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UGC NET Business Communication Management (Business Communication Quiz - 34)

1. “The top staff in the organization may think that they always inform their subordinates in advance about change, but only about half their subordinates may agree that their bosses communicate in advance about change.” Which of the following best describes the difference?
[D]Vertical information flow

2. When business people speak of reports, they are, in general, thinking of written, factual accounts thatobjectively communicate information about some aspect of the business. Which of the following will not give the readers a sense of the overall structure of a report?
I. The opening
II. Headings and lists
III. Transitions
IV. The final outline
[A]Only (I) above
[B]Only (II) above
[C]Only (IV) above
[D](I), (II) and (III) above

3. Letter writing does not involve magic, you just have to think about it. Business correspondence isone of the most common forms of communication. It is so common that people often neglect to write letters carefully, and, as a result, inadvertently antagonize customers, business partners, and potential clients. In order to write an effective business letter, all the parts of the letter must be put in proper places. The salutation is ________ that precedes the body of the letter
[A]An announcement
[B]A statement
[C]A greeting
[D]An invitation

4. Which of the following statements are false?
I. Resumes should be modified to match the interests of different target employers.
II. Work experience is the strongest selling point in a resume at all times.
III. The chronological resume is not suitable for showing growth and career progression.
IV. An electronic resume differs from a traditional resume in some significant ways. While traditional resumes use action verbs, electronic resumes use nouns.
[A]Both (I) and (II) above
[B]Both (II) and (III) above
[C]Both (II) and (IV) above
[D]Both (I) and (IV) above

5. You are graduating from business school in another month and entering the job market. Youreducation has equipped you with a set of resources - qualifications, skills –that you now have to sell to prospective employers. What additional section would improve the effectiveness of a scannable resume?
[A]An application letter should be made a part of a scannable resume, so the letter can be in the database too
[B]A detailed "References" section to enable the employer to check out your references before calling you for an interview
[C]A "Keyword Summary" section
[D]A "Keyword Summary" section in a box

6. Different messages will have different objectives. Depending on the objectives, many things liketone of the letter, language of the letter etc., will change. What is your goal when you write a letter of recommendation?
[A]Nothing, because the letter is written for someone else
[B]To make some general comments about the person you are writing about so that you don't have to go into any details about his work
[C]To convince readers that the person you are recommending has the qualities necessary for the relevant position or benefit
[D]To convince the reader that you are a person in an important position

7. Which of the following is not a common fault responsible for most of the organizational problems inbusiness messages?
[A]The writer includes irrelevant material
[B]The writer gets to the point very soon
[C]The writer presents ideas in illogical order
[D]The writer leaves out necessary information

8. Without empathy for the audience’s feelings, it is hard to gain their cooperation or persuade them toaccept tough decisions. So, before composing a letter containing unpleasant news, always ask yourself, “if I were the receiver of the message I am about to transmit, how would I react?” Which of the following is a part of a negative message?

9. Readers find ideas more interesting and appealing if they are expressed from the reader’s point of view. Writing from the you-viewpoint means
[A]Using only the pronouns ‘you’ and ‘your’
[B]Telling customers/readers what they want to hear
[C]Making the reader feel the writer really cares by using personal pronouns such as I, we and us
[D]Viewing the situation from the reader's point of view rather than the writer's

10. The channel is the means to convey the message. To physically transmit your message you select acommunication channel and medium. Which of the following demonstrates use of an inappropriate communication channel?
[A]Janine prepares a long memo to explain a complicated new procedure to employees in her unit
[B]A supervisor sends an e-mail message to all employees announcing a company picnic
[C]A manager sends an e-mail message to an employee telling the employee he or she is being fired
[D]The lead operator on the assembly line orally lets his boss know about an equipment problem

11. Feedback is the receiver’s response to a message; it can take a number of verbal and nonverbalforms. Which of the following is not one of the examples of nonverbal feedback?
[A]Nodding one’s head
[D]Using complex words

12. According to studies, average listening efficiency rate is only 25%. Immediately after a ten-minute presentation, a normal listener can recall only 50% of the information conveyed. Which of the following solutions cannot ensure effective listening?
[A]Thinking from speakers’ point of view
[B]Adjusting the delivery
[C]Utilizing the feedback
[D]Knowing the purpose

13. Which of the following statements contains platitudes or other offensive expressions?
[A]Our reputation is important to us and we will work day and night to satisfy our customers
[B]We have forwarded your recent letter to the shipping department and they will contact you within the week
[C]Evaluations are based on your performance in the last six months and are the basis for your pay rise
[D]When you pay your rent by the first of each month, you will maintain an excellent credit reputation

14. Listening is not a spontaneous process; it involves effort on the part of the listener. The effort involvesfighting against many barriers, which will distract the listener from listening effectively. To improveone’s listening skills, the person must _______ too quickly as this will hinder one’s ability to beobjective.
[A]Avoid forming an opinion
[B]Avoid working at the speaker
[C]Avoid paying attention
[D]Avoid being receptive

15. The approach one adopts during the time of crisis, contributes a lot to the process of resolving theconflict. The important factor, which helps a lot in resolving the conflict is flow of communication.Which of the following will not help an organization communicate effectively during a crisis?
[A]Being sure not to ignore the impact of a crisis on employees
[B]Handling the crisis with candor and honesty
[C]Assuming a defensive posture
[D]Letting the public relations department help management plan for and respond to crisis

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