Sunday, May 27, 2012

Free Vocabulary Online Test for Competitive Exams (Vocabulary Quiz - 152)

1. Facsimile
[A]Disown; Renounce Claim To
[B]Binding; Causing Contraction
[C]Made Impure Or Spoiled By The Addition Of Inferior Materials

2. Fell
[B]Period Of Equal Days And Nights
[C]Froth; Foam
[D]Cruel; Deadly

3. Finicky
[A]Begin; Originate; Receive Into A Group
[B]Too Particular; Fussy
[C]Long Heroic Poem Or Similar Work Of Art
[D]Speediness; Prompt Execution; Message Sent With All Due Speed

4. Flout
[A]Spasmodic; Intermittent
[B]Increase; Grow
[C]Deification; Glorification
[D]Reject; Mock

5. Forswear
[A]Discourage; Cause To Lose Courage Or Hope
[B]Renounce; Abandon
[C]Surmise; Guess
[D]Easily Seen; Noticeable; Striking

6. Fulsome
[A]Width; Extent
[C]Argumentative; Fond Of Argument
[D]Disgustingly Excessive

7. Gastronomy
[A]Observable Facts; Subjects Of Scientific Investigation
[B]Science Of Preparing And Serving Good Food
[D]Hater Of Women

8. Gibe
[A]Colored Band Produced When Beam Of Light Passes Through A Prism
[D]Disturb Greatly

9. Graduated
[A]Make Whole; Combine; Make Into One Unit
[B]Arranged By Degrees (Of Height, Difficulty, Etc.)
[C]Excessively Exacting
[D]Coax; Wheedle

10. Gruesome
[A]Letdown Of Thought Or Emotion
[C]Kingdom; Sphere
[D]Superintendent; Manager

11. Hardy
[A]Foreshadow; Portend
[B]Sturdy; Robust; Able To Stand Inclement Water
[D]Not Native; Strange

12. Hierarchy
[A]Longing; Urge
[B]Walking About; Moving
[C]Body Divided Into Ranks

13. Humdrum
[B]Dull; Monotonous
[D]Hothead; Troublemaker

14. Ignominious
[B]Slow Up; Loosen
[C]Pure; Spotless

15. Impertinent
[B]State Confidently

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