Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Upcoming Bank PO and Clerical Exams Preparation (GK Quiz - 175)

1. RBI isn’t expected to play the role of
[A]Acting as a clearing house
[B]Working as a banker to the govt
[C]Managing Forex
[D]Accepting deposit from general public

2. For paying which among the following will a bank standing order be suitable?
[A]Telephone bills
[B]Electricity bills
[C]Grocery bills
[D]Mortgage repayments

3. A bank draft can be defined as a
[A]Letter from commercial bank
[B]Cheque drawn on bank itself
[C]Direction to a banker to collect a customer’s debt
[D]Instruction to dishonour a stop payment

4. When RBI sells govt securities its result is that
[A]The liquidity in the banking system increases
[B]The liquidity in the banking system remains same
[C]The liquidity in the banking system gets diminished
[D]None of the above

5. It has been made mandatory for themselves registered with _____before July 8 1997
[D]Ministry of Finance

6. Which of the following is the not the instrument in the hands of RBI to check inflation in our country?
[A]Open market Operations (OMO)
[B]Special Drawing Rights (SDR)
[C]Bank Rate
[D]Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR)

7. In India which among the following are a part of Legal Tender Money?
[A]Both coins and currency notes
[B]Both coins and bank drafts
[C]Only currency notes issued by RBI
[D]Both currency notes and SDR

8. __________has become the first state in India to launch RBI’s e-payment system for commercial tax payers.

9. In which of the following occurs the Interest Rate Risk?
[A]Credit Risk
[B]Market Risk
[C]Operational Risk
[D]All of The Above

10. Which among the following is true regarding the Forex (Foreign Exchange Market)
[A]Foreign exchange markets are a type of localised market
[B]Foreign exchange markets within the time zone of the region
[C]Foreign exchange markets are dynamic and round the clock market
[D]Foreign exchange markets are used only for business transactions

11. Securities trading Corporation of India Limited (STCI) has been promoted jointly by ________ and public sector banks.

12. ______is an agreement under which an issuing bank at the request of the importer undertakes to make payment to the exporter against certain specified documents.
[A]Bill of exchange
[B]Letter of exchange
[C]Letter of credit
[D]Bill of entry

13. _________-is the duty applied by a govt to co0ntrol the export of an article, so that the article of trade can be used in the local market rather than in the foreign market
[A]Custom duty
[B]Excise duty
[C]Anti- Dumping duty
[D]Dumping duty

14. ________finalizes the market borrowing programmes of State Govt of India
[A]State Govt
[C]Union Ministry of Finance
[D]Planning Commission

15. Govt of India has signed a DTAA to broaden the scope of article of exchange of information to include exchange of banking information. What does DTAA stand for ?
[A]Double Taxation Article Agreement
[B]Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement
[C]Double Taxation Avoidance Arrangements
[D]Double Taxation agreement arrangements

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