Sunday, May 27, 2012

UGC NET Paper - 1 People and Environment (Environment Quiz - 2)

1. What is major source harmful radiation in the house?
[A]Tube light
[C]Color TV

2. Ceramic crockery of substandard quality can become a major source of pollutant if food taken in it. The pollutant is?

3. Which of the following is not produced as an exhaust of vehicle

4. In air pollution, industries are
[A]Line source
[B]Point source
[C]Area source
[D]Diffuse source

5. Carbon monoxide is harmful for man-
[A]It is carcinogenic
[B]It damages kidney
[C]It competes with oxygen in the blood
[D]It changes ph of the body

6. Which of the following pollutant forms a toxic and stable substance in the blood by combining with haemoglobin?

7. CO2 content in the air is about-

8. One of the important effects of SO2 and its transformation product on plants is that-
[B]Destruction of chlorophyll
[C]Destruction of Golgi body
[D]Destruction of cell wall

9. Taj Mahal is threatened due to effect of
[B]Sulphur Dioxide

10. Lichens are best ecological indicator of
[A]Air pollution
[B]Water pollution
[C]Noise pollution
[D]All of these

11. Lichens have disappeared from the cities because they are highly susceptible to

12. Most inhabitants of Calcutta suffer from bronchitis/asthma. It is due to high level of SO2 pollutant in
[D]Adulterated food

13. Death while sleeping in a closed room while burning coal furnace is due to CO2

14. Pollution indicators plants are
[A]Sensitive to Pollution
[B]Purifier of air
[C]Resistant to pollution
[D]Can indicate onset of disaster

15. Air pollution is not caused by
[A]Pollen grains
[D]Hydroelectric power

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