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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Solved SSC 2011 GK Exam Paper (GK Quiz - 178)

1. The (SBI Amendment Bill) 2010 which was passed by the parliament reduces the statutory minimum shareholding of the central govt in the bank from ___%to ___%
[A]60, 51
[B]59, 52
[C]55, 51
[D]59, 55

2. Inflation happens when there are
[A]More goods more buyer
[B]Fewer goods and more buyers
[C]More goods few buyers
[D]Fewer goods few buyers

3. Who amongst the following is the author of the book ”Straight From The Heart”
[A]Kapil Dev
[B]Ravi Shastri
[C]Sachin Tendulkar
[D]MS Dhoni

4. Which part becomes modified as the tusk of the elephant?
[B]Second Incisor

5. Optical fibres are based on the phenomena of
[D]Total Internal Reflection

6. These days yellow lamps are frequently used as street lights. Which of the following gases are used in these lamps?

7. ‘mirage’ is an example of-
[A]Refraction of light only
[B]Refraction and total internal reflection of light
[C]Total Internal Reflection of light only
[D]Dispersion of light only

8. The phenomena of light associated with the appearance of blue colour of the sky is-

9. In which of the following area spreadsheet software is more useful?
[D]Message sending

10. A group ware is-

11. Lens is made up of-
[A]Pyrex glass
[B]Ordinary glass
[C]Flint glass
[D]Cobalt glass

12. The element used for vulcanising rubber

13. Which of the following is used for extra strength of Pyrex glass?
[A]Potassium carbonate
[C]Lead Oxide
[D]Ferric acid

14. The noble gas used for treatment of cancer is

15. Vasundhara summit was held in-