Wednesday, May 20, 2020

BTS Quiz- 3

1. Whom did BTS collaborate with in the MV- 'Mic Drop'?
[B]Steve Aoki
[C]The Chainsmokers

2. When did BTS get their first win?
[A]May 7, 2013
[B]May 5, 2015
[C]June 13, 2014

3. How many awards has BTS won?

4. Which of these is J-Hope's solo song?
[A]Base Line

5. When is Jeon Jungkook's birthday?
[A]September 14, 1996
[B]September 1, 1997
[C]December 26, 1997

6. Which member gets teased by his Hyungs for his short height?

7. Which member (surprisingly) doesn't like wearing shoes?

8. Which member scolds the others the most?

9. Which member takes dances the most seriously?

10. Who became a princess in the dance practice of the song- Gogo

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