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Objective Questions in Marketing Management(Marketing Management Quiz - 5)

1. A brand is a name intended to identify the product of one seller and differentiate the product from competing products. Coca-Cola is the best-known brand name in the world. The name has a high perceived quality and high brand loyalty among soft drink users. The company has developed the brand name for over 100 years. Coca-Cola has a valuable
[A]Line extension
[B]Brand mark
[C]Private brand
[D]Brand equity

2. Pepsi and Coca-Cola have been battling in the "cola war" for years. Both products have been in the market for nearly 100 years and they spend much of their marketing budgets on short-term promotions to grab market share from each other. Pepsi and Coca-Cola are in which stage of the product life cycle?
[A]Maturity stage
[B]Decline stage
[C]Introductory stage
[D]Growth stage

3. Sigma-Sunco has decided to introduce its new sunscreen eye drops in a limited market consisting of only two cities and closely monitor the reactions of potential customers to the product and marketing program. This is called
[A]Diffusion analysis
[B]Use test
[C]Concept test
[D]Test marketing

4. At the Melting Moments, an ice cream parlour, customers place their orders, watch their ice-cream sundaes being prepared, and then quickly eat the sundaes in the store before the ice cream melts. This is an example of a characteristic of services known as

5. A new edition of a marketing textbook has just been released. The Library Department of the University of Mumbai has always liked the textbook and authorizes the purchase of the new edition without even looking at other textbooks. This is an example of a
[A]Modified rebuy
[B]New task
[C]Straight rebuy
[D]Both (a) and (b) above

6. General Electric sells large home appliances both through independent retailers (department stores and discount houses) and directly to large housing-tract builders. This is an example of
[A]Intensive distribution
[B]Selective distribution
[C]Exclusive distribution
[D]Dual distribution

7. Microsoft offers spreadsheet software, word processing software, and graphics software as part of its "Microsoft Office" suite of products. This is an example of:
[A]Target pricing
[B]Captive-product pricing
[C]Psychological pricing
[D]Price bundling

8. Rajeev Kapoor is a chef in a new downtown restaurant. He has sent out press releases to the major local media and has invited food critics to dine in his restaurant. Rajeev is engaging in:
[A]Public relations
[B]Personal selling
[C]Sales promotion

9. Peter's Perfumes is currently deciding how much space or time will be placed in each medium that the company has selected. Peter's Perfumes is determining its:
[A]Marketing mix
[B]Promotional plan
[C]Media mix
[D]Advertising campaign

10. Klean Detergent is the market leader of detergents and is in the maturity stage of its life cycle. There are many competitors in the market that challenge Klean's leadership. Which of the following statements is most likely true about Klean's pricing?
[A]As a market leader, Klean does not need to worry about price
[B]Klean uses price promotion in order to maintain its market leadership
[C]Klean must price lower than the other brands to maintain its leadership
[D]Klean can increase its price since it is in the maturity stage

11. A large oil company runs advertisements that show how its employees are involved in the community development activities. This is an example of
[A]Informative advertising
[B]Institutional advertising
[C]Comparative advertising
[D]Reminder advertising

12. When a customer buys one of its cars, a Ford Motor Company dealership sends out the entire team that was responsible for handling the customer's business to meet the customer. The team congratulates the customer for his/her purchase in a small celebration. This is an example of
[A]Increasing the effectiveness of distribution channel marketing
[B]Reinforcing customer purchase decisions
[C]Identifying the best customers
[D]Designing targeted marketing communications

13. PepsiCo is a large conglomerate that has separate subsidiaries called Pepsi-Cola (soft drinks), Tropicana (juices), Pepsi Bottling, and Frito-Lay (snack foods). Each of these subsidiaries has its own functional departments, its own planning, its own financial goals, and its own target markets. These subsidiaries may also be called
[A]Ancillary units
[B]Diversified divisions
[C]Strategic business units
[D]Strategic alliances

14. In its portfolio of business subsidiaries, Lepakshi’s craft shop has three units that are showing rapid growth but poor profit margins. Apparently, everything about these units demands more and more additional cash. In the Boston Consulting Group's portfolio matrix, these units would be classified as:
[B]Cash cows
[C]Problem children

15. Rahul is a marketing manager faced with planning marketing strategies during times of inflation. He should be aware that inflation causes consumers to:
[A]Purchase more goods and services to support their psychological well-being such as counseling and stress management training
[B]Decrease their brand loyalty to products they have traditionally used
[C]Buy in small quantities until inflation is over
[D]Consume more meals away from home

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