Thursday, March 22, 2012

UGC NET Management(Operations) Sample Papers (Operations Management Quiz - 10)

1. Which of the following types of layout is commonly used for JIT Manufacturing?
[C]Straight line
[D]Comb arrangement

2. In Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), workers use robots to shift radioactive materials like Uranium and Plutonium. The most appropriate examples of these types of robots are
[A]Numerical control robots
[B]Fixed-sequence robots
[C]Variable -sequence robots
[D]Physically operated robots

3. Which of the following is a system output for Materials Requirement Planning?
[A]Master Production Schedule
[B]Change Report
[C]Bill of Materials File
[D]Inventory Records File

4. Which of the following arguments for “protection” is given to compensate the country for loss in revenue when price elasticity of import demand is greater than zero?
[A]Home -market argument
[B]Employment argument
[C]Terms-of-trade argument
[D]Keep-money-at-home argument

5. When an emergency occurs, Appointment Systems use which of the following for the purpose of scheduling?
[A]Optimistic time
[B]Most likely time
[C]Earliest start time
[D]Slack time

6. Which of the following is the forerunner of the “empowerment of personnel” tactic necessary for total quality management and is also a form of cross-training necessary for a just-in-time implementation?
[A]Job enlargement
[B]Job enrichment
[C]Job analysis
[D]Job description

7. In which of the following work measurement techniques, an analyst is not required to measure work performance?
[A]Time Study
[B]Standard Data
[C]Historical Analysis
[D]Both (b) and (c) above

8. Variable -sequence robots are most useful for which of the following production systems?
[A]Product focused
[B]Process focused
[D]Assembly line

9. Maintenance of a comp uterized parts classification and coding system is usually required in which of the following production systems?
[A]Product Focussed
[B]Process Focussed
[C]Discrete Unit Manufacturing
[D]Cellular Manufacturing

10. The doctor in charge of the surgical department wants the purchase manager to procure some surgical scissors as early as possible. For this purpose, he has submitted a document containing a clear specification of required materials, quantity required and probable date of requirement. This document is referred to as
[A]Purchase order
[B]Purchase requisition
[C]Request for proposal
[D]Request for quotation

11. Which of the following is built into many ERP packages to provide advanced materials and capacity planning facilities so as to take care of order-winners and qualifiers in a specific situation?
[A]Materials Requirement Planning
[B]Manufacturing Resource Planning
[C]Intelligent Resource Planning
[D]Information Process Reengineering

12. Which of the following priority scheduling rules is based on the assumption that the jobs that consume more processing time are more v aluable for the organization?
[A]Earliest due date
[B]Shortest processing time
[C]Longest processing time
[D]First in, first serve

13. Which of the following gives rise to a truly virtual corporation that allows contact with any customer or supplier at any time?

14. Which of the following is false for purchasing function?
[A]A small saving in the cost of the material can have a significant impact on the total performance of an organization
[B]Centralized purchasing vests maximum purchasing power with the buyer
[C]The primary responsibility of purchase manager includes vendor development, selection of suppliers and contract negotiation
[D]While selecting a vendor the only concern is to select the vendor who has quoted the lowest price

15. Hitech Ltd., a company which manufactures personal computers, is planning to set the production target for the month of January. Actual and forecasted demand for last four months is as follows:
Month Sep Oct Nov Dec
Forecast(in units) 40 35 45 65
Actual(in units) 30 38 37 52
The mean square error (MSE) of the above data is

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