Sunday, May 27, 2012

General Studies Exam Preparation (Environment Quiz - 3)

1. The effect of pollution is first marked on the
[A]Flora of that place
[B]Biogeochemical cycle
[C]Natural balance of our environment
[D]Fauna of an area

2. The major source of pollution up to 80% of total air pollution in metropolitan cities is
[B]Coal based industries
[D]Radioactivity and noise

3. Major air pollutant is

4. Highest level of oxides of nitrogen(NO, NO2) in the air are recorded in

5. Of the following four metropolitan Indian cities where air hangs above like a cloud

6. Taj Mahal is being damaged by pollution caused by
[A]Mathura refinery
[B]Yamuna flood
[C]Nuclear pollution
[D]Railway yard

7. Particulates in the air causes
[A]Permanent opening of stomata
[B]Closure of stomata
[C]Coiling of leaves
[D]Yellowing of leaves

8. Lead is considered mainly as
[A]Air pollution
[B]Water pollutant
[C]Land pollutant
[D]Radioactive pollutant

9. What is that smoking produces in the largest scale?

10. The SO2 mainly affects the
[B]Cell membranes
[C]Cell wall

11. A mutagenic pollutant is
[A]Chlorinated hydrocarbons
[C]Nitrogen oxides

12. Removal of desirable substances/plants is called
[A]Negative pollution
[B]Positive pollution

13. Which will not cause air pollution

14. The example of natural pollution is

15. Which pollutant gas is released by cud chewing cattles

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