emailing close colleagues
When in a hurry
10. How should you close a professional email?
With a joke
With an emoji
With a polite closing
With no closing

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