Thursday, March 22, 2012

MBA English Preparation (Vocabulary Quiz - 124)

1. Adulterate
[A]Regretful; Sorrowful; Dejected
[B]Make Impure By Mixing With Baser Substances
[C]Cause Of Complaint
[D]Living Language; Natural Style

2. Agility
[A]Operatic Singer; Prima Donna
[B]Nervous Laugh
[C]Irreverence; Wickedness

3. Amazon
[A]Light-Hearted; Dizzy
[B]Cut Down; Economize
[D]Female Warrior

4. Amputate
[A]List Of Works Of Music, Drama, Etc., A Performer Is Prepared To Present
[B]Cut Off Part Of Body; Prune
[C]Traditional; Conservative In Belief
[D]Combative; Disposed To Fight

5. Annul
[A]Shrivel; Decay
[B]Make Void
[D]Rising Or Swelling Like Waves

6. Apocalyptic
[A]Boldness; Rashness
[B]Sneer; Like Cobwebs
[C]Lack Of Seriousness
[D]Prophetic; Pertaining To Revelations

7. Arbitrary
[A]Atrocious; Hatefully Bad
[B]Unreasonable Or Capricious; Imperious; Tyrannical; Despotic
[C]Divine Gift; Great Popular Charm Or Appeal Of A Political Leader
[D]Turn Aside

8. Audacious
[A]Narrow-Minded Person, Uncultured And Exclusively Interested In Material Gain
[B]Daring; Bold
[C]Put Away From Consideration; Reject

9. Avocation
[A]Pay Costs For
[C]Secondary Or Minor Occupation
[D]Not Effective; Weak

10. Bard
[C]Critical Comments; Severe And Adverse Criticism
[D]Apparent; Professed; Pretended

11. Belabor
[A]Soul; Mind
[C]Pale Purple
[D]Explain Or Go Over Excessively Or To A Ridiculous Degree; Attach Verbally

12. Bestial
[A]Fit Or Attack Of Pain, Laughter, Rage
[B]State Of Apathy; Daze; Lack Of Awareness
[C]Beastlike; Brutal
[D]Reparation; Indemnification

13. Bode
[A]Habitually Silent; Talking Little
[D]Foreshadow; Portend

14. Broach
[B]Trinket; Trifle
[C]Excessive Interest In One'S Self; Belief That One Should Be Interested In One'S Self Rather Than In Others
[D]Open Up

15. Callous
[A]Wild; Sensational
[B]Clearness Of Expression; Freedom From Ambiguity
[C]Hardened; Unfeeling
[D]Destruction By Fire

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