Tuesday, June 12, 2012

General English Practice Test Paper for UPSC and other Exams (Vocabulary Quiz - 160)

Directions (Qs. 1 to 15) : Choose the word which is most nearly the same in meaning as the given word in question.

1. Embroil
[B]Enclose; Place In Something
[C]Nervous Laugh
[D]Throw Into Confusion; Involve In Strife; Entangle

2. Enervate
[A]Slow; Lazy; Lethargic
[C]Fickle; Incalculable
[D]Condition In Which Blood Lacks Red Corpuscles

3. Epicure
[A]Apt; Suitably Expressed; Well Chosen
[B]Connoisseur Of Food And Drink
[C]Defame; Destroy Confidence In; Disbelieve

4. Espionage
[A]Sorcery; Magic
[B]Occurring At The Same Time
[C]Unselfishly Generous, Concerned For Others

5. Execrate
[B]Cautiously Watchful
[C]Curse; Express Abhorrence For
[D]With Reference To; Regarding

6. Expository
[A]Chance; Luck
[B]Gentle Breeze; West Wind
[C]Medieval Chemistry
[D]Explanatory; Serving To Explain

7. Faction
[A]Like An Emperor; Related To An Empire
[B]Entrance; A Way In
[C]Party; Clique; Dissension

8. Felon
[A]Deed Or Action, Particularly A Brave Deed
[C]Extremely Poor
[D]Person Convicted Of Grave Crime

9. Flagging
[A]Abusive; Scolding
[B]Shove; Bump
[C]Weak; Drooping
[D]Spread Throughout; Permeating

10. Fluctuate
[A]Long Period Of Time; An Age
[C]To Equip

11. Fortuitous
[A]Aimless Follower Of The Arts; Amateur; Dabbler
[B]Accidental; By Chance
[C]The Meat Of A Deer

12. Fundamental
[A]Abundance; Completeness
[B]Basic; Primary; Essential
[C]Of Trifling Significance
[D]Similarly Timed; Simultaneous With

13. Gauche
[A]Physician Who Specializes In Treatment Of The Eyes
[C]Clumsy; Boorish
[D]Kindly; Favorable; Not Malignant

14. Gist
[A]Person Who Collects Coins
[C]Construction That Is Flagrantly Incorrect Grammatically

15. Granulate
[B]Form Into Grains
[C]Sudden Flood Or Strong Outburst; A Large Number Or Amount
[D]Record Of Descent; Lineage

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