Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Famous Personalities Quiz | Rajesh Khanna

1. What is the birth name of Rajesh Khanna?
[A]Jatin Khanna
[B]Vinod Khanna
[C]Kishan Khanna
[D]Suraj Prakash Khanna

2. Where was Rajesh Khanna born?

3. When was Rajesh Khanna born?
[A]19 November 1942
[B]29 December 1942
[C]29 November 1943
[D]19 December 1943

4. By which film Rajesh Khanna made his acting debut in film industry in 1966?
[D]Aakhri Khat

5. By what name Rajesh Khanna was popularly known among friends and fans?

6. When was Rajesh Khanna died?
[A]15 July 2012
[B]16 July 2012
[C]17 July 2012
[D]18 July 2012

7. How many Filmfare Best Actor Awards were won by Rajesh Khanna?

8. Rajesh Khanna is referred to as the __________ Superstar of Hindi cinema.
[C]Evergreen (Sadabahar)
[D]None of the above

9. Rajesh Khanna got his first 2 films as a part of his predetermined prize for winning which competition in 1965?
[A]Indias Got Talent
[B]Indian Idol
[C]Indias Hunt for Superstar
[D]All-India United Producers Talent Competition

10. The BBC made a film on Rajesh Khanna in 1974. Can you name the title of that movie?
[A]Superstar of India
[B]Charismatic Superstar
[C]Bombay Superstar
[D]Bollywood Superstar

11. Which Indian university prescribed a textbook which contained an essay, 'The Charisma of Rajesh Khanna!'?
[A]Punjab University
[B]Delhi University
[C]Bombay University

12. In May 2012, which company endorsed Khanna as Brand Ambassador for their new ad campaign featuring him in solo advertisements?
[D]Crompton Greaves

13. Rajesh Khanna was a member of Parliament from the New Delhi constituency during 1992-1996. He won the election on which political party's ticket?
[C]Shiv Sena

14. The king of playback singing Kishore Kumar sang without charging anything for the first film produced by Rajesh Khanna. What was the name of the film?
[A]Police Ke Peeche Police
[B]Jai Shiv Shankar
[C]Alag Alag

15. Rajesh Khanna married ________ in March 1973 and had two daughters from the marriage?
[A]Anju Mahendru
[B]Dimple Kapadia
[C]Tina Munim

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