Sunday, April 1, 2012

Questions on Computer Awareness for Bank Recruitment exams(Computers Quiz - 7)

1. Which one of the following is an email address?

2. Which hard disk will be able to store more information?
[A]24 GB
[B]24 TB
[C]24 MB
[D]24 KB

3. Which file extensions indicate only graphics files
[B]PNG and TXT
[C]BMP and GIF
[D]DOC and XLS

4. In the world of computers, what is bus width?
[A]Number of parallel ports
[B]Number of serial ports
[C]The number of pins in a computer port
[D]The number of bits that can be sent to a CPU simultaneously

5. What does the term IRQ stand for?
[A]Interrupt Request
[B]Internet Request Query
[C]Interrupt Request Queue
[D]Internet Request Queue

6. Which Windows program do you use to manage folders and files?
[A]Windows Explorer
[B]Internet Explorer
[C]Windows Accessories
[D]My Documents

7. A Computer Virus can be contracted by which of the following device?
[A]Computer Scanner
[B]Computer Printer
[C]Floppy Diskette

8. What type of device is a computer keyboard?

9. Which computer among the following is the fastest?
[A]Pentium 600Mhz
[B]P II 600Mhz
[C]P III 600Mhz
[D]P IV 600MHz

10. In order for your computer to play music you need
[A]Only internal speakers
[B]Only Sound Card
[C]Sound Card and Speaker
[D]Only Speaker

11. Which of the following is a PC video file extension?

12. Which kind of computer memory is the first to activate when you turn on your computer?

13. What is a memory cache?
[A]It is permanent storage
[B]A temporary memory storage that keeps certain data available for quick reference
[C]It’s a part of Read only memory
[D]The amount of memory a computer has for any particular task

14. When your computer speed begins to drop, which element of memory is likely overtaxed?
[D]None of the above

15. Which of the following is not an operating system?

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