Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Word Power | Enrich your English Vocabulary (Vocabulary Quiz - 155)

1. Piebald
[A]Regretful; Sorrowful; Dejected
[C]Molted; Spotted
[D]Express Disapproval Of; Protest Against; Belittle

2. Plight
[A]Beg Earnestly
[D]Condition, State (Especially A Bad State Or Condition); Predicament

3. Potpourri
[A]Declare Openly
[B]Truth; Reality
[C]Harm Someone'S Reputation; Malign
[D]Heterogeneous Mixture; Medley

4. Propulsive
[A]Marked With Parallel Bands; Grooved
[B]Driving Forward
[C]Run At The Nose; Snuffle; Whine
[D]Oddity; Idiosyncrasy

5. Prurient
[A]Pride; Arrogance
[B]Capable Of Being Shaped By Pounding
[D]Based On Lascivious Thoughts

6. Purge
[A]Joyous; Celebratory
[B]Suspended Action
[C]Clean By Removing Impurities; Clear Of Charges
[D]Public Records; Place Where Public Records Are Kep

7. Quietude
[B]Pertaining To Birth
[C]Ancient Paper Made From Stem Of Papyrus Plant

8. Rankle
[A]Easily Deceived
[B]Indecent; Obscene
[C]Irritate; Fester
[D]Attainment Of Highest Point

9. Reconcile
[A]Extremely Small
[D]Make Friendly After Quarrel; Correct Inconsistencies

10. Refutation
[A]Shallow Body Of Water Near A Sea; Lake
[B]Triangular Part Above Columns In Greek Buildings
[D]Disproof Of Opponents' Arguments

11. Rendition
[A]An Assumed Name
[B]Slight Offense
[C]Translation; Artistic Interpretation Of A Song
[D]Pride; Arrogance

12. Repudiate
[A]Mental Keenness
[B]Disown; Disavow
[C]Summon A Devil; Practice Magic; Imagine; Invent
[D]Wrestle; Come To Grips With

13. Retract
[B]Pay For Services
[C]Clear From Blame
[D]Withdraw; Take Back

14. Risible
[A]Violate; Encroach
[B]Inclined To Laugh; Ludicrous
[C]Definite; Open
[D]Parti-Colored; Mixed

15. Sacrosanct
[B]False; Counterfeit
[C]Most Sacred; Inviolable
[D]Causing Insensitivity To Pain

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