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Monday, May 18, 2020

BTS Quiz -1

1. Who has the stage name 'RM'?
[A] Taehyung
[C]Kim Namjoon

2. Who all are in the Rap Line?
[A]V, Jin, RM
[B]J- Hope, Suga, RM
[C]Jimin, Suga, Jungkook

3. The eighth BT21 member represents the fan base 'A.R.M.Y.' Who is it?

4. I purple you!' This line was originally made by?
[B]Taehyung's Sister

5. Who is known for his Dad Jokes?
[C] Jimin

6. Who was the last member to join BTS?
[A]Kim Taehyung
[B]Park Jimin
[C]Jung Hoseok

7. When is Kim Taehyung's birthday?
[A]December 30, 1996
[B]December 30, 1997
[C]December 30, 1995

8. Bang Si-hyuk (BTS's Manager) used to be a composer, arranger and producer for another music company. Which one?
[A]JYP Entertainment
[B]SM Entertainment
[C]YG Entertainment

9. Jimin, you got no jams. Who said these lines?
[A]J- Hope

10. Who has the name AGUST D?