Monday, May 18, 2020

BTS Quiz- 2

1. Under which Company does BTS work?
[A]YG Entertainment
[B]JYP Entertainment
[C]BigHit Entertainment

2. Which famous line was said by the member, Yoongi?
[A]"Very no fun."
[B]You like this chain? Three dollars.
[C]"Hey! Stob it!"

3. Who is the sunshine of the group?

4. What is the name of BTS's fandom?

5. What does Bangtan Sonyeondan mean in English?
[A]Bulletproof Boy Scouts
[B]Behind The Scene
[C]Bangtan Boys

6. The lyrics for BTS debut song “No More Dream” are written by RM and which member?

7. What was BTS's first album?
[B]O!RUL8, 2?
[C]Dark And Wild

8. What was BTS's first Japanese album?
[A]Wake Up
[B]Face Yourself
[C]Love Yourself

9. What was BTS's first World Tour named?
[A]Map Of The Soul
[B]Love Yourself
[C]The Red Bullet

10. What is the full form of A.R.M.Y.?
[A]Adorable Representator MC for Youth
[B]Adorable Representative MC for Youth
[C]Adorable Representative MC of Youth

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