Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Word Power Made Easy for Effective Vocabulary (Vocabulary Quiz - 154)

1. Memento
[A]Respectful; Worshipful
[B]Token Reminder
[C]Impose (A Fine); Collect (A Payment)
[D]Old-Fashioned; Past The Prime

2. Migrant
[A]Sour; Peevish
[B]Changing Its Habitat; Wandering
[C]Impressive; Majestic
[D]Pertaining To A Son Or Daughter

3. Misogamy
[B]Hatred Of Marriage
[D]Not Identical On Both Sides Of A Dividing Central Line

4. Monetary
[C]Pertaining To Money
[D]Pertaining To A Son Or Daughter

5. Multilingual
[A]Science Of Sound; Quality That Makes A Room Easy Or Hard To Hear In
[B]Unlikely Occurrence; Stroke Of Fortune
[C]Change Of Form
[D]Having Many Languages

6. Nefarious
[A]Clever; Astute
[B]Mentally Quick And Observant; Having Insight
[C]Fairness; Justice
[D]Very Wicked

7. Nonentity
[A]Excessive Interest In One'S Self; Belief That One Should Be Interested In One'S Self Rather Than In Others
[B]Person Of No Importance; Nonexistence
[C]Swindle; Cheat
[D]Death Notice

8. Obliterate
[A]Spiteful; Irritable; Peevish
[B]Destroy Completely
[C]Work Against

9. Olfactory
[A]Hesitate; Shrink
[B]Renounce; Give Up
[C]Boastful; Pompous
[D]Concerning The Sense Of Smell

10. Ornate
[B]Showing Excitement; Overflowing With Enthusiasm
[C]Excessively Decorated
[D]Supposed; Reputed

11. Pallid
[A]Roman Outer Robe
[B]Pale; Wan
[C]Unrestrained; Excessive
[D]Startling Twist; Caprice

12. Parched
[A]Biting; Sarcastic; Stinging
[B]Extremely Dry; Very Thirsty
[C]Not Able To Be Pierced Or Entered; Beyond Understanding
[D]Imposing; Impressive

13. Patriarch
[A]Liberal; Wasteful
[B]Sturdy; Robust; Able To Stand Inclement Water
[C]Father And Ruler Of A Family Or Tribe
[D]Amuse; Delude, Cheat

14. Percussion
[B]Verging Upon The Improper; Offcolor
[C]Striking One Object Against Another Sharply
[D]Make Amends For (A Sin)

15. Perturbation
[A]Slender Tower Attached To A Mosque
[C]Doubt; Challenge; Gainsay
[D]Suggestive; Implying

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