Tuesday, June 10, 2014

General Science Test - ASVAB Practice - 10 June 2014

1. Which vitamin helps in absorption of calcium?
[A]Vitamin B
[B]Vitamin D
[C]Vitamin C
[D]Vitamin B

2. The disease diphtheria affects ___________.

3. Why genome is the key to tomorrow's medical practices?
[A]Because it is a new way of making drugs
[B]Because it unleashes an information revolution
[C]Because it enables customized medicines
[D]Because it provides a new outlook into medicine

4. Which is the most common communicable disease?

5. Dengue fever is spread by _____________________________.
[A]Anpohilies mosquito
[B]Aedes aegypti mosquito
[C]Rodent like rats and squirrels
[D]Common houseflies

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