Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Important Questions Answers for 2012 Bank Exams (GK Quiz - 176)

1. What purpose does MICR number present on the cheque solve?
[A]It is used to identify the genuineness of the cheque
[B]It is used to identify the bank branch
[C]It is just a cheque number

2. In TRIPS what does ‘I’ stand for?
[A]Intellectual (Trade Related intellectual Property Rights)

3. which among the following is not incorrect
[A]Money Market provide long term source of finance
[B]Recession in the industrial sector is due to fall in exports
[C]Ways and means advances given RBI are nowhere related to state revenue
[D]Exchange rate is fixed by RBI

4. Insurance company uses the bank sales channel to sell their products. Which of the following term describes this selling process?
[A]Scheduled Banking
[B]Scheduled Insurance

5. Which of the following acts is useful in controlling HAWALA transactions?
[B]RBI Act
[D]Banking Regulation Act

6. What does the term SME stand for?
[A]Small and medium enterprise
[B]State and medium enterprise
[C]Small and micro enterprise
[D]Small and medium economies

7. CAMELS is type of Bank Rating System. In CAMELS ‘C’ stands for?
[C]Capital Adequacy

8. A Eurobond is-
[A]A bond released in a currency of the European country
[B]A bond released in an Indian currency in a European nation
[C]A bond released in Euro in India
[D]A bond released in a currency other than the currency of the country in which it is issued

9. In banking parlance NPA stands for-
[A]Non Performing Assets
[B]Net Performing Assets
[C]Net Producing Assets
[D]Not Promoting Assets

10. LAF is an indirect instrument of monetary policy which is used by RBI to regulate the liquidity in the banking system. LAF stands for-
[A]Liquidity Adjustment Facility
[B]Liquidity Account Facility
[C]Liquidity Allotment Facility
[D]Long Adjustment Facility

11. On the basis of which commission was RBI established?
[A]Hilton Young Commission
[B]British Commission
[C]Federal Commission
[D]Federation Commission

12. Life Insurance and general insurance companies LIC ICICI Pru Life, National Insurance etc are regulated by which organisation?

13. Bank rate is defined as the-
[A]Rate of interest charged by commercial banks from customers
[B]Rate of interest at which RBI lends money to banks against govt securities
[C]Rate of interest allowed by commercial banks on their deposits
[D]Rate at which RBI purchases bill of exchange of commercial banks

14. Fiscal Deficit is-
[A]Total income less govt borrowings
[B]Total payments less total receipts
[C]Total expenditure less total receipts excluding borrowing
[D]Total payments less capital receipts

15. _______are not a part of scheduled Banking Structure in India
[A]Money Lenders
[B]Public Sector Banks
[C]Private Sector Banks
[D]Rural Banks

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