Friday, June 14, 2024

Email Etiquettes - Best Practices of Email Writing - Corporate Communication Quiz 2

1. What should you include in the subject line of a professional email?

Detailed description
Your name
(No subject)
2. When is it appropriate to use all capital letters in an email?
For emphasis
For headings
For urgent matters
3. What is the best way to start a professional email?
Hi there
Dear [Name]
4. What should you avoid including in a professional email?
Formal language
Correct grammar
Polite closing
5. When should you use the "Reply All" function?
Only if everyone needs to see your reply
Whenever you want
6. How should you address someone if you don't know their name?
To whom it may concern
Dear Sir/Madam
Hey there
Hi all
7. What is the purpose of the CC field in an email?
To add attachments
To send a copy to someone
To send a blind copy
To write your message
8. What should you do before sending an email?
Check for spelling errors
Call the recipient
Send a test email
9. How should you format a professional email?
Use informal language
Use all caps
Use clear and concise language
Use different fonts
10. What is the appropriate response time for a professional email?
One week
One month
Within 24-48 hours

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