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Sunday, April 1, 2012

GK for Today and Online GK Quizzes ( General Knowledge Quiz - 135)

1. Which Indian tennis player became only the 24th player in the ATP World Tour history to win 50 doubles titles after clinching trophy at Miami Master?
[A]Mahesh Bhupati
[B]Rohan Bapanna
[C]Sania Mirza
[D]Leander Paes

2. Who won the Pantaloons Femina Miss India Earth 2012 held on March 30'2012?
[A]Vanya Mishra
[B]Prachi Mishra
[C]Rochelle Maria Rao
[D]Kanistha Dhankhar

3. Economy of which of the following countries is passing through a crisis and the Govt. is seeking help of European Union countries to stabilize the same?

4. Which of the following is not a metal?

5. Who among the following is the President of Italy at present?
[A]Michael D. Higgins
[B]Giorgio Napolitano
[C]Mario Monti
[D]Joe Biden

6. "Manhattan" town/city is in which country?
[A]United Kingdom

7. Term "Insider Trading" is associated with
[A]Stock markets
[B]Defence services
[C]Parliamentary procedures
[D]Book publishing business

8. Which of the following agencies/bodies controls Football matches at international levels?

9. Which of the following Awards is given to a Sportsperson for his/her excellent performance?
[A]Kalidas Sanman
[B]Arjuna Award
[C]Dadasaheb Phalke Award
[D]Saraswati Puraskar

10. Who amongst the following was the captain of the Indian team which won ICC Cricket World Cup?
[A]Virender Sehwag
[B]Yuvraj Singh
[C]Sachin Tendulkar
[D]None of these

11. Which of the following films is directed by Karan Johar for which he got Filmfare Award for Best Director 2011?
[C]Dhobi Ghat
[D]My Name is Khan

12. Who amongst the following is a famous Lawn Tennis player and has represented India in many Sports events?
[A]Anjali Bhagwat
[B]Sunita Rani
[C]Mayookha Johny
[D]Sania Mirza

13. Which of the following is not an anti poverty scheme launched by the Govt. of India?
[A]Bharat Nirman
[B]MG National Rural Employment Guarantee Act
[C]Annapurna Yojana
[D]Antyodaya Yojana

14. Who amongst the following is a famous Author?
[A]Roger Federer
[B]Kiran Desai
[C]Ms. Meira Kumar
[D]Mrs. Sonia Gandhi

15. What is the full form of "IMF"?
[A]Indian Money Fund
[B]International Monetary Fund
[C]International Money Forum
[D]Institute of Money and Finance