Monday, June 11, 2012

IBPS Bank PO & Management Trainees MQP for General Knowledge (GK Quiz - 181)

1. What are the useful parts in coriander?
[A]Roots and leaves
[B]Leaves and dried fruits
[C]Leaves and flowers
[D]Flowers and dried fruits

2. Which plant is called the Herbal Indian Doctor?

3. The pH of Human Blood is-

4. Which of the following is not the member of the Indian Money Market?
[A]Bill Market
[C]Call Money Market
[D]Indian Gold Council

5. What is the objective if the project “ Bhoomi Keralam” launched by the State Govt
[A]To conduct a survey of the land
[B]To provide financial securities to the farmers who are in distress
[C]To bring those people back who have left the state and settles in other state
[D]To identify those tribal who need job or financial assistance

6. Which of the state has introduced a high tech food grain rationing system to ensure timely supply of the food grains to people living below poverty line?
[C]Tamil Nadu

7. Which of the following was/ were the objective(s) of Mission Chandrayaan I?
[A]Preparing Dimensional Atlas of moon surface
[B]Locating minerals in the soil of moon
[C]Chemical Mapping of entire lunar surface
[D]All of the above

8. Barack Obama belongs to which of the following parties?
[D]American national congress

9. Which of the following awards were given to Pt Bhimsen Joshi in 2008?
[A]Padma Bhushan
[B]Karnataka Ratna
[C]Maharashtra Bhushan
[D]Bharat Ratna

10. Which of the following state government has announced that it would be giving a special package of incentives to Employment Intensive Industries?
[B]Tamil Nadu

11. Who among the following is the author of “The Exile”
[A]BG Verghese
[B]Aravind Adiga
[C]Philip Roth
[D]Navtej Saran

12. Which of the following is not a fertiliser product?
[B]Calcium Carbonate
[C]Murate of Potash
[D]Di Ammonium Phosphate

13. Which of the following programme is being implemented in all the district of the country?
[A]Sarva shiksha Abhiyan
[B]Ultra Mega Power Project
[C]Navodaya Vidyalaya
[D]None of these

14. The Third India Brazil South Africa (IBSA) took place in which of the following cities?
[C]New Delhi

15. Md Waheed Hasan is the president of-

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