Wednesday, March 21, 2012

GK for IAS/PCS (General Knowledge Quiz - 128)

1. The Planning Commission has approved an ambitious scheme known as the Van Panchayat Yojna aiming at achieving the target of covering …………… of India’s geographical area with trees.

2. The Latest Forest Survey of India says that only ………… of the country’s land was covered with trees.

3. BDR stands for—
[A]Border Development Force
[B]Border District Development
[C]Bangladesh Rifles
[D]Bangladesh Development Rifles

4. Slumdog Millionaire won the Oscar Awards in—
[A]Eight categories
[B]Seven categories
[C]Six categories
[D]None of these

5. Sean Penn has got the Oscar Award 2009 for—
[A]Best Actor
[B]Best Director
[C]Adapted Screenplay
[D]Original Song

6. According to a recent report the percentage of all immigrant founded companies in last ten years founded by Indian immigrant is—

7. STPF stands for—
[A]Special Task Protection Force
[B]Special Tiger Protection Force
[C]Special Tiger Police Force
[D]None of the above

8. ‘Daughters of Shame’ is a book written by—
[A]Jasvinder Sanghera
[B]Mehar Fatima Hussain
[C]Kermit Roosevelt
[D]Shazia Aziz

9. Earth Day is observed on—
[A]April 22
[B]April 17
[C]April 30
[D]April 24

10. The World Wide Web (WWW) on March 13, 2009 marked its—
[A]25th anniversary
[B]30th anniversary
[C]20th anniversary
[D]35th anniversary

11. According to Economist Intelligence Unit recent Survey the world’s costliest city is—
[A]New York

12. The former Israeli President who has been charged with rape is—
[A]Benjamin Nitinyahu
[B]Shimon Peres
[C]Moshe Katsav
[D]Ariel Sharon

13. According to Tobacco Atlas in India roughly the number of people who are consuming tobacco is—
[A]250 million
[B]230 million
[C]220 million
[D]225 million

14. INS Viraat—the sole aircraft carrier in the Indian Ocean of the Indian Navy celebrated its ………… in November 2009.
[A]Golden Jubilee
[B]Silver Jubilee
[C]Diamond Jubilee
[D]Platinum Jubilee

15. Which of the following was not the base of LTTE before being captured by Sri Lankan forces ?
[B]Elephant Pass

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