Tuesday, June 12, 2012

GK and Current Affairs 2012 for IAS, PCS, UPSC and other Exams (GK Quiz - 182)

1. Which of the states have decided to set up Arsenic Removal Plants in all the district of the state to enable safe arsenic free drinking water by 2010-11?
[B]West Bengal

2. Which of the following disease is not covered under Integrated Disease Surveillance Project?

3. Which of the following services is not provided by the Indian Postal Services?
[A]Savings Banks Scheme
[B]Sale of Stamp Papers
[C]Retailing of Mutual Funds
[D]Issuance of Demand draft

4. Who among the following is the Minister of Home Affairs in Union Cabinet of India at present?
[A]Shivraj Patil
[B]P Chidambaram
[C]Lalu Prasad Yadav
[D]Sharad Pawar

5. Dronacharya Award is given for excellence in-
[A]Literary Work
[B]Coaching in Sports
[C]Social Service

6. Besides USA India has signed a Nuclear agreement with which of the following country and is named as “ cooperation Agreement for peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy”

7. Merdeka Cup is associated with the game of

8. World Ozone day is celebrated on-
[A]16 September
[B]16 November
[C]16 October
[D]16 December

9. Which of the following is not a government sponsored organisation?
[D]National Housing Bank

10. Banks are required to pay how much percentage in advance to their Net Bank Credit to Priority Sector
[D]None of these

11. Who amongst the following was the candidate of the democratic party in the last election held for the president of the USA?
[A]Hillary Clinton
[B]Barack Obama
[C]Michelle Robinson
[D]John Mc Cain

12. Who amongst the following is the author of “ The White Tiger”
[A]Jhumpa Lahiri
[B]Setve Wagh
[C]Aravind Adiga
[D]Paul Krugman

13. Which of the following is the correct description of the Capital Market? Capital market comprises of
[A]Stock Markets and Bond Markets
[B]RBI and Nationalised Banks
[C]Banks and Insurance Companies
[D]Stock Market and Banks

14. Which of the following is not a part of IBSA?
[D]South Africa

15. Kosi and other rivers created severe problems in some parts of the country. what were the main causes of flood in the river?
[B]Storm surge
[C]High peak discharge of water
[D]All of the above

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