Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Power your English Vocabulary (Verbal Ability - 172)

Directions (Qs. 1 to 15) : Choose the word which is most nearly the same in meaning (Synonym) as the given word in question.

1. Prostrate
[A]Wrap Around; Bandage
[D]Stretch Out Fill On Ground

2. Psyche
[B]Soul; Mind
[C]Pretense(Of Strength); Deception; High Cliff
[D]Servile Flatterer

3. Pyromaniac
[B]Rearing Up On Hind Legs; Unrestrained
[C]Pertaining To The Art Of Delineating; Vividly Described
[D]Person With An Insane Desire To Set Things On Fire

4. Quip
[B]A Place Where Bees Are Kept
[C]Testimony Under Oath

5. Rationalization
[B]Face; Appearance
[C]Bringing Into Conformity With Reason
[D]Similarity; Using Comparisons Such As Similes

6. Recourse
[A]Rearing Up On Hind Legs; Unrestrained
[B]Call Forth
[C]Concerning The Sense Of Smell
[D]Resorting To Help When In Trouble

7. Regeneration
[A]Broadly Sympathetic; Liberal
[B]Emotional Urges Behind Human Activity
[C]Quality Of Being Deeply Moving; Keenness Of Emotion
[D]Spiritual Rebirth

8. Reparable
[A]Resentment; Anger; Sense Of Injury Or Insult
[B]Aromatic Plant Used For Seasoning
[C]Capable Of Using Either Hand With Equal Ease
[D]Capable Of Being Repaired

9. Requite
[B]Repay; Revenge
[C]Fickle; Changing
[D]Unreasonable Or Capricious; Imperious; Tyrannical; Despotic

10. Retribution
[A]Attacking Cherished Traditions
[B]Sun'S Corona; Halo
[C]Vengeance; Compensation; Punishment For Offenses
[D]Of Trifling Significance

11. Roil
[A]Limited Quantity
[B]To Make Liquids Murky By Stirring Up Sediment
[C]Foul; Rotten; Decayed
[D]Explain Or Go Over Excessively Or To A Ridiculous Degree; Attach Verbally

12. Salutary
[A]Refine; Purify
[B]Brutal Deed
[C]Tending To Improve; Beneficial; Wholesome
[D]Ability To Foresee Future Happenings; Prudence

13. Savoir Faire
[A]Baffle; Frustrate
[B]Weakness Of Mind
[C]Tact; Poise; Sophistication
[D]Suitable To Debate Or Courts Of Law

14. Serrated
[A]Habitually Silent; Talking Little
[B]Appearance; Costume
[C]Having A Sawtoothed Edge
[D]Not Effective; Weak

15. Sinecure
[A]Conspicuously Wicked
[B]Monumental Tomb
[C]Well-Paid Position With Little Responsibility
[D]Drawback; Debts

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