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Saturday, June 9, 2012

English Language for IBPS PO Exam 2012 (Vocabulary Quiz - 158)

1. Asunder
[A]New Or Newly Coined Word Or Phrase
[B]Tilt; Lean Over
[C]Security From Being Destroyed; Corrupted Or Profaned
[D]Into Parts, Apart

2. Auroral
[C]Scatter; Drive Away; Cause To Vanish
[D]Pertaining To The Aurora Borealis

3. Badinage
[A]Averse; Reluctant
[B]Stinging; Caustic
[C]Teasing Conversation

4. Bastion
[A]A Word Or Phrase Characteristically Used To Describe A Person Or Thing
[B]Fortress; Defense
[C]Slight Offense
[D]Ornamental Clasp

5. Benign
[A]Slight Offense
[B]Boldness; Rashness
[C]Kindly; Favorable; Not Malignant
[D]Period Of Time

6. Bizarre
[B]Very Wicked
[C]Fantastic; Violently Contrasting
[D]Sensitive; Irascible

7. Bountiful
[A]Religious Image; Idol
[B]Generous; Showing Bounty
[C]Capable Of Being Shaped By Pounding
[D]Stupid; Awkward Person

8. Bureaucracy
[B]Wrong; Faulty
[C]Monastery Or Convent
[D]Government By Bureaus

9. Cant
[A]Point Directly Overhead In The Sky; Summit
[B]Jargon Of Thieves; Pious Phraseology
[C]Pertaining To The Art Of Delineating; Vividly Described
[D]Destroy Completely

10. Cartographer
[A]Article Treating A Subject Systematically And Thoroughly
[B]Ordinary, Unimaginative

11. Censor
[B]Bog; Marsh
[C]Overseer Of Morals; Person Who Reads To Eliminate Inappropriate Remarks
[D]Changeable; Faithless

12. Chasm
[A]Husky; Muscular
[B]Burning; Sarcastically Biting
[D]Sharpen; Stimulate

13. Citadel
[A]Shaky; Infirm From Old Age
[C]Payment By A Husband To His Divorced Wife

14. Cog
[B]Tooth Protecting From A Wheel
[C]Mental Disorder Marked By Confusion
[D]Victim; Object Of A Hunt

15. Connotation
[A]Adjust To Climate
[B]Place Over Something Else
[C]Trivial; Unimportant; Very Small
[D]Suggested Or Implied Meaning Of An Expression