Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Marketing Management Objective Questions Set - 10

1. QuizMantra Consultants, Inc., has recently been engaged in several special meetings where issues such as business mission, situation analysis, market and growth alternatives, and implementation approaches have been discussed. QuizMantra is apparently engaged in
[A]Target market planning
[B]Writing the mission statement
[C]The strategic planning process
[D]Business analysis

2. Pepsico is a large conglomerate that has separate subsidiaries called Pepsi-Cola (soft drinks), Tropicana (juices), Pepsi Bottling, and Frito-Lay (snack foods). Each of these subsidiaries has its own functional departments, its own planning, its own financial goals, and its own target markets. These subsidiaries may also be called
[A]Product market niches
[B]Diversified divisions
[C]Strategic business units
[D]Strategic alliances

3. The baking products division of Basic Foods, Inc., is the market leader in a mature and low growth market. The baking products division generates more dollars than is required in order to maintain market share, and in portfolio matrix terms it is known as Basic Food's
[A]Problem child
[B]Cash cow

4. A local private college has been offering an accounting program for several years. The program has a large but declining enrollment, and the program represents the largest incomevearner for the business division. The recommended strategic option is to

5. Product portfolio analysis is based on the idea that
[A]A firm's market share and market attractiveness are factors for a marketing strategy
[B]A firm has a profitable impact on marketing strategy
[C]A product’s market growth rate and its relative market share are important determinants of its marketing strategy
[D]A product’s market growth rate and market attractiveness determine the marketing strategy

6. Tata Tea has its own tea gardens, processing units, packaging units and marketing channels, spread out all over the country. Tata Tea can therefore be said to have a high degree of
[A]Industry scope
[B]Vertical scope
[C]Market scope
[D]Geographical scope

7. Some banks have increased their market share by offering a new type of account especially for children, traditionally a market they have ignored. This illustrates which of the following growth strategies
[A]Market Penetration
[B]Market Development
[C]Product Development

8. When Julie gives her customers her card during a sale and invites them to call with any questions they might have later, which of the following levels of relationship marketing Julie is practicing?
[A]The basic level
[B]The reactive level
[C]The accountable level
[D]The proactive level

9. Ellen decided to conduct an experiment in her mall's car park to see if shoppers would respond to a lower parking price to park in some of the under-utilized sections of the car park. Which of the following types of market research Ellen is using?

10. When a car dealer complains to the manufacturer that another dealer of the same make of cars is selling outside their assigned territories, it is a type of
[A]Parallel conflict
[B]Customer-service conflict
[C]Vertical conflict
[D]Horizontal conflict

11. Which of the following see(s) the product, in a commodity market as very important and demand the deepest discount and the highest service?
[A]Bargain hunters
[B]Programmed buyers
[C]Relationship buyers
[D]Transaction buyers

12. A brand is a name intended to identify the product of one seller and differentiate the product from competing products. Coca-Cola is the best-known brand name in the world. The name has a high-perceived quality and high brand loyalty among soft drink users. The company has developed the brand name for over 100 years. Coca-Cola has a valuable
[A]Line extension
[B]Brand mark
[C]Private brand
[D]Brand equity

13. A business buyer is faced with a purchasing decision in which information requirements, risk and product cost are all high. Which of the following types of buying situations does the buyer likely face?
[A]Straight rebuy
[B]Modified rebuy
[C]New task
[D]Uphill task

14. Which of the following components of a marketing information system is described as the set of procedures and sources used by managers to obtain information about the marketing environment?
[A]Marketing research
[B]Sales information system
[C]Order-to-payment cycle system
[D]Marketing intelligence system

15. Members of the marketing channel perform a number of key functions. Which of the following is/are the tasks performed by members of marketing channels?
I. Gather information about potential and current customers.
II. Develop and disseminate persuasive communications to stimulate purchasing.
III. Assume risks connected with carrying out channel work.
IV. Negotiate price and transfer of ownership.
[A]Only (I) above
[B]Both (I) and (II) above
[C]Both (II) and (IV) above
[D](II), (III) and (IV) above

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