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Saturday, June 9, 2012

English Vocabulary Improvement Quiz - 157

1. Venal
[A]Upset; Distracted By Anxiety
[B]Capable Of Being Bribed
[D]Aggressive; Savage

2. Verisimilitude
[A]Entire Range
[B]Condition Of Being Crammed Full; Glutted State; Repletion
[C]Appearance Of Truth; Likelihood
[D]Weakness; Slight Fault

3. Virus
[A]Coarse Food For Cattle, Horses, Etc.
[C]Disease Communicator
[D]Coiled Around

4. Waft
[A]Incompatible; Not Able To Be Resolved
[B]Moved Gently By Wind Or Waves
[C]Turn Away From
[D]Like A Lion

5. Whet
[A]Commonplace; Trite
[B]Slight Offense
[C]Sharpen; Stimulate
[D]Driving Away; Unattractive

6. Wrench
[A]Convenient Features; Courtesies
[B]Wholeness; Purify; Uprightness
[C]Pull; Strain; Twist
[D]Meeting Place

7. Abominate
[A]Public Records; Place Where Public Records Are Kept
[B]Small Ornamental Statuette
[C]Disease Communicator
[D]Loathe; Hate

8. Accommodate
[A]Stingy; Parsimonious
[B]In Love
[C]Oblige Or Help Someone; Adjust Or Bring Into Harmony, Adapt
[D]Incapable Of Injury

9. Addiction
[A]Instead Of
[B]Compulsive, Habitual Need
[C]Definite; Open
[D]Very Generous

10. Aesthetic
[A]Severe Disapproval
[B]Laymen; Persons Not Connected With The Clergy
[C]Showing Hard Work; Taking Great Care
[D]Artistic; Dealing With Or Capable Of Appreciation Of The Beautiful

11. Alimony
[A]High Praise; Eulogy
[C]Coward; Betrayed Of Faith
[D]Payment By A Husband To His Divorced Wife

12. Amenable
[A]Beyond A Doubt
[B]Slaughterhouse; Science Of Carnage
[C]Readily Managed; Willing To Be Led
[D]Clean By Removing Impurities; Clear Of Charges

13. Anchor
[A]Hostile Feeling Or Intent
[B]Pretense; Evasion
[C]Fleeting; Vanishing
[D]Secure Or Fasten Firmly

14. Anthropomorphic
[A]Animal-Biting Fly; An Irritating Person
[B]Hugeness (In A Bad Sense)
[C]Having Human Form Or Characteristics
[D]Start A Fire; Inspire

15. Appraise
[A]Prudent; Cautious
[B]Estimate Value Of
[C]Quality Of A Musical Tone Produced By A Musical Instrument
[D]Book Of Religious Instruction; Instruction By Question And Answer